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message 1: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 198 comments As you wish!

Sandra Ann Stilinski thank you list one rp i love doing and you don't like any you can throw out any plot or idea too:

fallen angel

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Robingray | 198 comments I enjoy yaoi and also Neko, those seem interesting. Maybe we could do a plot about those?

Sandra Ann Stilinski yea but i just woke up so give me a few i might think of one

message 5: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 198 comments Okay, if you need any help I'm always up for plotting.

Sandra Ann Stilinski ok what if they were all boys school. All the students were nekos. The school was a dorm and our character were both gay but, was hiding it or not wanting to admit they were like that. But, when they meet each other they start becoming and realizing they were gay but, still fighting the urge to ask the other one out because, was afraid the other one was straight and all.

message 7: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 198 comments I like it. But maybe there should be something to add suspense, the whole ticking clock thing. Like, the schools losing money and they're in danger of being tossed back into the world, so they're trying to help keep the school open and they start getting closer as the school gets more funding?

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