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ƬHΣ ΜƱЅΣ | 347 comments Billy followed closely behind, he looked around the place with a smile.

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ƬHΣ ΜƱЅΣ | 347 comments He looked around for game and went to one called 'Galactic Rocks' he put in two of the tokens and started to play with deep concentration, "Come here much?" he asked Riley.

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ƬHΣ ΜƱЅΣ | 347 comments Billy kept hitting the buttons, "Damn it," he said losing the game. He punch the button sending an electric shock through the game shutting it down, "Whoops, sometimes my powers get out of control," he said leaning on the game.

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ƬHΣ ΜƱЅΣ | 347 comments ((Brb, shower.))

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ƬHΣ ΜƱЅΣ | 347 comments He nodded, "So, do you have a girlfriend?" he asked him as he flipped a token continuously.

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ƬHΣ ΜƱЅΣ | 347 comments "Why's that?" he asked as he twirls the coin between his fingers.

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Juniper walked into the arcade. Her bright red hair up in a high pony tail. SHe sighed. Maybe it was time for we to have a little fun...

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Juniper glance around. Her green eyes bright. She sighed. She walked up to a boy. "Need any help?" She asked. Eyeing the game.

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"Nice..." She whispered. And she grabbed the gun. This was her game! She could beat this game all the time. She smirked shooting four in the head.

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She smirked. "Jealous?" She giggled. She kept shooting

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"Uh huh...." She laughed. "Be hind you!" She yelled and shot one behind him.

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"Sure...." She smiled and shot
More zombies. She smiled. Shooting all Of them in the head.

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She smirked and turned holding out her hand. "Good game!"

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She grinned. "I have had lots of experience"

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She smiled. "What's your name?"

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She smiled. "I'm juniper!" Her red hair swayed


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She blushed and smiled. "Thanks?!"

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"Sure. Thatd be nice.." She noded

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"Thanks... So Riley.... That was fun eh?" She laughed

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"I'm very experienced Must say..."

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She smiled and blushed slightly. "Some people have their secrets..." She smiled

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She leaned in and smiled. "Yes I do..."

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Juniper eyes widened. Then she sat closer. Her hands went up to his lips. "How did you do that!?"

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She looked up. Her green eyes flashing. "That's amazing!"

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She opened up her jacket revealing tons of knifes and guns. "I'm an assassin...""

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She shook her head. "Sure... I can't believe you..." She slammed her head back head butting him. She stepped on his toes and knocked him to the ground.

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She screamed and curled up. She glared at him. "I'm a good and guy! I don't go killing people... More like kill if needed. And knock out and give to the police. Now get these stupid things off me!!"

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"Come on! Let me go...." She sighed and her shoulders sagged in defeat. She then elbowed him in the stomach.

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"Come on... Let me go... This is crap!" She squirmed. "Come on!"

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"I beat you in that game. Let me go... Please..." Her red hair flipped side to side as well as her red dress.

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"I don't want to kill you!" She muttered.

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She growled and flipped over him. She dug her knee into his back boring his neck

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She wrapped herself around him. She smiled. "You are the one that started this..."

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She dodged it by an inch and lie on the ground. She turned to run.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) | 1175 comments Nick decided to make his way into this arcade, Jacob gave them the day off. SO he decided why not and went over to a retro version of Pac Man and decided to start playing it, this would like a little time I think." He thought to himslef as he started.

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Juniper froze. Her eyes met his. Her eyes red now. She glared. Her hands behind her back.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) | 1175 comments Nick decided to remain quiet, this wasn't his fight to get involved in and beside, she tried to kill him.

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Juniper jaw clenched. "I didn't do anything to you!" She growled

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) | 1175 comments Nick finally decided to walk over, a bit nervously mind you. Jacob taught him always be ready to defend yourself cause you don't know whose out there and what they'll try to do to you." What's going on here?"

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"This guy is being a punk!!!" She yelled

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"You don't get to tell me what to do!?" She yelled.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) | 1175 comments Nick honestly didn't know what to do. "Um... alright... is she getting arrested cause she tried to kill people?"

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"I was just having fun!" She muttered.

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Juniper sank to her knees. She shook her head. "I kill the assumed bad guys! I take orders..." She muttered

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) | 1175 comments Nick shook his head with a laugh. " Please, that's about as much of a lie as my ears can take, me a "suspected bad guy" Nick rolled his eyes before smirking. " I'm with a group of elite meta human teens called Equinox who do nothing but fight bad guys and maintain peace, so yeah."

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"I don't know who... I just... I took a class when I was younger.... For reasons..."

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She looked down. She shook her head. Her fists clenched. Her jaw set.

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