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message 1: by Laserone (new)

Laserone | 18 comments My post did not show up. Hope this is not a duplicate:
I've been having trouble w/ my KINDLE FIRE HD 1ST GEN and have not wanted to do a factory reset because I did not want to lose my notes and highlights in DOCUMENTS. Well, they just sent me a replacement so I find myself in the same spot either way. I think back in my brain somewhere I remember hearing that notes and highlights are saved in a "sidecar file" that I can back up? Is this true and is the case for documents?
p.s. I hate that we have to chose a BOOK to associate with the post! I'm not posting about a book. Ack!

message 2: by Len (new)

Len Edgerly (lenedgerly) | 111 comments Mod
Did you find your notes and highlights available for the new Fire, Lauren? I'm not sure if the Personal Documents have them stored across devices.
I haven't had to link comments to books, so I wonder what that's about. Maybe it's because I am the group administrator?

message 3: by Laserone (new)

Laserone | 18 comments Hi Len,

I called amazon and they told me that if I backed up the documents folder and the books folder, that that would ensure that my notes and highlights for documents would be backed up. So I did that and then put those folders on my new fire hd when it arrived, but alas, no notes and highlights in my documents. All that "work" gone. Oh well, I could have worse problems, right? :)

As far as having to link a new post to a book, I just did a test-post so I could take a screen shot, and of course, this time, it did not require it. How odd. But it was something that was relatively new, and if I did not chose a book, I would get an error forcing me to pick a book before posting the new discussion.

On a side note, the issues I was having with my kindle that caused them to send me a new one are happening on my replacement kindle as well. Ever since the latest update for the Kindle Fire HD 1st gen came out, there have been text display issues, page sequence issues, and text speech issues. It worked perfectly before that last update. Oh well.

Thanks for your reply, Len. Keep up the great work w/ the podcast, it's fantastic!


message 4: by Tom (new)

Tom | 98 comments Lauren, it sounds like you were not using the Personal Documents service, but side-loading instead. If you use PDS annotations get backed up to cloud and are available on any device/app that you download to.

It is interesting that their advice did not work as expected. However, I think there have always been some problems with side loading files on the Fire. If you still have your backup files, maybe there are some workarounds that could yet be attempted. I'm getting the 2nd gen Fire HD and will try some things when I have a chance to play with it. Of course it may work a little differently than yours.

message 5: by Laserone (new)

Laserone | 18 comments I guess I'm not sure what the "personal document service" is. I email pdf's to my kindle with "convert" in the title, and then they show up under documents.

I do still have my backups, including the sidecar files.

message 6: by Tom (new)

Tom | 98 comments Yes, emailing a file attachment to your kindle address will store a copy of the document (converted or not) in your cloud storage. You should be able to just download a copy to your new device, and the annotations will be there along with it. That has been very consistent behavior across all KIndle devices and apps.

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