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Someone Like You
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Final Book Review

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Dominique M | 6 comments For my final book review, I chose to read the book "Someone Like You" by Sarah Dessen. I thought it was really awesome even though I couldn't completely relate to it because there are a lot of differences between me and the main character, Halley. In the end Halley ends up going against her moral code by "engaging in inappropriate activity" with her boyfriend Mason, which then ends up back firing on her. She ends up in the hospital because she was in the car with her Mason and they were both just drinking. After she gets out of the hospital, Mason tells her that he actually loves her. Her best friend Scarlett had told her not to do what she did with Mason. The two girls end up getting into a fight and Halley gets grounded when her mother finds out. Later Halley and her mother work it out and come to more of an understanding. Scarlett who ends up to be pregnant with her boyfriend's baby who just died over the summer, goes in to labor at prom and everybody from the prom came to the hospital to support her. The ending doesn't really clarify what happens to Halley's love life but it seems like she dropped Mason which is good because he forced her to go against her moral code. I really liked it and I definitely recommend it for anyone who's looking for a good book to read.

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Bridgette Gallagher | 27 comments Mod
And have you seen the movie? You girls love your Sarah Dessen!

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Dominique M | 6 comments No I actually had no idea it was a movie!

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