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I'm Not Her
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Sarah Winters | 4 comments I have read "I'm Not Her" by Janet Gurtler. This book is by far one of the best books I have ever read. I would recommend this book to anyone. Especially people who have had or are having their lives affected by cancer. Whether it is someone you love that has cancer or even yourself it will touch your heart as it did for me. This book has two main characters one is named Kristina and the other one is Tess. They are twins but many people didn't even realize it because they are complete opposite. Kristina has a sporty personality, while Tess is the smarter one . Kristina was always the popular one with a ton of friends that she would always hang out with. Then everything evolved when Kristina was diagnosed with cancer. The type of cancer she had is called osteosarcoma which is a type of bone cancer. Then Tess became the popular one when everyone wanted to know how Kristina was doing in her battle with cancer. Tess didn't really want to be the center of attention. Like all family and friends they have to stay strong for the person fighting the battle, just as Tess did. I can relate to this book because I have been affected by cancer through family and friends and I am sure almost if not all humans can relate to this book having to do with cancer.

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