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♥Emi Love♥ Come Along, Pond | 1060 comments Welcome all, to the 44th Annual Hunger Games! May the Odds be Ever in your Favor...

<.b>Appearance:<./b> 5+ Sentences or a picture
<.b>Personality:<./b> 5+ Sentences
<.b>History<./b> 5+ Sentences
<.b>Relationship: (Crush, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Single, etc.)<./b> Optional

To make bold, remove the period in <.b> and <./b>

Update: Due to the amount of reservations, the reservations will last 4 days, then the reservation will be gone. I also realized I forgot to put skills (I was rushing! Sorry!) So if you've already made one, could you please go back and add it? As well as weaknesses...

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♥Emi Love♥ Come Along, Pond | 1060 comments District 1:
Male: Thais Adonis Amador, Aged 18
(~Aaron~) XXX

Female: Gloria Emerald, Aged 12
(Dreams_Nightmare_Crisis) X

District 2:
Male: Bradley Douglas, Aged 18

Female: Sabrina Maria Diablo, Aged 16
(~Αaron~) XXX

District 3:
Male: Maximus Sanders, Aged 17
(Gabriella ~Valiant~) X

Female: Maryah Hathaway, Aged 16
(Sophia) X

District 4:
Male: Archer Holland, Aged 17
(Rea) X

Female: Kira Waters, Aged 16
(Songbird ~(Gabriella)~) X

District 5:
Male: Lukriel "Luke" Gerylilidow, Aged 18
(GeekandPround) XXX

Female: Maude Strak, Aged 18
(♥♬Emily♬♥) X

District 6:
Male: Dustin Dagan, Aged 17

Female: Ryen Mirad, Aged 17
(Dreams_Nightmare_Crisis) X

District 7:
Male: Austin Woods, Aged 16
(TDude568 ~ Finnick Odair)

Female: Kathryn Pierce, Aged 17

District 8:
Male: Justin Foster, Aged 12
(Abbylynn) X

Female: Bella Daniels, Aged 15
(Diana) X

District 9:
Male: Landon Taylor, Aged 17
(TDude568 ~ Finnick Odair ~) XXX

Female: Thalassa Lintz, Aged 14
(Jessica (Drew) [Prim] {Tris})

District 10:

Female: Aliana Capponi, Aged 17
(♡Nosidam♡) XXX

District 11:
Male: Edge, Aged 17

Female: Jorani Simona Agate, Aged 17
(Abbylynn) X

District 12:
Male: Dean Shelby, Aged 18
(Dah-Bomb) X

Female: Sierra Everest, Aged 14
(Sophia) XX

First come, first served!

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Name:Kathryn Pierce



Appearance:Dark complexion, long, black hair tumbles down in thick locks to the middle of her back, which she styles in a Native American-like style (braids, feathers, and whatnot), intelligent, dark brown eyes that look as if she is calculating the most entertaining way in which to ruin or kill, 5'05" in height, 115 lbs in weight. She has an abnormal metabolism system that keeps her thin. She is considered to be quite pretty but her antisocial habits repel any boys with any interest in her.

Personality:Distant and bad at socializing due to her treatment at the community house, tends to keep people at arms length because she believes those she cares for are fated to die, protective of younger children because she feels that they do not need to suffer as she did. She has a bad habit of biting her nails and unintentionally has a scowl on her face.

History: As a young child, she witnessed the public execution of her parents who attempted to incite a rebellion. Later they secured and chained her in what she called her personal Hell. There they left the bodies of her parents for her to watch rot and decay. She was then forced to live in a community home where she was often beaten for her rebellious spirit. But overtime, she learned to obey as the only result of these actions would result in more beatings or the torture of those she was remotely close to.

Relationship: She has a somewhat close friendly relationship with a childhood friend named Daemon whose parents had had a close relationship with her parents. His black-brown hair compliments his strong face and ice blue eyes. He is somewhat thin, but lean with muscles from the work he must complete as a lumberjack. He often brings extra food to Katherine.

Token: A feather of a Bald Eagle.

Trademark: Feather

Skills: Skilled with axes and tomahawks. Uses these to kill slow unsuspecting animals Assassin's Creed 3 Style. She is also as resourceful as a native American might be. She is well acquainted with forests and the dangers it hides.

Weaknesses: Her tendency to protect the innocent.

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(( Can you reserve me District 7 make tribute? ))

♥Emi Love♥ Come Along, Pond | 1060 comments ((District 2 what? Male or Female?))

♥Emi Love♥ Come Along, Pond | 1060 comments ((It's cool, thanks! c: ))

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((Can I reserve the Female tribute for disrtict 2?))

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(( Thank you ))

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((can I reserve district 1 female? thanks))

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Gabriella (songbirdgabriella) | 310 comments Can I reserve district 4 girl?

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Name:Bradley Douglas
Nickname:Red Ace
Appearance:Bradley Douglas; AKA Red Ace(Explanation will be done in Brad's history about how he recieved his nickname) stands at 6ft 4 and weighs at the size of 215lbs. He has massive bulky body that is almost built like a mix martial art fighter. From head to toe, from muscle to muscle, Bradley is well built with not a single inch of fat around him. This makes him unfair size advantage against anyone stupid enough to fight him in a hand to hand combat. Brad doesn't bulid himself around his looks. He is not the type of that has the pretty boy looks but the type that gives off the bad boy energy around people. He has dark green eyes and a small cut in his eyelash from training in district two. If you walk passed by him, you will smell a very strong unique cologne.
Personality:One basic sentence to describe Bradley is that he doesn't give a damn about anything. Bradley doesn't care for any drama that would usally be involved or any allience that will be formed. He just goes along minding his own bussiness. Brad doesn't promise anyone nothing because he knows he don't make promises he can't make. He has the cold breeze personalilty that is a bit hard to get through. When he sees someone he doesn't mind hanging around with, he will slowly open up to them. Brad is an A-list(both brains and muscle) but doesn't express it very much because he know that that would make him a target for everyone else. He also has a very raw temper that isn't the best scenerio to end up if your the person that pissed him off.
History:Bradley grew up as a career. He didn't exatly grow up with everything he wanted as most expects a career too. His family was going through tough times and while he was growing up and his parents were threating Brad like a soldier rather than a son. He really never had anyone to talk to about his problems so he decided to shut down and not care about anything. He went in full training as a career and prepared himself with blood and sweat even though he didn't expect to enter himself in the hunger games. Brad wasn't always the muscle freak that he is now. This only happened after he enter the career training program. The peacekeepers of district 2 decided to throw him in for training with the more advance students while he was still young. Everyday, he would get his ass handed, but that never stopped brad to become stronger. Within a year, he started to become more massive and was able to take down the more experienced careers. When Bradley reached 16, he fell in love with poker and played with other people. But he would always get in fights for noticing other people cheat while their playing and this lead him to beat the crap out of those who tried to fool him. Since after that first poker night of Brad, people started to call him Red Ace; becasue of the fact that he would always come out of poker games with bloodly hands.
Reaping:District 2 were now getting much more competitive with district 1. Since they were their biggest challenge, they had to make sure they sent their strongest canidate. The members of district two saw many tributes that could have been in for the 44th hunger games, and saw Brad as the most deadly killer. So just the day before the hunger game reaping of 44th, they called up brad as asked him to volenteer as the tribute for the 44th hunger games. While they offered many great prizes and riches, Brad declined. He doens't care much for killing for those who doesn't desever to die. Even for those who did desever death, he couldn't killed them easily because he felt no joy out of it. The next morning, when the reaping started up, Brad sat in a corner and waited for someone to volenteer, when suddenly his name was called.
"Bradley Douglas............Well, what a surprise." one of the gentle man replied that was picking out the names. He turned his head to where is parents were and they weren't looking at him, at that point, he knew what they have done. His own parents sold him for riches in favour of Brad entering the hunger game. He didn't say a word and stood up with the female tribute and got himself on the transport that sended them to the capital.
Skills:Doesn't have a main weapon that he is good at. Brad is good with any weapon that he can get his hands. Whether it is a sword, or even a rock, he can kill a person. He understands how the bloodbath works and prepares for anything that is given to him. Another skills is his strength. Brad has been training in a mma cage since he could even remember. When it came down, he believed a man's best weapon in war was his fist.
Weakness:Bradley is more of a grounded person. He perfers to stand on the ground rather than in a higher area. He doesn't like climbing trees because of his fear of heights. Another problem would be that he doesn't know how to swim either.
District Token:He has a neck chain that has a symbol of the poker cards that he won from one of the games from a retired former poker champion of the capital.
Theme Song:Stronger: by Kanye West ft Daft Punk (Preview)
Crush:Brad doesn't care for a relationship in the hunger games, because he sees no point when that person was gonna die.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 2331 comments Mod
O.O I didn't even see that District wasn't part of the format. :'(

♥Emi Love♥ Come Along, Pond | 1060 comments Sorry, I didnt see a District, and the number I saw was 12 (Age) and I was reading quickly and assumed.

Did you write District 1? Cause I dont see it...

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 2331 comments Mod
Nevermind. I'll save her for another arena.

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Sophia (Shadow217) | 88 comments Can I have district 3 female?

♥Emi Love♥ Come Along, Pond | 1060 comments No I can fix it! You did post first!

Rea is there anything different you'd like?

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 2331 comments Mod
No, truly, it's okay, Emi. I promise.

♥Emi Love♥ Come Along, Pond | 1060 comments Oops cause..I already... Changed it...

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haha, okay okay, I'll take male district 4

♥Emi Love♥ Come Along, Pond | 1060 comments Thank you so much for complying to my... Franticness...

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 2331 comments Mod
Aww. I feel bad now... but thank you so much, Rea. ♥

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♡Nosidam♡ | 1292 comments Can you reserve District 10 Female please?

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Name: Austin Woods
Gender: Male
Age: 16
District 7
Personality: 5+ Sentences: Austin is a cool guy. He is very flirty. He is almost like Finnick. Charming, and caring. He is very strong and fast.
History 5+ Sentences Austin has been through alot of difficulties. He was bullied in school. His dad beat him with a pure leather belt. His dad usally came home at 1:00 with random kisses on his lips and cheeks. His mom divorced his dad.
Strengths Austin is strong with a axe he could throw them far but can kill someone close too. He is extremly strong lifting wood to put in crates. He is very fast. He was the fastest boy on the track team, in the district too.
Weakness Austin doesn't talk while doing something. Looks cute when he sleeps ( xD )
Relationship: (Crush, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Single, etc.) Optional None ever.. or that might change....

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haha, it's fine, actually I'm just picking random district.

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Sophia (Shadow217) | 88 comments My character! It's okay that I made them before you added the reservation to the list, right?

Name: Maryah Hathaway
Gender: Female
District: 3
Appearance: Maryah has long blonde curls and bright blue eyes. Her skin is light. While she is slender, and considerably short, she isn't weak.
Personality: Maryah is usually very calm, and makes decisions slowly but decisively. In her opinion, it's all about waiting for people to deal their own fate. She is pretty smart, and isn't much of a risk taker.
History When Maryah was young, her oldest brother volunteered for the games, and was killed. From that, Maryah became determined to one day win, for him. On reaping day, she volunteered in the place of a younger girl, feeling she had amassed enough skills to survive.
Skills: From her work with technology (district 3...), she has become smart in figuring out complex mechanisms. She has spent sometime figuring out traps and various snares. As far as weapons go, she can handle a sword, which is light-weight.
Weaknesses: Since she isn't incredibly strong, she can't handle any heavy weapon. She also isn't too quick.
Relationship: (Crush, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Single, etc.) She is single, but does have a crush...
Token: a gold pin her brother left behind for her.
Other: none.

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 2331 comments Mod
Name: Gloria Emerald
Gender: Female
District: 1
Age: 12

Personality: While she acts like a sweetheart for the cameras, that's all it is, an act. Behind the scenes, she's a talented killer with a short fuse. Her innocent smile can make anyone believe she's as gentle as a butterfly while hiding the true malice in her eyes as she plans ways to rip you limb from limb. She doesn't have any true feelings towards anyone else, and every word that passes her tongue is most likely a lie. Beyond her braids and dresses, she's just another career prepared to take you down.
History: While she may be young, she is in no way unskilled. Since she was 5, she's been training for these games like any other child who shows interest. Born to two careers, she's learned from the best, and knows all of the ways other careers have fallen. She watched the games every year with excitement and begged her parents to let her be in the games this year. She didn't want to volunteer because it would throw off the image she wanted to portray, so her parents told the girls of the district not to volunteer if she was picked, and she took so much tesserae that her name filled most of the bowl. It was almost no contest that she would get picked. She acted out her practiced reaction, having studied reaped tributes from the outer districts in previous games, and soon, she was on a train to the capitol.
Skills: She's been trained with throwing knives since she was able to hold one, making her an avid killer. And with her small frame and nimble body, she's a very agile acrobat. She's also a very good actress.
Weaknesses: She doesn't have the strength to lift heavy things, nor is she big enough to withstand a hard impact. She is only skilled in knives, or things like them, so trying to use any other weapon would be difficult if not impossible.
Token: A snowflake necklace, because there is no one else like her. (view spoiler)
Other: Not that I can think of. Anything else you want?

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Name: Sabrina Maria Diablo
Gender: Female
District: 2
(view spoiler)
Age: 16

[image error]Sabrina photo image_zps20f39c7c.jpg

Sabrina may look innocent and a bit girly, but she is a cold-blooded killer.
She has an unpredictable nature. She likes to get close to others to learn the weaknesses of other people to use it to take them down. She usually has a girly "I didn't do anything, I'm innocent" look, but when she gets the chance, she'll do anything to take you down.

Sabrina grew up in District 2, going to the special killing Academy as all children in District 2 do. She grew up as a single child, and a very killing-based childhood. Her parents gave her knives to play with when she was 2. She killed the family pet when she was 6, she used it for target practice. She always loved it during the Hunger Games, she enjoyed watching the bloodshed, the gruesome deaths of the tributes.
Over all, the only thing she knows is death, killing and murder.

Relationship: Single.

[image error] photo image_zps45eb6022.jpg

Both Close and Long ranged Combat: Knives, Whips

Weaknesses :
She's very Arrogant,

Theme Song:
Hips Don't Lie: Shakira

Mess with her, and she'll fuck your face up in the arena.

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I'm reserving the male tribute for district 1

♥Emi Love♥ Come Along, Pond | 1060 comments Ok, but if someone who doesnt have a tribute wants it, I'm afraid they get it, or you give up your other one, as it is fair.

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~Αaron~ wrote: "Name: Sabrina Maria Diablo
Gender: Female
District: 2

Age: 16

Sabrina may look innocent and a bit girly, but she is a cold-blooded killer.
She has an unpredictab..."

((Dude, remove the f word or cover up the last three words like F#@$. I'm sure the moderators aren't cool with that right now. Yes i know it sucks not swearing as much but there r younger kids Roleplaying with us.))

Gabriella ~Valiant~ (Gabriellavaliant) | 48 comments Can I reserve boy from district 3?

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Gabriella (songbirdgabriella) | 310 comments Name: Kira Waters

Personality: Kira is caring and kind-hearted. She likes making friends and talking with people, and isn't a fan of violence. However, she is still a fighter. She has learned from a young age to be able to defend herself, and even though she has a strong dislike for violence, she isn't afraid to fight. A small part of her is a fearless, brave heart, although this side of her doesn't shine through unless she feels absolutely threatened.
History As a child, Kira always loved fishing, and being by the ocean with her mother. She basically lived in the ocean the first 12 years in her life, almost literally. Then her mother died, and the ocean was the only place she felt truly connected with her mother. (Apart from the pearl necklace) Then, at she twelve, she began to train as a career, and couldn't spend much time near the water, which was the place she felt like she had the strongest connection to her mother. She trained hard for years, so that if she ever entered the games, she could survive and return back to her normal life in the games.
Skills: Fishing, using a trident, knots, using a spear, swimming and cooking.
Weaknesses: fire building, heavy weapons, like an ax;
Relationship: Single, for now...
Token: A pearl necklace she keeps on her, always.

Other: none

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Abbylynn | 173 comments Could I reserve District 11 girl please

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(( Songbird Gabby want to br allies with my charrie again? ))

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Name: Thais Adonis Amador
Gender: Male
District: 1
(view spoiler)
Age: 18

[image error]Thais photo image_zps0accdcbb.jpg

Thais is charming and funny. He likes to flirt and is extremely narcissistic. He loves poker and looking in the mirror.. He is energetic and a risk-taker. He isn't easy to impress and finds himself more important than most of the things in his life. He doesn't like long boring stories, loud-mouths and places that aren't exciting.
He usually hangs out around night-clubs, party's or in the bathroom to look at his reflection.

Thais grew up in District 1,going to the special killing Academy as all children in District 1 do. He grew up as a single child, and a very rich childhood. He lived I a big house, and got whatever he wanted. He watched the Hungers Games, a lot, and enjoyed watching the tribute deaths. He became a very good swordsman and spear-thrower. He volunteered this year, and is looking foreword to the deaths of the other tributes.

-Thais is good at close range combat: Swords, Spears
-Thais is strong, and can win when wrestling.

Thais is very Arrogant.

Relationship: Single

[image error]Bracelet photo image_zps177d30fb.jpg

Theme Song :
Talk Dirty to Me: Jason Derulo

Thais is very narcissistic

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Gabriella (songbirdgabriella) | 310 comments @Tdude568 ~Finnick Odair~

Sure :)

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message 38: by Gabriella (new)

Gabriella (songbirdgabriella) | 310 comments Why the :( face?

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♡Nosidam♡ | 1292 comments Name: Aliana Capponi

Gender: Female

District: 10

Age: 17

Appearance: Aliana has light brown hair that reaches to her to her armpit. Her eyes are a blue-green and are always bright with excitement and wonder. Her pink lips curve upward in a smile everywhere she goes. She is built very lean and tall weighing only a mere 110 pounds.

Personality: Aliana is a ray of sunshine. She is always cheerful and she manages to brighten up anyone’s day no matter where she goes. She manages to block out any negative thoughts and is most certainly optimistic. Although the thought of going into the games makes her sick she tries to make the best out of it. No matter what situation Aliana tries to be as enthusiastic as she can.

History: Aliana’s family is a family you would expect a career to come from despite the district she’s from. Despite her constant pleading her family has her train day after day in their house hoping one day she gets chosen for the Games. Her grandma won her games against all odds and that’s what triggered her parents to want her win. Her grandma is was the only one who was sane and didn’t want Aliana in the games. Her family wants expects her to win.

Knife Throwing
Defense moves
Animal Knowledge

Brute Strength
Bow and Arrow

Relationship: Aliana has had a few crushes but currently does not have a boyfriend or crush at the moment.

District token: Aliana’s a leather bracelet. Her grandmother gave it to her before she died and it became one of Aliana’s most treasured belongings.

Other/Reaping: The sun shone in Aliana’s eyes. She covered her head with a pillow only for it to be pulled away by her mother.
“Wake up Alli!” her mother cheered.
“It’s time for the reaping!”
Aliana gave her mother a smile but mentally groaned. She pushed herself up and slid out of bed. She opened up her wardrobe and put on a white collared blouse with a navy blue skirt. Aliana’s mother braided her hair back and pinned her token (see district token) to it. Aliana slipped on her navy blue heels and walked outside seeing her best friend, Beatrice Mullings ahead.
“Bea! Hey Beatrice wait up!” Aliana called running as fast as she could (in heels of course).
“Hey Ali!” Beatrice said joyfully.
“Are you ready for the Reaping?”
Aliana silently sighed but nodded her head with a smile.
”It’s ok Ali I know your not excited for it but hey it’s not like we’ll get reaped we haven’t had an ounce of Tessera. Our names are in there 5 times. Trust me.” Beatrice said soothingly.
Aliana and Beatrice walked down to the square, got their fingers pricked and joined their peers. District 10’s escort Pipi Thurner walked out in an outfit completely made out of cow hide. Time passed as Pipi made her speech and played the Capitol video.
“Alright ladies first!” Pipi exclaimed reaching her delicate hand in the glass bowl.
Beatrice gave Aliana a reassuring squeeze on the hand.
“And the female tribute is- Beatrice Mullings!” Pipi said a fake smile plastered on her face.
Alliana froze. Her eyes met Beatrice’s and she shrugged and began to walk up to the stage.
”I volunteer as tribute!” Alliana shouted. She ran up to the stage and waved goodbye to cheering family. Beatrice looked up at her with sad eyes before Alliana was pulled away with her District partner to the train.

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Meant ;)

Gabriella ~Valiant~ (Gabriellavaliant) | 48 comments Name: Maximus Sanders
Gender: Male
District: 3
Age: 17
Appearance: Maximus is thin, and slightly lanky for his height. He wears glasses, and has jet-black hair that is slightly shaggy. His eyes are gray, though sometimes look blue in some lights.
Personality: Maximus is like a time bomb--he is usually calm, until it comes time for him to explode. This is saved for when someone messes with him, or the people he loves. Usually, he's an average acting guy, but if you mess with him, he will destroy you. He can be HIGHLY protective, and would sacrifice himself without a second thought for his family and friends, or the love of his life, Maryah.
History: Maximus has known Maryah his entire life, and was in love with her forever. He has tried a long time to court her, and they eventually started talking and falling for each other. When she was put into the arena. He volunteered to protect her , and make sure she survived.
Skills: he's good at making things, which comes from a life of working closely and figuring out how things work. (This could help with shelters) he is also very good with all electronics. He is also fast, due to his smallness and his liking of running. He can use knives.
Weaknesses: Heavy weapons, swimming.
<.b>Relationship:<./b> Loves Maryah
Other: none

message 42: by Sophia (new)

Sophia (Shadow217) | 88 comments Not to mention any names (because there are a few), but i think some people need to better balance out their weaknesses to skills. Like low district people with weapon and survival skills and few weaknesses that don't really affect their performance. Just felt the need to mention...

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Abbylynn | 173 comments Name: Jorani Simona Agate

Gender: Female

District: 11

Age: 17

Appearance: Jorani is as tall as she is thin. Coming from District 11, of course she would be thin, but her abnormally high metabolism virtually keeps any fat from sticking to her, just wiry muscle on her long bones. Her tan body towers over most people, she reaches just over six feet. She has choppy raven-colored hair that falls just under her chin. Long bangs reach the top of her eyelashes. Her eyes are an emerald colored shade with specks of gold and blue.

Personality: Jorani is very quiet and is taken by most to be pitiful and innocent. She's pretty much the exact opposite, though quiet it doesn't take much to get her fired up. She is somewhat a sadistic person. And she can hold a grudge for a long time. She doesn't talk much to other people and prefers to be left to herself, though once you get to know her she can be quite funny and quirky.

History When Jorani was young both her parents were shot right in front of her. After they were caught stealing a loaf of bread. This is what set her personality. She was sent to live in an orphanage, where they barely fed the children enough to live on. She then learned that you had to fight for anything you want. That includes to stay alive. She got into fights as she grew older, stealing from other children. All she cares about is herself and that she needs to survive. When she turned twelve she left the orphanage and was sent to a girls' home where the girls were abused after their work shifts. Jorani totally shut down, she was targeted as a trouble maker and was publicly flogged for her fighting. After that she trained herself with a knife and became quite lethal with it.

-Hand-to-hand combat
-Close combat with a knife

-Unable to listen/Antisocial
-Can't use any other weapon that doesn't have a blade


Token: A red leather bracelet that used to be her mother's.

Other: None

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rimskur Can I reserve District 8's girl?

♥Emi Love♥ Come Along, Pond | 1060 comments Yes. I owing be able to put up any new posts that have been added in the last half hour or so, as I am not on a computer at the mo'. But I will as soon as possible!

☁ ℳisty ℳoonlit ℳemories ☾ (dreamsnitemarecrisis) | 2331 comments Mod
Name: Ryen Mirad
Gender: Female
District: 6
Age: 17

Personality: Ryen's a kind girl and is very emotionally intelligent. She knows how most people are feeling and tries her best to be friends with everyone. She doesn't think much of herself, but she can see the world in others, and she always brings out the best in them. She's soft spoken, but honest and will never betray anyone unless she truly feels they're a bad person. She loves to laugh, but doesn't do it enough, so she tries to keep other people's moods up.
History There's not much to tell here. She's an ordinary girl from an ordinary district. She went to an ordinary school, had ordinary parents, lived her ordinary life. She saw many people die in the games and knew it was a tragic fate, but she didn't despair when her name was called. In her mind, it was better her than someone who had an extraordinary future ahead of them.
Skills: Her kindness would get good people on her side. She's able to sense and sympathize with other people's emotions. She's calm in panicked situations.
Weaknesses: She has no training with weapons whatsoever. She has low self-esteem. Her emotions are a rollercoaster and range from fury, to depression, but most of the time she bottles up her negative emotions so she feels like she's alone as she tries to make others happy.
Relationship: Single (for now)
A bracelet with a charm of a thirteen point star to represent the 13 original districts.

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Fandom_girl | 601 comments Can I reserve the district 10 female?

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Fandom_girl | 601 comments Oh duh I meant 11

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Name: Archer Holland
Gender: Male
District: 4
Age: 17

6ft 2in tall, Short brown hair, beady chocolate-colored eyes. He is tall and has a quite broad-shouldered build.
Personality: Extroverted, intuitive, recklessly impulsive, gracious, funny and straight-forward. Always making dry and bad jokes almost everytime, especially when he's the subject of conversation. He shows a romantic side sometimes, but never flirt too much.
History: All his life, Archer just want to messing around and having fun with it. He spend a lot of time on the water; swimming, fishing, and any other activities. He grew up in a small, but warm family with his parent and his older brother. He is raised in a good family and it helped so much in building his character and good persona.
History: The morning before Reaping, he went to the beach with his older brother, Hunter. It was Hunter’s last year of reaping and he told Archer that he’s going to collect money and marry his girlfriend, Hanna, which is on the same age as Archer, after they all don’t need to go to reaping anymore. But the fate said the other way, from all the name on the bowl, the escort picked a piece of paper with Hunter’s name on it. Before Hunter could take the first step, Archer ran to the middle and volunteered for his brother.
Skills: Close combat fighting and very skilled with spear-kind of weapon.
Weaknesses: Heights, and archery. He also not good at arguing with other people.
Relationship: (Crush, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Single, etc.) Open.

Hanna’s precious necklace from Hunter. When Hanna and Hunter get their chance to say goodbye to him, Hanna gave it to him, saying that after what he did for Hunter, he deserve that necklace more than her.

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Can I reserve district 9 girl?

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