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A Million Little Pieces
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Sierra | 3 comments I read the book "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey. This book is a very enticing memoir. The main character, who is also the author was a drug addict and an alcoholic. He had been drinking since he was 10 and doing drugs since he was 14.James was also wanted in 3 states. At the age of 23 he finally got checked into a treatment and rehabilitation center. He was very lucky to have been put in the center, because when he reached the center he was told that if he continued using he would die before he reached the age of 24. Throughout his time at the center he meets other people who are in the same situation types of situations as himself. It is very tough for James to just cut drugs and alcohol out of his life. At times he suffered terrible withdrawal. The withdrawal caused him to eat tons of food. At one point he ate about 10 bowls of Chili and still didn't feel filled. James had to get a root canal and fake teeth without any drugs to numb him and he had to get holes in his cheeks stitched up. James thought most of the things he had to do at the center for treatment were dumb so he didn't really take them seriously. At one point they wanted him to color in a coloring book, which he thought was completely ridiculous. James met a girl named Lilly at the treatment center. Males and Females were't supposed to associate with eachother so James and Lilly snuck around to meet eachother. They shared personal stories with eachother and James fell in love with Lilly. After a few weeks of rehab James and his parents began family rehab. James parents learned things about his problems that they never knew before and James learned things about his past that he had no idea about. James makes it out of rehab and stays clean after that. The memoir truly makes you think about what you want in life. It makes you realize that making the right choices in life is very important and drugs and alcohol aren't the solutions to your problems. It also makes you realize how hard getting over an addiction really is. Overall, James Frey is a very inspiring man and I highly recommend you read this book.

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Bridgette Gallagher | 27 comments Mod
DId you know this was admitted to be a complete lie? I am surprised you didn't find that out about the book at all. Look up interviews with Oprah, it's pretty interesting actually.

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