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message 1: by Ron (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ron Albury I am conducting a giveaway for my new book, Enemy Combatant. This book is based on my award winning movie script (1st place Terror Film Festival) of the same name.

Here is the Prologue:

The beat-up van struggles up the steep gravel driveway, forcing the driver to downshift into “L”. The roar of the straining engine scatters the birds roosting above the driveway and flushes a young deer across the van’s path. When she parks next to the log cabin Jennifer, a pretty young woman in her late-20’s, picks up a stack of glossy promotional brochures from the passenger seat, then removes a loaded 9mm pistol from the glove compartment.

The cabin is over one hundred fifty years old. Made from hand-hewn logs, it sits isolated on top of a wooded hill in Clinton County, Ohio. Originally built for a wealthy merchant who used it for hunting, it was re-purposed to a vacation cabin when the surrounding area was cleared and turned into farmland.

Jennifer is medium height, tanned, and has wind-blown shoulder length black hair with bangs that hang over her eyebrows. Her clothing consists of ragged jeans, a stained green T-shirt that is too large for her, and hiking boots. Her makeup is heavy but carefully applied, and the muted tones are very understated. Unusual but not remarkable looking, she could easily blend into most crowds.

After fumbling with the deadbolt she bursts into the cabin. “Hey! I got those vacation brochures like I promised. You wanted to go to the Gulf Coast side of Florida, right?”

“Fuck you!” a woman’s voice barks from the back of the cabin.

She continues into the kitchen, collapses into a chair next to the table, puts down the gun, and begins to flip through the brochures. “I don’t like this one because it is three blocks from the beach. It’s cheaper, but I think it is worth the money to be right on the water, don’t you?”

“You asshole”, the unseen woman’s voice calls out again.

Undeterred, Jennifer continues with her sales pitch. “This one has an Olympic-sized swimming pool. I don’t understand why they would build a swimming pool at a beach-front motel, but what do I know?”

“Why are you torturing me like this?” The other voice is nine parts anger and one part fear.

Jennifer eases up from the kitchen chair and walks toward the back of the cabin. Jennifer is not her real name, but it is the one she is currently using. She rotates between the five most popular girl’s names for her age group: Jennifer, Amanda, Jessica, Melissa, and Sarah.

“Aww, you know I’m not really torturing you. I’ve told you before, Americans don’t torture.”

Walking into the back room, Jennifer studies the woman who has been cursing her. She has on a blue denim skirt and slightly soiled white knit top. About the same size and coloring as Jennifer, she could probably pass as her sister. Her hair is unkempt and her tears have mixed with mascara to give her zebra cheeks. But that is not what would catch your attention if you were to walk into the room.

She is sitting in a child’s chair, her ankles bound to the front legs with plastic cable straps, forcing her knees up in an awkward and uncomfortable position. Her eyes are blindfolded. Her arms are tied behind her back at the wrists and elbows and the rope goes through a pulley screwed into a ceiling support beam, forcing her to lean forward to take the pressure off of her shoulders. There is a large tarp on the floor under her.

“So”, Jennifer says, “did you miss me while I was out?”

Ms BookAholic (missbooksaholic) | 7 comments This sounds very intriguing! I just want to keep reading! :) What I've read so far you've done a wonderful job!


message 3: by Ron (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ron Albury Thank you.

The main character is named Samantha, and her mother calls her Sammie .. not quite the same as you, but close. The majority of the book is set in Clinton County, OH .. once again close but not a direct match.

BTW - 50% of author royalties will be donated to charities in support of US veterans.

Ms BookAholic (missbooksaholic) | 7 comments I'm glad to hear 50% of charities will be going to U.S. Veterans! They need a lot of support! My dad is a Veteran. Yes, a few similarities in the book! I do go by Sammy or sometimes Sam, rarely do people say Sammantha. Congratulations on your new book by the way! :-)

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