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FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 8 comments Prologue

“What’s this soldier dude doing here?” I asked Mom as I walked up the stairs. I didn’t understand why a uniformed man would be looking for me.
“Jason,” Mom said, “I already told you, I don’t know. He showed up saying that he was looking for Jason Green.”
“Interesting.” I walked through the kitchen to the living room. There stood a man in uniform standing straight up. “So, what do you need?”
The man looked at me before he spoke. “Before you were sent to middle school, you had your blood tested. Am I right?”
“Yeah, that was three years ago. I’m homeschooled now. Do I have cancer?”
“No, but you have something else.”
“What is it?” By the way the man looked at me, I had been sure that I had looked very confused. Am I some man-dog hybrid?
The man hesitated. “Well, when you had your blood tested, nothing was in it. Look at the picture of the blood.”
He handed me an electronic tablet. I stared at the picture it showed. After studying the picture for a few minutes, I noticed something. “A formation,” I said.
“Exactly. What does the formation look like?”
I stared at it for another minute. “Flames?”
“Yes. A formation in the blood is a rare thing. It is only possible to be seen at ten years old. Very few kids have it. The formation it shows is what…” the man started.
“Is what?”
“Let me explain it this way. The formation it shows is what the magic the child can use.”
I stared wide-eyed at the man for what seemed like eternity. “Are you saying…that I can use the power of fire?”
“That is exactly what I am saying. Very few kids are able to use any of the twelve powers.”
“What are the twelve powers?”
The man took a deep breath. “Nature, fire, ice, shadow, lightning, wind, space, water, time, earth, metal, and light.”
“So is there like a boarding school for these kids?”
“Yes. The Academy of Magic. There are also twelve academies. New York, Space Coast, Seattle, Ontario, London, Rome, Cape Town, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney, and Wellington.”
“Do you have a name?”
“Alright. So, should I go ask Mom?” I asked.
“Perfect idea.”
I ran through the kitchen to the stairs. I walked down the stairs to the office where Mom, Dad, and my older brother Colin had been working on their computers.
“I’m leaving.”
Dad turned over. “Where.”
“New York Academy of Magic.”
“What the heck is the Academy of Magic?” Colin actually took time to look up.
“Apparently I’m gifted with the power to control flames,” I said.
“How is that possible?” Mom asked.
“Check out my blood. Other kids have it too. There are twelve powers.”
Dad leaned in. After looking at the blood, Dad jumped backwards and nearly hit his head on the wall. “Holy cow-eating werewolf with a limp!”
Mom noticed too. She looked as surprised as Dad. “May I have a talk with Ray?”
“Sure,” I said. “I’ll call him down.” Then, turning over to the stairs, I called, “Ray! Come on down!”
“Wait, can I come too?” Colin jumped out of his seat and walked up to me.
“Depends,” I answered.
“On what?”
“If Ray is willing to take another child.” I stopped and listened for a second. I heard light footsteps on the stairs. “Ray is coming now, Colin. Maybe you could ask him. I’m not sure you have any formation in the blood.”
“Actually, he does,” Ray said as he walked down the stairs. “Green, flip to the next picture on the tablet.”
“Okay, uh, whatever your last name is.” I flipped to the next picture. Colin and I both gazed at the picture.
Colin stared at the tablet. “A clock. My power is the force of time.”
“Alright,” Ray said. “Say some goodbyes. You can take off three days a month to come home. I am now responsible for you on drives to and fro the academy. Important holidays are a week off. No classes on minor holidays but you can’t leave. Birthday parties are thrown in your dorm. Classmates, friends, and family can all come to the party.
“Okay then,” Dad said. “Is there a form I have to sign?”
“On the tablet. Green, slide it over to the right.”
“Can do, Lidonzo.” I handed the tablet to Dad.
Dad drew his finger across the tablet to sign his name. After, he handed it back to Ray. Ray put it back in his tablet bag.
I gave Mom a hug. My eyes started to water up. “I’ll make sure to call.” After that, I walked over to Dad’s desk. I high-fived him. “See you around.”
I turned and walked up the stairs. I opened the front door and walked out. Ray left his car unlocked, so I hopped right into the passenger seat.
Colin must have been taking his sweet little time saying goodbye because him and Ray didn’t come out until five minutes later.
Ray opened his door and sat down. “Are we ready?”
I took a last glance at the house, then looked back at Ray. “Yes.”

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FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 8 comments If you like it, please join the group Academy of Magic

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(( link me my friend))

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FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 8 comments Or did you mean the book? That's all I have. I might edit it though.

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