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Devin Davidson | 3 comments For my independent reading novel I read "Shift" by Jennifer Bradbury. This book is a story about to boys who have just graduated highschool and have decided to take a biking trip cross country. Chris and Win decide to set a date right after graduation, starting from West Virginia, their home, to Seattle where Wins uncle lives and decides to let them stay for a while to explore after finishing their trip. Win has a very controlling father and his mother doesn't care much about him, he revolves around a family of money and only wants to escape and find himself before he continues his fathers dreams of a hightech college and became another man of wealth in the family. Chris is a highly organized boy who just thinks it would be a fun getaway to gain more responsibility and an understanding of providing for himself before college. The book itself is mostly a story of their trip, and as they travel they meet many new families who are friendly and kind, but they also encounter mean and rude people who make them travel even further then they'd planned to in that day. Day by day the boys friendship grows and suddenly Chris discovers that Win is carrying roughly $10,000 with him, yet he keeps asking Chris to buy the food and neccesities while saying "I'll pay you back later". Chris decides to keep this to himself and waits for Win to tell and explain it to him. He never does and nearing the end of the trip they encounter a coyote with rabies. The coyote starts to chase after them and Win and Chris are pedaling for their lives. Suddenly Chris gets a flat tire and has to change his tubes as quickly as he can, Win keeps going and realizes this is his escape. You realize that there is no uncle of Wins in Seatlle, and Chris is so angry that as he is trying to find Win he jsut stops and goes to a convienent store and gets some water and stops searching for Win and continues/finishes the trip by himself. Chris finishes the trip, a few months go by and he is starting college. All of a sudden a detective shows up and starts to ask Chris all these questions about Win. He realizes he never took the time to reach out or contect Win to see if he had made it home safely or even gotten home at all. The rest of the book is a story of Chris's struggle to find Win and escape the questioning of the dectectives. Chris begins to finally understand what Win was doing with all the money he was carrying. He was trying to escape, he did not want to continue in his fathers footsteps. He wanted to find himself, and that is exactly what he was doing.

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Bridgette Gallagher | 27 comments Mod
Great review, don't be afraid to omit some details though, remember-- it's a review not a report!

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