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Why did some people dislike this series?

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Here is the main reason I ended up not liking it...Katniss was a badass, self willed beast in the first book, doing everything on her own. By the end of the series, she becomes a puppet, and literally loses her whole "badass-ness" she stops doing what she feels in her heart she would do. In the end, she would never shoot an arrow at the judges, she would wait to be told to do it, and then make sure she did it the way they told her to. It was crap. A character shouldn't change their nature by that much. She was against the hunger games and the media, but then gets turned into a media puppet. It was just fundamentally stupid. First book was great, then the rest went down hill.

Some people may have not liked the series, because it was too violent. I personally loved the series, but the last book wasn't as good as the first and second.

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I didn't like it. I think the plot was really well thought-out, but the writing style bored me. I did read the rest of the series, though, and Catching Fire is better, but Mockingjay bombed. I honestly felt like Ms. Collins was just in a rush to finish the series.

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I think a bunch of people disliked the books because they compare it to the original teenager killing game: Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

A lot of fans of Battle Royale have called Hunger Games a poor, watered down version of it.

In all honesty the violence in Hunger Games is moderate and rather boring. I read it and actually was disappointed by the series as a whole [though I enjoyed Catching Fire second half and the first half of Mockingjay].

The series as a whole was just not what I was expecting it to be based on the comments and attention it was getting at the time.

It was an intriguing story, and I love a good dystopia, but it wasn't the most well-written novel. I wouldn't really call it badly written, either, just okay. For entertainment purposes, it is a good book. However, it offers little to no literary value. I can also see why the idea of reading a book about children killing each other is not appealing to a lot of people.

Btw, I am not saying there is anything wrong with reading for entertainment. I am just happy that this series has people reading instead of watching tv, and I can certainly understand why it is some people's favorite, I'm just mentioning the reason why it is not on my favorites list.

I wonder the same thing...How is it possible to not like the Hunger Games series? It makes me sad when people hate it. But I really wanna know why.

Maya Yeah.. I've read them all countless times and still don't get it. I do understand if they don't like Mockingjay, it's kinda overwhelming. But still! ...more
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Kids being forced to kill other kids is Not my thing.
Also, Mockingjay was a disaster.

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Baldurian, you don't have to be so sexist and angry about it. You don't need a vagina to enjoy it, I know several guys who enjoyed it. And if you think that 15 was the age group that this was written for than you're not that bright. It was more for 13 year olds but that doesn't mean older people can't enjoy a good book.

And now to answer the question: some people disliked this because they felt (like me) that Katniss wasn't the best protagonist or (like my friend) that Peeta wasn't the best romantic interest. I don't know. Maybe the style of writing didn't appeal to them. I know I don't usually enjoy a story told in the first person because I feel like it comes across as superficial. But with the Hunger Games I thought it was done pretty well. Not the best I've encountered but pretty well. Better than the two sequels anyway.

I really liked the first books, but the plot desintigrated from there into violence...I liked Gale in the beginning...but I haven't read the series in a while.

I love the series. My favorite book was "Catching Fire"...

Death and violence

The first novel was quite good, but the second is much weaker.

I, personally, loved the series, but I know a few people who didn't. From what they've told me, I think the main reason they dislike it is the idea that kids are killing other kids. It is just gruesome to think about. A lot of parents I know felt stronger about this, because they understood the feelings of the people whose children were sent to their deaths. I'm still curious about what others have to say, though.

I thought its really good I'm almost done with mockingjay but I think its a good book series so far I don't see why people would dislike it.

I disliked the Hunger Games as it was written in a style I disliked. Though the concept was interesting the novel was brimming with plot-holes (Example: The dead combatants were transformed into monsters-they were dead already).

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When I read the series, I remember being very bored the entire time. The writing style just didn't appeal to me, and i disliked most of the characters including Katniss, Gale, and Peeta. In my opinion, Catching Fire was the best because I thought the arena was interesting and so were some of the characters. Mockingjay was terrible though; it was a mess and boring, and the ending made no sense. Overall, I think this series is overrated.

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Because everyone can have their own opinion...

Because you need a vagina and a mental age of a 15 years old to enjoy it.

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