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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments I can't choose between 1,3,4 and 6. D:

And you learn something new every day.:3

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Well pick one :P Then I'll pick after we've figured out the idea for yours. They're all very good choices.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments omg they're so cute.*_*

Ok, I think I'm going to go with the fourth one.:)
Maybe guy is a bit of a player, gets around a lot and isn't the commitment type. However, when he meets girl at an off chance[of whom is completely not his type either] something sort of shifts, despite the fact he barely knows her. And so on so fourth. That's really rough but my mind is currently drawing a blank.:s

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And one more:
Okay! I like that idea a lot! :D Maybe this girl is, like, his friend's sister or something? Which is how they meet? What kind of girl did you have in mind for her?

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments I love orcas.:3 I really want to go to America and go to that like, sea world place[I'm not actually sure what it's called] but they have all the orcas performing there and it looks super awesome.

I just spent the last ten minutes watching videos of Kenny the does syndrome tiger after I saw your status. XD

Oh! How about it's one of his one night stands sisters. Maybe she's younger than her older sister that he hooked up with, but she's a lot more responsible and reasonable-level headed. I'm thinking now maybe a sort of highly strung girl that has sworn off of relationships. Maybe something happened with their parents and so whilst the older sister turned to sleeping with somebody different every night and drinking, the younger sister was forced to grow up and take control of everything? How about that? :3

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Yeah that sounds great to me! :) But how would they meet if it's a one night stand sister?
And I love Kenny :3

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Maybe her sister would call her from his house with a hangover asking to be picked up, so being the nature one she does and knocks on the door, only to have him answer it? Then from then on t could get sort of awkward since he wants to pursue the younger sister, but to even meet her again he has to start dating the older sister of whom is particularly clingy. Something along those lines? :)
He's adorable.:3 I feel sorry for him though.:s

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Yeah, maybe the older sister kind of thinks it's love at first sight kind of thing so she's particularly thrilled that he wants to go out with her and she thinks that she's found the one guy that would mend her heart and whatnot but he's after her little sister and yeah, that all works out. :)

Aaaah, I don't. :) Nature wanted him like that for a reason.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Exactly. Whih would pose a dilemma for the younger sister because she could be used to giving up things that she wants for her older sister, but when she begins to let guy in she realises that she doesn't want to have to let him go, but shes grown so accustomed to just giving in that she finds it hard to make her sister happy as well as herself? :)

Apparently he was selectively inbred in captivity though, so they knew that complications would arise because his parents were related but because there was such a high deman for white tigers they decided to take the risk anyway.:/

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Yep and then things could grow tense between the two sisters as well because she's realizing that her little sister is starting to like the guy as well so there's this love triangle going on and yeah. :)

It is sad, I agree. :/ But I still don't feel bad, he's alive and has probably made many people happy. :)

Okay, for my idea, I had picked gif number 1. I was thinking it could go either ways:

This one is darker so I don't know if you're comfortable with it; it involves more psychological emotions and more mature.

Girl and Guy are a happy couple, it's senior year and things are really looking up for them and their future. So pretty much, girl is one night violated and stumbles home and doesn't tell anyone, especially not her boyfriend. But he soon begins to notice because she's not herself and whatnot. She could eventually admit to having been violated and the roleplay could revolve around the both of them attempting to try and find a sense of balance in the trauma. Or we could have her become pregnant because of that horrible night and that's where I imagined the gif happening when she'd finally admit to everything and the baby and yeah. I can formulate it better if you want and make it all fancy shmancy :p

Or the second way to go with this is that it's the same setting, senior year and whatnot but Girl is with another guy and she's the church girl sort of innocent so when she commits the mistake of having one too many drinks one night and decides to lose her virginity before marriage, the consequences is a pregnancy and a bailing boyfriend. I was thinking that it could start off as abest friend romance, seeing as he's there for her and whatnot but love quickly blooms between the both of them and yeah.

>.> Yes? No?

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments I have to admit I quite like the second one.:3 I think that could be cute.:3 But both ideas sound awesome.:)

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We can do the second one for sure. :)

Seems like we got both of our roleplays! Sweet! So for the first roleplay I was thinking something between 20-24 and then for the other it's more senior year so 17-19. How do the ages sound to you? :)

Also, should I play the sister or do you want to? I'm fine either way! I love characters haha.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Woo! :)

Yea, that sounds about right.:3 I may or may Mott make me girl slightly younger at nineteen, just to make the the gap between her and her sister slightly bigger, but that's not a definite yet, when I wake up properly I'll think it over.:3

I honestly don't mind, you can make her if you like.:) Also, were you wanting to do this in third or first person? I know it would probably be easier Rping them in third person-particularly the one with the sister. But I do have a soft spot for first person.:)

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Ah, okay, that works. :) And I'll wait until you make your girl to make the sister so I can find a look-alike from the picture you used. And we can do first person definitely, I'm more comfortable with it.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Ok, I'll make my charries in a little bit.:3 Are we just doing simple character profiles or did you want to go into more detail?
Awesome.:) I'm excited to start these RPs.C:

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Simple is good with me. I'll make my characters after yours then :)

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments


▓ | Full Name ✍ | ▓╟ Emery Katarina Grayford

▮ | Nickname/Alias | ▮ Em. To close friends only. Her older sister insists upon calling her Emmy, especially when shes attempting to panada to her after shes done something wrong.

▮ | Day of Birthing | ▮ 21st January 15;17
▮ | Current Age | ▮ Nineteen.

▮ | ♀ Gender ♂ | ▮ Female ♀

▓ Appearance ☜ ▓╟


(view spoiler)

▒ ⇢ Natural Ocular Hue

▒ ⇢ Approx. Heftiness
↳ 115lbs.

▒ ⇢ Approx. Stature
↳ 5'3

▒ ⇢ Extra Markings
↳ Em has a good dousing of freckles right across the bridge of her nose and speckling her cheeks.

▮ | Relationship Status | ▮ N/A. Em doesn't do relationships. And doesn't intend to either.

▮ | Pertinent Information| ▮
➻Almost a year ago now, Em's parents were killed in a car crash whilst her sister was away at college[of which her older sibling has since quit]. She herself was the sole survivor of the crash, and since that time shes been struggling to make ends meet-especially when her older sister isn't making it any easier by clubbing every night and expecting Em to traipse around after her in the morning.
➻Due to the crash, Em now suffers from regular panic attacks, and often has vivid dreams about the night the accident happened. This has triggered her to avoid sleep, and shes now recently been diagnosed as being an insomniac as well, which leaves her up into the early hours of the morning with way to much time on her hands.
➻Despite all of her sisters flaws, Em loves he with all her heart and will often put Hales needs before her own.
➻Em is a dedicated figure skater, however, with limited money shes had to give up lessons, although whenever she can she'll go up to the community ice rink,strap on her skating boots and take to the ice. Most of the time this happens in the evening, since that's when she finds herself searching for things to do.
➻Em aspires to be a scientist of some sort. Birds fascinate her, particularly parrots and such. Once upon a time it was her dream to one day set up a wildlife reserve for them, however, without the money to even attend college to earn any qualifications the idea is looking dimmer and dimmer.
➻Em is also a devoted owner to a male white cockatoo. She dubbed him Nugget as soon as she laid eyes on him and has had him since the age of 10. However, due to his previous owners Nugget isn't to fond of men being anywhere in the household and is selflessly loyal to Em alone;
(view spoiler)



▓ | Full Name ✍ | ▓╟ Isaac Maxwell Greene

▮ | Nickname/Alias | ▮ Zac. That's what his best friend calls him, hell, that's what everybody calls him. Although his parents insist upon using his Christian given name, and they won't budge an inch when it comes to it.

▮ | Day of Birthing | ▮ 4th November 05;59
▮ | Current Age | ▮

▮ | ♀ Gender ♂ | ▮ Male ♂

▓ Appearance ☜ ▓╟

(view spoiler)

▒ ⇢ Natural Ocular Hue

▒ ⇢ Approx. Heftiness
↳ 189lbs

▒ ⇢ Approx. Stature
↳ 5'10

▒ ⇢ Extra Markings

▮ | Relationship Status | ▮ None. Secretly he is holding out for his best friend, but he knows really, its probably a lost cause. She sees him as like a brother, not a lover.

▮ | Pertinent Information| ▮
➻Unknown to most outside the family, Zac did have a little brother before he moved to the area. However, he suffered from sudden death-and even after an examination into his death it was never found why his heart stopped beating-which is worse in some ways. He moved to the are about 7 years ago, however hasn't spoken of his brother since. The memories are to painful to bare.
➻Zac suffers from coronary artery disease due to high blood pressure which is hereditary to the family. It means he has to go to regular check-ups, but otherwise he's healthy and there have been no scares to his life as yet.
➻A keen photographer, Zac enjoys capturing beauty in the smallest, most simple things, and aspires for his work to someday be well known around the world.
➻His loyal and faithful companion;
(view spoiler)

[Outline stolen from the lovely boomerang.c:]

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Sorry Isaac isn't finished.:( My laptop was about to run out of charge.;-;

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name // Hailey Marie-Ann Grayford
nickname // Hales
age // 23
appearance //

(view spoiler)
other //
➨ Hailey has always had problems regarding her body; she's constantly doubting herself and turning toward any man who looks at her the right way; is it so wrong to want to feel beautiful even for just one night?
➨ Has a bulldog (view spoiler) she's named Bump; he's kind of protective when it comes to sketchy people but he's a big suck, really.
➨ She loves her sister more than anyone; seeing as how she almost lost her entire family in less than five minutes, she tries to keep her sister in her life as much as she can.
➨ Hales has always wanted to travel the world, see different places and meet new faces. All of it simply fascinates her. Ever since the crash, she's sworn to never leave her sister's side again. She's secretly terrified that one day, she might just slip away. Of course, she hasn't mentioned how she voluntarily dropped out instead of being kicked out for bad grades (she had them anyway but she did the latter before the former). And so, for the moment, she's found that enjoying life might be for the best while her dream is put off to the side.
➨ The redehead had always had a fond love for the stage as well. It was a dream come true when she realized she really could sing -- and she was good. People didn't hesitate to tell her and it got to her head for awhile; she'd show off when she could and bask in the praise of everyone around her. Now having matured a little bit in that sense, she simply likes to go around and please people at local cafes or karaoke bars.

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name // Ryan Aleksander Brooks
nickname // n/a
age // 21
appearance //

(view spoiler)
other //
➻ His little brother and sister. The two have them are fraternal twins and are as close as ever. Rightfully, he is their guardian but they usually stay at their grandmother's house because Ryan is much too busy with his life. He does make sure that they either visit him or he visits them at least once a week; they're his life. One wouldn't guess it, but family means everything to him: (view spoiler)
➨ His father has always wanted one of his children to work under his wing. He loved the idea of withholding a family business that would last for years and years. Seeing as Ryan was the only child for the longest of times, it's decided that he'll be taking his father's affairs when he takes his retirement. Admittedly, the boy wishes his dad would stay in power for many more years to come.
➨ He's a black belt in three different forms of martial arts. To be honest, he's kind of obsessed with it. On top of that, he's quite the champion at it as well, having won many competitions; such can be seen scattered here and there on his walls.
➨ Due to childhood trauma and bad experiences with the wrong people, Ryan is deathly afraid of commitment but craves the satisfaction of holding someone close to him. Such notions are kept guarded behind his wall of cockiness, of course.
➨ His mother, his dear, beloved mother. Diagnosed with brain cancer, Ryan doesn't know what he's going to do when she passes. It's been a week that the doctors have claimed her condition terminal and he makes sure to visit her as much as he can. After all, he is and always will be a mama's boy.

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name // Willow Seong Peters
nickname // n/a
age // 18
appearance //

(view spoiler)
other //
➨ She's got a 95% average in her report card due to excruciating family pressure to excel in everything. She works hard and it pays off but sometimes Willow simply wishes to kick back and just...be a teenager, you know?
➨ She's an only child with strict parents but in a decent relationship with: (view spoiler) Things are going pretty well between the two and Willow's convinced she's going to marry him one day.
➨ She's been diagnosed with type I diabetes eight years ago and has been doing quite well managing it. She's also deathly allergic to any sort of peanuts.
➨ She might not looks like it, but she's a skater girl - it's kind of the passion she hasn't told her parents about.
➨ Crazy cat lady in training. It is to be noted that Candy and Lance are faithfully loyal to her and don't enjoy being petted by anyone other than Willow herself: (view spoiler)

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Also finished.:) Your charries are beautiful by the way. I still might edit Zac's appearance a bit, I'm not to sure yet.:s

Anyway, how are we going to start these?
Like we said, I imagined Hailey ringing Em up and asking her to come get her, and then when she turns up Ryan answers instead. Although I was thinking it through, are you going to do first person for Hailey as well, or just add her in when needs be?

As for Zac and Willow I wasn't to sure what you had in mind, so any ideas? :)

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Alright, finally finished all of them and I like your characters too. :)

Yeah, that works for me and for Hailey, well, uh...I'm probably just going to include her in Ryan's post. I'm way too lazy to do three people in first person lol.

As for Zac and Willow, hm...well, it depends where we start. Maybe she found out she was pregnant, told Kyle and he ran off so she goes to Zac's house and tells him? Or maybe she doesn't tell Kyle and goes straight to Ryan oorrrr we roleplay to before or I don't know. x.x

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Thank you.:)

Haha, ok, that sounds good.:)

I like the idea that she tells Zac, it shows already that she trusts him more than she does her own boyfriend. I think it'd be pretty cute.:3

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Also, I was wondering if you were going to reply to our other RP as well? c:

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments So um...Did you wanna start this or me? :)
Also, I saw your request for a pirate RP and if you're up for a 3rd RP I'd be happy to oblige-but if you don't want to that's totally fine.c:

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