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∬∞∬ ℂαcαєsтнєsια (bloodeewonderland) | 931 comments Hello. So, now we're waiting for Michelle and Elizabeth to see this...

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments Just saying now, not calling a guy :P

∬∞∬ ℂαcαєsтнєsια (bloodeewonderland) | 931 comments I'd have to wait to hear the full plot to call either one. I mean, my girls end up being pretty boyish anyways so...

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Hello :) okay let me post the plot!

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Two very hardcore readers find out very quickly that they are able to read certain things they want out of books. One day they find a book they absolutely love and end up reading their crushes out of the book. The characters end up falling for eachother while they live with the readers. The readers work together to make the characters jealous and come back to them. As they do this they accidentally read themselves and the characters into a book.

∬∞∬ ℂαcαєsтнєsια (bloodeewonderland) | 931 comments I like it. I want to be one of the characters... if that's okay?

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I would like to be the guy reader.

∬∞∬ ℂαcαєsтнєsια (bloodeewonderland) | 931 comments I could be the girl character.

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments I would like to be a girl character. :P

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) So who is still open?

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The guy book character.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Alright, guess that'll be me then.

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{NAME}Patch Morriette
{PERSONALITY}Typical teenager with straight A's

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Should I use a real book person or make something up completely?

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Make something up completely it's fun that way.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Name: Thomas Collins
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Other: Is captain of the King's guards, medieval time period book.

∬∞∬ ℂαcαєsтнєsια (bloodeewonderland) | 931 comments Is Alex or I the girl character? We both asked for it so xD

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I say that you're the book character because isn't that what you wanted?

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments I don't mind and ya.

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments So let me make sure I get this write, so two readers basically conjure two fictional characters into real life. These two adore the characters, but the two characters fall for each other so the readers try and break them up??

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∬∞∬ ℂαcαєsтнєsια (bloodeewonderland) | 931 comments [ Name ]
River Jewels

[ Age ]

[ Gender ]

[ Book ]
The Popularity Diaries
(view spoiler)

[ Appearance ]


gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments [Name]
Jessica (James) Johnson




Female but sometimes feels male (Gender fluid)



Jessica grew up in an abusive home, maybe this caused her gender fluidity, but Jessica doesn't believe this to answer for it. Jessica's personality can be a bit of a flip, one second she loves dresses and the next she loves sports and asked to be called James, it's not quite multiple personality disorder but it could close. After a while she discovered the power of books, and the power she had with books. She's been in plenty of relationships with characters she's read out.

∬∞∬ ℂαcαєsтнєsια (bloodeewonderland) | 931 comments I like her. c:

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments Maybe they could be together :P maybe Jessica reads your charrie out.

∬∞∬ ℂαcαєsтнєsια (bloodeewonderland) | 931 comments That'd be fun:3 If they're alright with a FxF and MxM pairing (I'm pretty sure Michelle would be).

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I guess but let's make sure Elizabeth feels comfortable with it.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Sorry but honestly I'd be uncomfortable woth that. And I gtg to work in a minute, will be back in about 5ish hours

∬∞∬ ℂαcαєsтнєsια (bloodeewonderland) | 931 comments Alright, so let's not do that:3 But Alex, maybe we could do that in PM?

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Okay so what order do we want to go in. I'm not going to not be on as often because my Uncle is in the hospital right now.

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments Aww I'm sorry michelle

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Just very worried about him.

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Can we do the rp in first person?

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I me my?

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments I don't know what's going on >.<

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I'm asking if we can write the rp in first person narritive because I get bored sometimes with third person. Meaning talk as if we actually are the character using I me or my.

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments Like ex.
I walked into the room.

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gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments I think that would get confusing.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) I prefer third but could try first. And hope everything works out okay with your Uncle Michelle.

∬∞∬ ℂαcαєsтнєsια (bloodeewonderland) | 931 comments Elizabeth wrote: "I prefer third but could try first. And hope everything works out okay with your Uncle Michelle."

Exactly what I wanted to say.

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