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♪♫Gloria♫♪ Fira sat on a stool as she stirred a large pot with a wooden spoon. She wore black skinny jeans with a forest green tank top, matching her eyes. You could clearly see her scars and the star mark left on her arm from her meeting with that angel.

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corina (molteneyes) Darcelle had left her room and wandered down to the kitchens to find an apple or something. A night's sleep, plus waking up at noon, had helped her bad mod tremendously. Swinging around the door, she stopped short at the sight of another girl. Studying her in a quick glance, she stepped in.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Fira's eyes flickered up to take in Darcelle. She had heard footsteps from down the hall... Keeping her eyes on her stew, she said, "Hi."

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corina (molteneyes) "Hello," Darcelle replied, her French accent thick from being asleep only half an hour ago. She made her way to a counter across from the girl and took an apple from a basket.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Fira watches Darcelle closely. You never knew when something bad might happen. "I'm Fira Dawnstrider." She decided to try and make some allies. She might as well; although it was unlikely she would make any friends. Everybody was so old here.

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corina (molteneyes) "Darcelle Nightflame," she replied and took a bite from her apple. "How long have you been here?" Wow, she really was in a better mood.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Fira paused a couple of seconds. "2 hours, 31 minutes, and 12 seconds." She smiled. "If you want to be precise about it."

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corina (molteneyes) "That is... very precise," Darcelle noted, one eyebrow raised. "I got here last night, late."

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♪♫Gloria♫♪ "I can't help it.. Perfect memory." She taps the side of her head. "And really? Where did you come from?" Fira asks, stirring her pot. She takes a deep breath, then walks over to the spices, picking out several from the shelf.

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corina (molteneyes) "Marseille, France," she replied, watching Fira with detached interest. She was never the best cook, but she could get by.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Fira turned around and brightened. "C'est ma langue préférée!" (that's my favorite language). She carried her spices over and put a little from each bottle into the pot. She stirred again, then put the lid on top.

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corina (molteneyes) ((I take French :) ))

"Tu parle le français?" Darcelle exclaimed excitedly. "Ah, c'est superb!" Thank god, she wouldn't be speaking French only to herself at night.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Fira grinned. "Like I said, It's my favorite language. Although Paris..." Fira shivers. "That place is packed with demons..." ((Still speaking in French, I just don't want to use google translate... I'm feeling lazy))

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corina (molteneyes) ((I'll spare you the trouble, then, and type in English too.))

"It's my first language. And, malheuresement (unfortunately), I've only been to Paris once, for a short trip," Darcelle replied wistfully. "Demons or no, I'd love to go again."

♪♫Gloria♫♪ "Ah, were you visiting the institute that they have there? It's gorgeous, twice the size of this one."

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corina (molteneyes) Darcelle shook her head slowly. "It is gorgeous, though I only saw the outside. My father had business there. I was eight. And the next day we left."

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Fira frowned. "A business dad? That sucks. Is he mundane or shadowhunter?"

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corina (molteneyes) "Shadowhunter. Strict one. Shadowhunter business," Darcelle explained, a little reluctantly.

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♪♫Gloria♫♪ Fira opened her pot and ladled out a portion into a bowl. "I never knew my parents..." She admits. "I don't even know where I came from." She thought telling Darcelle this would be fair... A secret for a secret. And she decided to trust her.

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corina (molteneyes) "I'm sorry," Darcelle replied. "Have you tried finding them?"

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Fira flinches. "Yes, yes, and yes. I've scoured all 7 continents, gone to every country, spoken every language, searched every single street... and nothing. Nada. Not even a grave. I've been everywhere but Alicante... But they wouldn't be there." Fira sighs, and takes a sip of her stew. "Although I'm exaggerating a little bit, you get the gist, no?

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corina (molteneyes) Darcelle nodded. "I understand. Why wouldn't they be in Alicante? Were they Shadowhunters?"

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♪♫Gloria♫♪ "One of them was a shadowhunter, at least. I think it might have been both, I remember them being good fighters, just not good enough... But I digress. They wouldn't be in Alicante, because if I was in Alicante, I would've been put in an institute there... No, the institute I was put in was in Nova Scotia."

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corina (molteneyes) "So you think they're in Canada. Are you..." Darcelle didn't want to pry too far. "Are you sure they're still alive?"

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Fira sighs. "Probably not.. but I still want to know where they were or are, where they lived, and who they knew, ya know? I've searched Nova Scotia much, but there are so many places that are hard to get to, I'd take me a year just to search it... And the institutes don't let you stay away that long. I'll have to wait until I'm old enough to be able to search for years at a time. And then there is still the demon problem to deal with."

♪♫Gloria♫♪ "Enough about me," Fira finished her stew. She got up and set her bowl in the sink. "Where is your dad now?"

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corina (molteneyes) ((So sorry about that! I had to go do something.))

"I understand," Darcelle sympathized, referring to her search for her parents. "Thailand. I'm not sure why Thailand, but... yeah." She took another bite of her apple.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ "That must be some tasty apple if your able to stand next to my food and not want to eat it." Fira smiled at Darcelle. "You can have some if you want, you know."

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corina (molteneyes) Darcelle smiled back. She decided she liked this Fira. "Thanks, but I'm not super hungry at the moment. This apple is more than enough."

♪♫Gloria♫♪ ((lol "this Fira"))

Fira yawned, and looked at her watch. Only 2:30. "I really need to stop going out at midnight looking for things... Have you been on any good hunts lately?"

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corina (molteneyes) "Last one I had was back in Marseille two days ago, and it was relatively uneventful. I went solo, found a Ravener," Darcelle told Fira. "Nothing else that night."

(( :) ))

♪♫Gloria♫♪ "It's funny, usually I run into a demon daily, when I'm out doing particularly nothing. Something's wrong... It's almost like they are hiding..." She shivers and wraps her arms around herself.

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corina (molteneyes) "I'm trying to stay hopeful, but something doesn't feel right about it." Darcelle could tell something was up. Marseille was the largest city in southern France; usually there were a good number of demons. She had stayed out for hours, and only one demon to couch for it.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ "I'm not going to lie, it kinda scares me..." Fira told her fiercely. "I've heard reports of low demon activity all over the place... Sweden, Germany, Mexico..."

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corina (molteneyes) "Lord." Darcelle rubbed her temple wearily. "That's not promising."

♪♫Gloria♫♪ "No kidding." Fira leaned her forearms against the granite counter. She yawned again. "What's the training like around here? Have you heard anything about it?"

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corina (molteneyes) "Not really. Like I said, I got here las night and then got a quick tour. The training room is very nice, however. Fully equipped," Darcelle said, leaning back against a wall.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Fira stood up straight, and beamed. Oh, just to think, the arrows, the swords, and the daggers. This was going to be lovely. A simply lovely, possibly short stay here. "Well, I certainly want to see it... But that can wait. I want to see where I'll be meeting people and my delicious dinners. Would you care to accompany me to the dining hall?"

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corina (molteneyes) "Why not?" Darcelle pushed off the wall and tossed her apple from one hand to the other, then followed Fira out the kitchen door.

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