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Hey! I'm currently writing up a post so forgive me spotty replying but yeah!

So, have any possible ideas for a pirate-related roleplay? And do you want to do doubles or singles?

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Hey! Sorry for not responding very quickly, I didn't see that you made a topic for us!

I like the idea of doubles! But I'm easy and am fine with doing singles!
A princess is kidnapped by pirates in order to receive ransom. And we could add plot twists and much more plot and stuff..hmmm
Or maybe we could have something with a mermaid? Like maybe a young mans family owns a traveling show where they tour bringing all kinds of wonders with them. Well their show for a long time has been lacking and it's started to take a toll. They need something fresh to bring it back to it's full potential. The young man could go out seeking some marvelous mystery and eventually is drawn to the sea as he's heard legends of mermaids. He could hire a crew and he could go searching for one.
Ahhh let's brainstorm! @-@ Sorry if the ideas sound lame, lets work together.
Do you have any ideas? :0

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Tell me what ya think! If you like an idea we can always build off of it or forget both ideas and start off knew!
Whatever works for you!

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We can do both! :o I like them a lot! Maybe he can manage to lure in one of the mermaids and snatch her from the waters and plan on selling her on the black market or something?

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Yeah! That what I was thinking! Or maybe the mermaid is wounded and gets caught in their netting! There are plenty of ways it can turn out! ^0^ Can I please play the mermaid? :0

You can play the princess, or pirate! Or..instead of a princess it could be a prince! Whatever floats your boat~

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Yeah you can play the mermaid. :) Are we intertwining the two roleplays or no? I can.play the princess :) Maybe she stays in the captain's quarters or something since he's the one who got her? Then one of the sailors could have caught the mermaid so he's charged to take care of her?

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Ooooh~! I do love how you intertwined it! I really like it!!! ^-^

Hmm..but I think just in case these stories should be on 2 different boats..just in case. Because one event could work for one rp and then the other not so much. Yeah know? I think it's best we separate them just in case!

Alrighty! Lets make characters! So, I'm making the Captain and the Mermaid!

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Yeah sure, so two different roleplays? :)

Yep, character time.

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ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Name:Elvira

Out of all her sisters Elvira has one of the most beautiful tails, it's long and sleek always glistening in the warm sun. It's a shimmering sea green color that makes the tail almost irresistible to touch.

Personality:To say the least, Elvira is a very determined little fish. Since she is the youngest of 12 sister mermaids things could get a little tough when your looked down upon. She feels she constantly has to prove herself by doing almost every dare she is asked to do. Elvira desperately seeks attention and acceptance from her other sisters and hopes one day they will treat her equally. She is a rather quiet girl not usually saying much around her family but she can be very spunky. Elvira is always the first to accept a challenge and won't hesitate to complete her motive. As she grew up she found her voice vying for her sisters attention just wanting to get noticed. Being the youngest girl she had to fight to get her way, fight for a say. It seemed that her whole life was a fight for something she could never reach.
This has left her always hungry to prove herself as she feels she has to achieve great feats to gain approval.
History:Elvira grew up the youngest of 12 sisters. In such a big family she was basically ignored by her mother, who only seemed to have eyes for her older sisters. The one person who did seem to care was her sister who was the middle child. She secretly envied her older sisters for they had their mother's affection, but of course she'd never show it, never gave into the anger that was always quietly burning in the pit of her stomach. Though she grew resentful of her older sister, she never fully hated him. No, far from it. Even when they got into dangerous adventures, one that caused her to permanently damage her left fin due to a net accident, she always forgave them. Though some of her sisters ideas got her into trouble she always went along hoping to be appreciated.

Other:Her left fin is basically crippled. This makes it harder for her to swim; it doesn't effect her too much but she defiantly isn't the best swimmer. When she swims it is defiantly obvious that the left is much weaker.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Working on my Pirate Captain!

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Name:Vincent Demeres

Personality:Vincent Demeres is probably the most enticing, amorous men of the seven seas. Don't let his philanderous nature fool you, for behind his purring words of silk is a tactical captain. His words are like honey, sickly sweet when he wants them to be. He tells people what they want to hear in order to get what he wants, which normally always works. There has yet to be a person to tell him no and stick to it. It's no special power, he doesn't take control of a human's mind, it a skill, something he picked up along the way. People can be very easy to persuade, even the ones that are supposed to be oh so smart.
He is as cunning and as charming as a wolf and people often are blinded by this charm. Though a feared and elusive Captain Vincent does have a weakness; drinks. Very regularly indulges in alcoholic drinks as he claims they calm his nerves. That doesn't mean his crew can have any, absolutely not. He can't have a ship full of drunken men, how on earth would it run?
Naturally he loves a little mischief and isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. He actually enjoys pursuing girls who prove to be a challenge and are hard to ‘woo’ at first. In fact, he thrives off of challenges. Vincent is incredibly audacious and is quite cheeky with his words. He would do anything for a bit of teasing fun and reckless mischief.
History:To be Added Later
Other:To be Added Later

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I love them both. :)

Ugh, is it alright if my characters aren't as thought out? I mean, I promise I'm detailed! I just never have the energy to create a good character. :/

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Haha, yeah that's totally fine! I know making characters can be so hard..especially when you plan on developing them as they go! I was actually just going to tell you that it's fine if they're simple! All I care about it the rp and the posts! ^-^ You're fine!!!

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Cool, I'll have them up soon then ^0^

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Hoooray! Can't wait to see 'em!

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Name: Myung-Dae Seo
Age: 20
Other: --

Name: Armando Tykes
Age: 25
Other: --

Short but I'm coming down with a fever. :/

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Perfect! ^-^ I love them~! So~! Should I post first? :0

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments So many thoughts spun through Elvira's head as she fought the strong currents that kept pushing against her. I need to keep going...I need to keep going..until I find some cave I can't stop.. No matter how much Elvira pushed herself she still couldn't help but feel extremely tired as she pushed against the strong currents. Of all nights she had decided to travel in a storm, she hadn't expected such a big one at that. She could hardly keep a straight path without veering dramatically towards a certain way. Elvira made her way through the ever turning water as she clutched her small bag that held her few supplies. As she kept going she could feel the water around her getting stronger and stronger as it tried to pull her off course as if it were calling her to stop her journey. It wasn't anything she couldn't handle, no she would never admit that but it was rather difficult for those who had trouble with their fins.
Her thoughts were so muddled that she hardly had the chance to realize she was swimming right towards an anchor, before she could stop herself she collided with the heavy object full force causing her to spiral. Flashes of white pain filled her as she tried to swim straight but started to loose consciousness. Her head was now throbbing as her vision slipped in and out of focus.
No matter how much she fought she couldn't seem to slip away from the this throbbing pain that weighed down on her. She gritted her teeth as she started to sink to the sea floor but instead of feeling sand she felt a rough type of..rope...All around her she felt course thick netting close in around her, this sent her in a confused frenzy thrashing inside the netting trying to find a exit way. Of all times this had to happen now, when she was all alone away from her family. Her couldn't help but sink in hopelessness as she tried to think of something, anything that could help. Though she was immensely weary she thrashed in the netting as sand swirled around her causing her mind to spin as well. No matter what turn she made in the netting it remained tightly closed as it refused to open, each moment only made her body rub against the course netting cutting her.
Just for starters, the docks were a seedy place filled with lowlifes, prostitutes and crime. Pairing that with the ever ominous cawing of hungry birds, when people disappeared suddenly, this was the place to look. The planks and foundations just reeked of nefarious intentions. This place was the bane of the city. Any idle chatter the groups of men had now ceased as it was the early hours of the day, they sun had ceased to even rise. The whole area usually bustling with life was now quiet for once as the city had not woken up yet, all was quiet but the small group of men steadily making their way towards a ship in particular. They rolled along the pier, Their mundane facades dropped as a huge silhouette loomed, sitting on the pulse of the ocean. One lone lantern lit within in its darkness, directed them towards the ship. The Blackburn, void of energy, sat docked, bobbing up and down in a high, rough ocean tide.
The group of men quickly rushed aboard with their prize secured in a large box brought it downstairs into the Captains quarters. After opening the door and setting the wooden box down one of the men cleared his throat loudly to get the Captains attention. Vincent had been looking over maps when they had come in and his eyes went directly to the box. A quick smile spread across his lips as he pushed his maps away now focused on a much more interesting task, "I see you've brought the prize. Go on and open it then, lets see what we've won"

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments ((Was that alright? :0 I hope it was~!))

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