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Did you have any ideas?

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Oh wait! I have one, but do you mind doing it as an MxM?

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So I'm a dork because I got it from a book I was reading. You know how there's death, war, famine and the other one? Well the book was about war and he's a guy but the person he falls in love with is a guy and it's really complicated and hard to explain, but I'll do my best! We can just wing it, but I really want to be war! It sounded really cool

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Yay! Thanks you rock!

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Yes! I'll go first

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Name: Hadley Cromwell

Age: 23

Appearance: description

Personality: To be played

History: Hadley was born in the 17th century and is still technically a human, however when the four horsemen take up human host, it extends their lifetime so that they cannot die. Since Death is the leader, they have all been granted this immortality. Hadley was taken over by war when he was 23 and has been 23 ever sine, never aging or dying. He doesn't have any siblings and he has been wandering earth for a long time, doing missions for death and plotting the end of the world with the others.

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(That's good enough! I shall start, but how detailed are you?)

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Hadley sat with the others as he listened to the dullness of their conversation. He hated these meetings, they were such a bore to him. He waited patiently for the meeting to be over so that he could back to sleep. He didn't mind talking to the other horsemen, but trying to be friends with them was a completely different story. He waited until Kronos, the one who was death eventually dismissed them. He stretched and got up faster than the rest of them when he headed home for the night.

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(Sorry! I thought I replied!)

Hadley walked down the neighborhood when he suddenly stopped in front of one of the houses. He looked up to see a young man sitting there in the window. He gave the guy a wink before he kept walking. He paused again knowing it was a bad idea to stare when he glanced a second time.

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(I hate ditchers!)

Hadley headed to his house where everyone else was waiting. He lived in a small house with a large group of people that were somehow all able to fit in well with each other. He smiled and nodded to each of them when he sat down to eat. Lena, famine, was cooking again so they had to brace themselves. The last time she had attempted to cook, it became a disaster. She had burnt all of the rice and even forgot that there was meat in the over. They laughed about it later, but they were grateful. Times were tough here and they did what they could to survive, especially since none of them had family outside of the home. Together, they made a new family and they were very protective of each other because of it.
"So what's cooking?" he asked turning to Lena. She just smiled knowing he was only being half-sarcastic. "Don't worry, you'll like it," she said when one of the kids started to yank at her apron. "Patience Wesley," she told the boy who was now frowning at her.

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Hadley watched the stove to make sure that Lena wouldn't burn anything. The last thing they needed was another fire. He patted Wesley's shoulder, "You just need to be patient alright?" he said smiling at him. Wesley was about to say something else when the twins ran in. "You'll never guess what we saw!" on of them said handing something wrapped in a cloth to Lena.
She frowned and took it from him. "What is it?" she asked when she opened it in shock. It was another dead bird. She turned to Hadley, "What does this mean?" she asked looking worried. He shook his head not wanting to worry anyone else about it since the twins didn't know any better. It had been the 15th dead bird they had found and it had been coming from one of the doctor's home. Apparently he was up to no good with the experiments since they were now starting to get out of hand.

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(It's fine!)

After the twins left, Hadley set the bird down. He knew that Kronos had nothing to do with this even though he was death. The birds were coming from a human's work. A human that was close to discovery. He looked a the dead bird in Lena's hand when he shook his head. "I doubt it means anything good," he said. "We may have to look into it."
She frowned and looked at everyone who was now eating dinner without them. "I don't know about this," she said. "I would understand a few dead ones, but it has been happening every day now." She shook her head unable to understand.
"It may be birds now," he said, "but just you wait, it'll be humans next." He walked out of the door before she could say anything to protest. She sighed and saved him some food knowing that he would be gone for a while.

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Hadley saw the boy from earlier head home and kept a good distance behind him but followed him home. He waited outside of the house for a long time knowing something when he picked up strange scent. He looked around unable to see any birds but felt his instincts tell him that something worse was going on. He sat on the porch knowing better than to go inside but would wait until he was sure that everyone in the house was asleep. He knew this had to be the house that the dead bird were coming from, but he needed to know why. It didn't make sense to him and he tried to think of possible solutions to the already growing problem.

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(D: Is the guy gonna take out an organ or something?)

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(Cool! lol jk)

Hadley waited for a few more moments when he realized that something was off.....way off. Despite all of his inner protests, he marched into the house and looked around. From what he could tell, the family was very disorganized and everything seemed to be a mess. He kept walking and started to think he went into an abandoned house by mistake until he heard some strange noises coming from the basement downstairs. He opened the door as quietly as he could and made his way down. As he got to the bottom of the steps, he started to smell blood, lots of it. He was about to turn the corner into the room when the voice stopped him. You don't know what you're getting yourself into, War said, you should leave before you cause more problems. But Hadley just shook his head. He needed to understand what was going on and why all of the birds were dying. He needed to make sense of it all. And this was the only way.

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(I am thanks! and its your turn :p)

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(By the way, I have an idea for another rp we can do if you're interested)

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Hadley gripped the doctor's arm and stopped him. After seeing all of the blood coming from the boy's chest, he was sure he was dead but the doctor kept yelling at him to let go. Hadley threw him against the wall and leaned towards the boy. Sure enough, he was still breathing. He picked the boy up into his arms and wrapped a clothhe found over the wound trying to keep him from bleeding out. He took him out of the room and immediately started walking back towards his house.

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(I already made one. And yes we can start when he wakes up, but can you start?)

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Hadley walked in and immediately walked over to the boy. "I'm glad you're awake," he said. "I was starting to wonder if you would or not. How are you feeling?" He couldn't help but be curious since the boy should've died but didn't. But then again, being saved by death does help.

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This time? Then Hadley remembered where he found the boy and looked down at him, "6 days," he said. "That's why I was starting to wonder if you were going to wake up or not." He gently lifted the covers off the boy's chest. "Now if its alright with you I need to look at your wound," he said placing a gently hand on his shoulder. "I don't want to hurt you, but I need to relax otherwise you'll never get better," he said. The boy didn't have his shirt on since Hadley had removed it to dress the wound and hopefully wash the blood off the shirt. But he also did that so that he could have better access to the bandages in case it got worse, which it had from what he could see.

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Hadley caught him at the last second and pushed him back. The boy's heart neat had sped up significantly which wasn't good since the infection would get worse and it sounded like he was having trouble breathing. He lied him back down carefully and slowly removed the bandages. He grabbed the ointments and redressed the wound. He let the boy rest once he was done, but didn't leave the room this time

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Hadley pushed him back down. "I know you don't trust me and I don't blame you. But if I hadn't saved you, you would've died," he said grimly. "My name's Hadley. I'm just trying to help you honestly. As soon as you get better you're free to go anywhere you like, but you have to let me take care of you. Alright?" he asked patiently awaiting his answer.

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(No way! You're fine!)

Hadley nodded, "I swear it and if you get better and one of the people in my house tries to force you to stay you can turn us all in," he said knowing that the boy wouldn't test that.
(Lol I'm actually a bit stuck too but we'll get things flowing soon!)

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(Oh! Just got an idea!)

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(Wait nevermind!)

Hadley looked at him when he softened his gaze. "I knew that there was something going on," he said carefully. "There were all these dead birds..." It wasnt a complete lie, but he wasn't going to just tell the boy, "Oh yeah! Death told me!" First off, the bot didn't need to know that and second, if Hadley wanted the boy to trust him he would need to seem reasonable as well as realistic. "I walked by the house and smelled blood... anyways I walked in to see what was happening to you and I had to stop it. I'm glad you're okay though, I really thought you were dead..."

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"My name's Hadley," he said knowing that much could be trusted. "ive lived here for quite a while but I'm not the only person that lives here, but you'll meet them soon enough. As you've probably noticed, we are in the less wealthy part of town. We prefer it that way because we can go about our days without much disturbance. We're mostly here because we can't really afford to be anywhere else. And it helps that we enjoy each others company," he said tthe last past with a smile. "And you? What's your name?"

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Hadley nodded and also checked to keep his distance. He also didn't bother asking Trevor about his life, especially after what he had just witnessed a few days ago. He looked at him and opened his mouth to say something when he decided against it. "Are you hungry?" he asked sstanding up to get the bread he had left on the table. "You should ttry eating something," he said bringing back the bread. He sat back down next to Trevor and broke a small piece off. "I know you may not feel hungry, but it'll help you get better, I promise."

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"No way!" he said appalled. "That isn't..." His heart sank at the realization. "When was the last time you've eaten?" he asked softly, a bit nervous to hear the answer. He didn't his best to mask the anger in his voice. After all, it wasnt Trevor's fault.

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He reached out to take the boy in his arms when he stopped himself. He just gently touched his shoulder, "It's ok. I'll leave you alone now," he said standing up.

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He glanced back at Trevor letting his gaze soften. "Okay," he said sitting back down next to him. He took the boy's hand that was on his wrist. "I'm sorry for snapping at you earlier,' he said giving the boys hand a gentle squeeze. He sighed remembering his younger brother and how he had gotten sick. He had always been protective of the people living here, even the ones that cane and went. Ever since his brother died, they were the closest thing to family he had now.

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"No," he said softly. "I wont leave you." He didn't let go of Trevor's hand but he didn't close the gap between the either ssince he didn't want to scare him off now that he was getting so comfortable. He wanted to ask him so many things but was unsure of where to start. So he ended up sticking to the basics. "So how old are you anyway?" he asked glancing at him hoping that was a question that didn't push any boundaries.

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Hadley held him close feeling desperate to help him. He wiped his tears and returned the hug when he heard the knock on the door. He sighed, "I hate to leave you like this, but I need to make sure everyone else is okay," he said lying Trevor back down. "But I promise I'll be right back," he said. He slowly opened the door and saw one of the twins staring at him. Since he was the oldest at the house, the others looked to him and wanted his advice for everything. Which was fine except for right now.

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(Hmmm...I have no idea. Since Trevor is kind of stuck here, he could always meet the others. I'm stuck too.)

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(Oh good idea! And by the way do you watch anime? I was reading this fanfic of one that was exactly like this! Well, the same idea anyways)

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(Its IS a thing! I've always wondered how that even happens! And where does the kid stay? In his stomach? But he needs to eat of course!)

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(Yes! He poops it out! Could you imagine? XD I can't ...I just can't ...)

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(True! How did we even start talking about this? Lol I wonder if this applies to the lesbian fanfics too. Wouldn't it be weird how they manage to pull THAT off?)

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(True. We're such crackheads!)

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(Right now! But I want to skip to where they are friends now. Shall we say two weeks?)

After a while, Hadley had gotten Trevor settled and used to staying at the house. He was healing very nicely and was having a much better time staying awake throughout the day unlike before. After a few days Hadley wondered when Trevor planned on leaving and where he planned to go. He was too nervous to ask since he was staring to get attached, despite all the warnings from everyone that lived there. But Hadley was hopeful. He hoped that Trevor would be convinced to stay somehow even though he had seemed set to leave the country while he was still hurt. He sat at the table lade that night thinking about all of this when he heard someone approach him.

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(Me too! Hahah. Sorry guys!)

Hadley turned to him wondering what it was he wanted to know. "I wont be mad, I promise," he said noticing his hesitant Trevor was. Now that he thought about it, he started to wonder if it would be okay to tell him about Death. He wouldn't tell him right there and then, but figured he'd need to know eventually. But then he froze in his thoughts. What if Trevor was asking to leave? Sure, Hadley had let him stay until he had gotten better, but he was better now. And he did ask for Hadley not to get mad. So he couldn't help but wonder ....

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Hadley smiled pulling him close. "Of course you can stay here," he said gently, but also relieved at the same time. "But if you don't mind me asking, what made you decide to stay? You can always leave later if you decide that you don't want to be here anymore," he said. He pulled a chair out for Trevor to sit down so that they could talk without him having to stand around and feel uncomfortable. "I mean don't get me wrong, I'm glad you feel safe enough to want to stay, but I guess I am a bit curious," I admitted hoping it wasn't something wrong to ask.

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Hadley just patted his head. "It's fine really!" he said gently. "Lena's a great cook and I really doubt she'll let you anywhere near her precious dishes!" He sighed recalling how she always took up the chores on her own. "And as for finding you something to do, there are many younger kids that would love to spend more time with you," he said seriously. "Since it's up to me, you can stay here until the place crumbles down, I mean it," he said putting his arm around Trevor's shoulder. He looked at Trevor intensely and started to move towards him when he realized what he was doing. "Um...you should really get some sleep," he finally said.

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Hadley lingered in the darkness and let out a sigh. He had almost kissed him! He had started to feel protective over Trevor as the days went by, but he kept trying to be careful. He didn't think Trevor would be welcoming to anyone that invaded his personal space, so he figured that staying away from him would have to be the best thing for him, even though Hadley had been getting more and more attached. He was glad that Trevor decided to stay, but figure it best not to try and pull any moves....not yet anyways...

*The Next Day*

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She scoffed and looked at him. "I can handle it!" she said. "And Hadley's outside if you want to bother someone," she said but not with any hostility in her voice. She liked Trevor and was never mean to him, she was just constantly worrying about too many things. Meanwhile, Hadley sat outside waiting trying to figure out what needed to be done next. He heard the door open and saw Trevor standing behind him. "Hey," he said looking up at him. "Did you have a good night sleep?"

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"Eh, she'll be fine," he said when he stood. "I know it's a little cold, but I never got to show you the backyard," he said this mostly because he just wanted to spend more time with Trevor. Especially after hearing that Trevor had almost called him beautiful. "It's not that big, but it would good for you to know where some of the streets are in case Lena does make you do some mundane like getting groceries," he smiled and reached out for Trevor's hand. "Come on," he said gently.

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Hadley squeezed his hand gently and took him all around the backyard when he stopped under a tree and looked up. "This used to be my father's home," he said. "back before everything in this neighborhood was being torn down. My parents loved it here and I'm getting attached to the place myself. Well anyways, I planted this tree when I was a little and it's now three times bigger than me!" He was smiling when he turned towards Trevor. "Its amazing really ..." he said when he leaning closer to Trevor. "I'm glad you're staying ..." he said softly right before he let his lips meet Trevor's in a delicate kiss.

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"Because..." he said kissing him again. "I love you," he said after he pulled away. He gently stroked his face really hoping it wasn't too say to say something like that to him. "I know this may be confusing, but I mean it," he said pulling Trevor into his arms. He felt bad and hoped that he didn't make him uncomfortable.

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Hadley just laughed it off. "Yeah?" he said. "Well at least you're feeling something he said when he let him go. "Lets get back inside before you freeze," he said when when he turned back and led Trevor back to the house. Still keeping an arm around his shoulders as they walked together back to the house.

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