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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 613 comments Name: Taliesin Bedros Demirci

Gender: Male

Race: Tiefling

Class: Swordmage

Deity: Forin

Age: 24

Social Status: Upper Class

Occupation: Traveler; Rogue

Personality: Taliesin likes to mess around with people, usually through sarcasm, deceit, and/or a joking attitude. It never really is clear what he's thinking and made more confusing with his actions. What he mostly does, though, is serve himself and no one else (unless you make a good deal or argument). Usually, he keeps his distance from people and when they do come close, he always has a rowdy, joking manner that makes it difficult to approach him without getting distracted with his words.
Trait 1: Charismatic
Trait 2: Sardonic
Trait 3: Playful
Trait 4: Cocky
Trait 5: Daring
(view spoiler)


Height: 6'2"
Weight: 162lbs
Hair colour: red
Skin colour: light tan
Eyes: typically they are a dark blue, but when he does his magic, they turn a golden yellow
Body type: lean; lithe and muscular
Pitch of voice: usually a mocking or sarcastic tone; medium pitch; goes soft and smooth when uttering spells
Distinguishable markings: retractable claws and raven black wings

Weaknesses: If his wings become thoroughly soaked, he can't fly for a while, plus it is difficult for him to travel around disguised. Since he is distant and only serves himself, Taliesin only adds to the prejudice of his race, but it also makes him vulnerable. His daring, cocky attitude can also be considered a weakness.

Strengths: He is a good flyer and he is skillful with the sword. Willing to take risks, Taliesin can be the best kind of ally or your worst enemy since he can be unpredictable. Along with his physical strength, he is also adept at playing the flute and piano.

Brief Biography/History: He was born into a wealthy family and lived a privileged life, the youngest child among three other siblings. His father doted upon his children, giving them anything they wanted and making sure his sons were prepared for anything life could throw at them. This mainly involved special tutoring in things beyond education such as survival skills and sword fighting. Taliesin spent his youth like any other child in the upper class, but when he hit adolescence, things changed. When he was twelve, Taliesin began to notice his fingernails turning into claws and bony nobs began to appear on his shoulder blades. Worried and scared, he kept these things hidden from everyone and slowly watched himself turn into what he thought was a monster.
For a temporary time, he thought it actually was just a fluke, since the claws retracted and the nobs didn't grow any bigger. Up to age twelve, Taliesin was given the same education as any child his age, but it was also revealed that he possessed a talent in the arcane arts. His parents even arranged for him to have a special education at a school, where he then continued his studies.
However, he couldn't keep his secret forever and at the age of fifteen, it was revealed. Right in front of everyone at his school, he was hit with a wall of pain, doubling over suddenly. Dark, black wings sprouted from the nobs of his shoulders and as he looked down at his hands, he watch as they lengthened before his eyes. Everyone was horrified and it was a gruesome process. Looking around, Taliesin saw what he truly was and before anything could be done, he took flight with his newly formed wings and disappeared from the world of the upper class.
From there, Taliesin has lived a life in secrecy and hiding, slowly learning the abilities of a tiefling as he tried to find what to do with his life. His family is still searching for him, but so far he has remained elusive.

Relationship Status: Single

Lothar Demirci- Father
Merle Demirci- Mother
Caderyn Demirci- Eldest child, a son
Esra Demirci- Second child, a daughter
Emmerich Demirici- Third child, a son
Rahne Winters- childhood friend

Goals: Finding a purpose in life.

Biggest Fear: Being caught and caged like an animal and having his wings torn from him.

Weapons: He carries around twin swords and has a variety of small knives hidden on his body. Plus there are his claws (view spoiler).

Fighting Skills: Taliesin is a trained swordsman and is skilled at fighting hand-to-hand combat. He could make do with a bow, but sword fighting is his strong point. He can also do aerial attacks and usually it gives him the advantage. And his mage skills are so-so, since he never completed training and has to figure out stuff on his own. He also can fight with his claws, but it is something he usually avoids unless dire or emotional circumstances.

0-Level: Cantrips
1st-Level: Blinkplate; Daggerhail; Light Bow; Piercing Spear; Soul Harvester.

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Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) Name: Keswick (pronounced Kezik) Mercutio Triplington-Booth

Alias: Quickfinger; Taletongue; That Dratted Boy; The Imp

Gender: Male

Race: Halfling (or as they call themselves, kuduk)

Class: Rogue (fancies himself a bard)

Deity: Yandalla (secretly also prays to Olidamarra)

Age: 23

Social Status: Youngest son of the six children belonging to the chief citizen of Hiverille, largest of the halfling villages in the region of Challondra.

Occupation: Itinerant scrounger; Dilettante; Freeloader; Busker; Apprentice Scrivener; Gentleman; Storyteller.

Personality: The youngest of the "Trippers" is a rambunctious one, wide eyed and ever eager to hear tales of the wider world, Kes is a jovial, kindly, some would say cheeky sort who delights in pushing the limits of what he can get away with. When his name is mentioned, which is rare, respectables of Hiverille shake their heads; "Dreamer, that one, cracked he is." They would say, for residing in Elvenland had ever been a source for larks for the young Kes, who would up and disappear with a sack slung to his back as he would traipse off to the local copses in the hope of catching a glimpse of the "Alfenkin" as they are known to halflings.
Trait 1: Amiable
Trait 2: Courageous
Trait 3: Curious
Trait 4: Intelligent
Trait 5: Conscientious

Height: 3'7"
Weight: 33lbs
Hair colour: flaming carrot (halflings adore colours, and this is manifest in their grooming as well)
Skin colour: tanned cream
Eyes: pond blue
Body type: slender and spry
Pitch of voice: varies with the type of character he adopts
Distinguishable markings: the trio of small gold rings he wears on the upper rim of his left ear, each has a special personal significance.

Weaknesses: beer; pretty women; height (can be an advantage); melee combat (in training); inexperienced; reckless.

Strengths: speed; elusiveness; witty; adaptable; cunning; marksmanship; childlike mannerisms; charismatic; mischievous; open-minded.

Brief Biography/History: Kes is the youngest child of a union of two notable halfling families, the landed Triplingtons and the independently wealthy Booths. He has always been much more interested in the comings and goings of the wandering wordsmiths and crowd-pleasing tumblers who would frequent the small halfling hamlet of Hiverille on their way to engagements further afield, than he was of the dry business of material trade, and the indolence that it brought. Where the practice was to settle down and round out a girl's belly with sprogs while one's own stomach expanded under the influence of drink and food, Kes rejected all that, preferring to stick to his hellraising, thrill-seeking ways. Deemed an unstable choice by many matrons who automatically turned their heads in the direction of his family's proud array of 5 sons, Kes had strong designs to emulate his wide-ranging idols; Jacq "of Tales" Haegar, Luthar "Tabletopper" Drustan and of course Dwyndel "Hairfoot" Thropp, his personal idol and whose tales of Xi'an had illustrated the young kuduk's childhood. Gifted with a quill, he took to writing, which delighted his rotund father to no end, until it was discovered that his son's penmanship was turned to the frivolous purpose of committing his favourite tales and yarns to paper. The final straw was when, in a fury, Verald Triplington committed the carefully scripted book of collected tales to the flames. Swearing never again to have anything to do with "the fat cretin", Kes left home, in spite of his mother's pleas, and set out to seek his fortune in the capital.

Relationship Status: Single and seeking!

Father; Verald Drummond Triplington; 62
Mother; Saphine Oleandra Booth; 55
Eldest brother; Dunstan Ridgefield; 31
Sister-in-law; Fridda Drogmar Mayfield; 29
Nephews, Berret Truce; 7; Joleon Trebb; 5
Niece, Elfarra Belle; 3 months
Second brother; Delver Vortigern; 29
Sister-in-law; Merys Abseilla Pittering; 25; 7 months pregnant with their first child
Third and fourth brothers; Rygel Wendler and Nygel Sprang; 27
Elder sister; Theomela Allandra; 24

Goals: To prove to his father and the waggle-headed naysayers that he can make a name for himself, as a Talespinner.

Biggest Fear: Living a meaningless life of monotony, not finding the girl meant for him.

Weapons: His words, twangstone (slingshot), twin knock-rods (think tomfa or batons), his feet. He is currently receiving training on how to use throwing knives and short sword.

Fighting Skills: well versed in the much frowned upon halfling martial art of scutella (avoidance-based kick-boxing); receiving training in sword fighting.

Class Features: Uncanny Dodge; Trap Sense.

Other: A gifted imitator, he can produce all manner of sounds, convincing enough to deceive any who hear him.

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Zac | 170 comments Name: Audren Silverspun

Gender: Male

Race: Gnome

Class: Bard

Deity: Olidammara

Age: 60

Social Status: Middle Class

Occupation: Wanderer

Trait 1: Carefree. Audren is a free soul who sees the good in life and can lay back in the grass with a pipe and be content.
Trait 2: Adventurous. Audren has a touch of wanderer's lust. He can often be found wandering the plains and woods of his home town.
Trait 3: Loyal. Audren is a team player and when he has friends around him, he will be there for them no matter what.
Trait 4: Playful. Audren, like most gnomes, likes a good trick or joke now and then, especially if it's infinitely clever.


Height: 3'2"
Weight: 40lbs
Hair colour: blonde
Skin colour: light woody brown
Eyes: bright electric blue
Body type: fit; agile
Pitch of voice: baritone (while singing it can get quite high or low)
Distinguishable markings: A swirling blue tattoo on his upper left arm.

Weakness: His height, and his fighting skills.

Strength: His height, in some situations. His charisma and dexterity, his cleverness, his magic, and his singing and instrument playing.

Brief Biography/History: It is said that Audren was born with a bow in his hands. Not a weapon, but a fiddle bow. Audren grew up learning music and singing. While he was young, he seemed to sing more than he spoke. When he was older it was found that he had a gift for magic as well, and his ability to harness it was through his music. The only logical path for him to take from that point forward was to be a bard. He is quite a dashing gnome and uses his charisma and cleverness to get his name known. He can be found wandering the woods, and fields by day, and the streets and pubs by night, playing his songs and telling stories.

Relationship Status: Single, but looking for the right girl. Preferably one who's down to earth, appreciates music, and hopefully closer to his height.

Relations: His mother, Rose Silverspun, and his father, Elandry Silverspun.

Goals: To find adventure, and maybe become part of a group of adventurers, riding the land of evil, and becoming rich and famous to boot.

Biggest Fear: Losing his voice, and death.

Weapon: A small knife and a short bow.

Fighting Skills: Not many, he can shoot pretty well and looks talented with his knife, but he's never had to use them in combat.

0-Level: Sonic Marble; Summon Instrument; Improper Giggles; Light; Sweet Talk.
1st-Level: Mental Alarm; Cure Light Wounds; Unseen Scribe; Hideous Laughter; Feather Fall.

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Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) Name: Melethril Lindele Veryangóle

Gender: Male

Race: Eladrin

Class: Invoker

Deity: Corellon Larethian

Age: 26

Social Status: Nobility

Occupation: Scholar; Performer; Musician; Singer

Personality: Melethril's personality matches his slender, graceful stature, built for subtle power, charm, and captivating beauty. Although he can seem aloof and can be quite the idealist, often off in his own world of music, Melethril also radiates an aura of intense studiousness and charm when he wants. He is very perceptive and enjoys making others happier through music and knowledge gathered through his observation.
Trait 1: Studious
Trait 2: Empathetic
Trait 3: Compassionate
Trait 4: Perceptive
Trait 5: Charming
Trait 6: Interpersonal
Trait 7: Romantic
Trait 8: Idealist


Height: 6’0”
Weight: 142lbs
Hair colour: radiant light gold; a little over shoulder length long; straight; partially braided
Skin colour: fair; pale; unblemished
Eyes: light sky blue that becomes more of an electric blue when his emotions build; always intense but veiled
Body type: slender; athletic
Pitch of voice: tenor; eloquent; light; velvety
Distinguishable markings: Melethril has the symbol of Corellon Larethian as an earring in his right ear. The Eldarin word for "brother" is tattooed on the left side of his chest under his collar bone.

Weakness(es): Melethril will do almost anything for Tawarthion, though he is by no means his sheep.

Strength(s): the power of Corellon Larethian; his perceptiveness; his musical ability both vocally and instrumentally.

Brief Biography/History: Melethril is the middle son of a noble family of the Eldarin twilight courts of Siluria. Though he has always been privileged, Melethril has always felt overlooked by his father, being the middle child and more of a dreamy idealist than his two brothers. Melethril looks up to his elder brother, Tawarthion, for his vast knowledge but, unable to match his brother's brilliance, Melethril turned to the deity Corellon Larethian, seeking for a talent in which he could outshine Tawarthion. Melethril traveled deep into the secluded mountains of his homeland in order to meditate and pray to Corellon Larethian, never expecting that that deity would appear to him personally and grant him a part of his divine self through which Melethril is able to channel the power of the deity for multiple uses.
While Melethril does not begrudge Tawarthion his brilliance, he does begrudge his father his favoritism. He loves his older brother dearly although he doesn't always agree with his actions, especially when it comes to dealing with "lower" people than them, who Melethril has always looked on with empathy and compassion. He enjoys creating music and sometimes will be secluded in his music room for days on end writing lyrics and instrumental scores with hardly a break for anything.
Although Melethril is unaware of it, he is not the son of Rhoveleg Veryangóle but of Elrhoval Tsyfindar Dor-Myrfhal.

Relationship Status: Single

Rhoveleg Veryangóle - father
Latinyanda Veryangóle - mother
Tawarthion Veryangóle - older brother
Nimmeth Veryangóle - younger brother

Goals: To prove his worth to his parents and to Tawarthion, who he always seeks recognition from. He also desires to become the most renowned musician and singer in all of Xi'an.

Biggest Fear: Losing his musical ability and not being able to gain/keep Tawarthion's approval.

Weapons: his mind; twin short swords; bow and arrows.

Fighting Skill(s): Although Melethril would rather not fight, he is proficient with the magic of his deity as well as twin short swords and a bow and arrow.

Class Features: Covenant of Preservation; Angelic Echleon.

Other: Melethril can also paint and is a wonderful dancer but he doesn't often exhibit these skills.

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Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) Name: Erindel Khyara Ar-Morazan Dunadkver
(pronounced air-indell key-ara ar mor-uh zuhn Done- ack-ver)

Alias: Erin; Eloris (soft-eyes in dwervish); Delly or DB or Dibs (a nickname given to her by her sister, a reminder of her chubby childhood).

Gender: Female

Race: Dwarf

Class: Cleric

Deity: Moradin

Age: 40

Social Status: Upper Class

Occupation: Sonnlinor (Cleric of Moradin)

Personality: Erin is a very patient, pensive individual. Much preferring the serenity of the Moraddeb (House of Moradin) to the clank and stench of the barracks of the blood and thunder of the battlefield, but she knows that as Moradin's chosen, her task is to aid her kin wherever and however she can. Brave and kind, she can be unforgiving in her protectiveness, lamenting each death whether dwarven of foeman after the hurly burly is done.
Trait 1: Tender
Trait 2: Responsible
Trait 3: Protective
Trait 4: Dedicated
Trait 5: Level-headed

Height: 4'4"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair colour: autumnal russet
Skin colour: pale cream
Eyes: warm hazel
Body type: athletic; curvy; durable
Pitch of voice: "That of an angel that fell into a vat of honey."
Distinguishable markings: a pinkish birthmark roughly the shape of an anvil which her father believed marked his younger daughter for the path of the Soulhammerer, a perception shared by the Sonnlinor, who accepted the young girl into their esteemed Order.

Weakness(es): alcohol (she lacks the famous dwarven high tolerance for intoxicants); contradictory (she hates to argue, but will stand up for what she believes to be right, but always with a view of reaching a compromise); cake (if left to her own devices she can eat a confection meant for five people in one sitting); her sister (if anything were to happen to Vivvy...); homesickness; sensitive (which makes some of the things she experiences and sees incredibly traumatising).

Strength(s): selflessness; perseverance (while she may not like or feel uncomfortable about certain situations, she will endure almost anything in order to achieve her objective); compassionate; brave; diplomatic (has sometimes stepped in to defuse tensions instigated by her rash sister); kind and gentle; well-mannered; deceptively harmless and innocent.

Brief Biography/History: Born just a year apart, Erin and her elder sister Veylra were the result of their parents concerted effort to create a strong bond between any children Moradin would bless them with. One of the noble houses of the guardian caste, their future was laid out before them almost before they had any notion of life for themselves. Destined to servitude of the father of dwarfkind, Erin bore “the mark of the favoured”, which saw her spirited away to the citadel, the halls of training for potential sonnlinori(clerics of the hammerfather) when she was six years old. Her bond with her sister was, as their parents desired, forged from an early age, and the separation was a painful one, but through sheer gall and perseverance, the girls overcame the obstacles in their way, never losing touch as they trod their separate paths in the honour-laced place-based dwarven hierarchy. Trained to serve the hammerhand and by extension his children, the dwarves, Erin became steeped in dwarven lore, learning of the place occupied by the city she and her sister grew up in, Ardarammar, the crown jewel of the Holy Griffin Empire which was so named because its founder, Ardaram Mekhlung Ab-Tungdil Gieselhath, better known as Ardaram the first, united the dwarven clans against their foes, wielding the power of Moradin in the form of Drastung, the Thunderfist (a legendary warhammer, said to have been forged by Moradin himself) and astride the back of a rare silver griffin. Schooled rigourously in the holy calling and all it entailed as protector and panacea of dwarfkind, Erin proved to be a natural, as compassionate as she was fierce in the defence of her people. Reaching the age of majority, Erin has just been attached to the Silverwing vanguard, leaving her beloved home for the first time, a daunting prospect softened by the fact that Vivvy is part of the same legion.

Relationship Status: Single and celibate

Father: Morazan Dyvgar Ab-Gorman Dunadkver; 94
Mother: Elanna Saraval Ar-Dugann Dunadkver (née Garadwyn); 86
Sister and best friend: Veylra Zintdeth Ar-Morazan Dunadkver; 41

Goals: to see herself and her sister through the ten years of khudad, obligatory martial service for those who prove able, and into a peaceful life beyond, as a priestess herself, and a member of the imperial safeguard for Vivvy.

Biggest Fear: Losing Vivvy in the thick of battle and not being able to get to her to heal her in time.

Weapon(s): Though she abhors violence, Erin knows of the fundamental importance of self-defence. Well versed in quarterstaff combat, shield and warhammer, and crossbow usage.

Fighting Skill(s): All sonnlinori are trained in three weapon areas: quarterstaff, shield and unbladed weapons (maces, warhammers, nickaxes), in addition to unarmed combat. She secretly trains herself in the use of the crossbow.

0-Level: Resistance; Create Water; Cure Minor Wounds; Detect Magic; Detect Poison; Detect Disease; Purify Food and Drink.
1st-Level: Endure Elements; Protection from Chaos; Protection from Evil; Cure Light Wounds; Cure Diseased State; Summon Divine Familiar; Bless.

Other: If Erin hates anything, it is necromancy and anything to do with the manipulation of desecration of the dead. Whatever they did or were in life, the sanctity of death and what awaits, is for the divine to determine.

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 613 comments Name: Andraste Heulwen Ingólfr
Andraste (ahn-DRAH-stuh)= Invincible; Heulwen (HIEL-wen)= Sunshine; Ingólfr (ING-gawlfyur)= Ancestor combined with wolf

Alias: Addy; Ada; Andra; Wolf

Gender: Female

Race: Elf (Lythari)

Class: Ranger

Deity: Corellon Larethian; Ehlonna; Obad-Hai; Valarian

Age: 117

Social Status: Middle Class

Occupation: Forester; Hunter; Messenger

Personality: For being so young, Andraste has experienced many things in her life. At times she acts her age, others she is beyond her years. Her outlook on the world is positive and bright and she manages to somehow see the good in everyone. Usually she is gentle and kind, doing her part in the community without complaint and even enjoying it. However, she isn't as weak as she appears to be. If the people she loves come to harm, Andraste lashes out with fierce loyalty and stands firm for the things she strongly believes in.
Trait 1: Warmhearted
Trait 2: Inquisitive
Trait 3: Loyal
Trait 4: Temperate
Trait 5: Introspective
Trait 6: Sensitive
Trait 7: Resilient


(view spoiler)
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 102lbs
Hair colour: copper; light auburn; soft waves; just past shoulder length
Skin colour: light gold; freckled
Eyes: soft yellow; silvery in sunlight
Body type: light; small; surprisingly strong
Pitch of voice: soft; low; mellow
Distinguishable markings: Her freckles and three piercings in both of her ears as a sign of her maturity as a fully trained ranger.

Weaknesses: silver; green-ness to her position; considered excluded from the elven race; reclusive.

Strengths: her focus on her job; her wolf form; skills as a ranger; stealthiness; listens to the forest.

Brief Biography/History: Andraste was born to what everyone thought was the typical happy family. Her father was pretty well respected and had a good standing in society. Her mother came from a good background and was considered quite beautiful. They had an arranged marriage, yet they were happy and when their family begun with Andraste's birth, it seemed like they had the beginnings of a fortunate life.
But, in truth, things fell apart fast. In reality, her mother came from a family with dark intentions. Their goal was to coerce her father, who was a top-ranking ranger, into creating a small group of assassins. When Andraste was six, her father found that her mother was trying to inject her with potions and spells. She and her family believed letting their werewolf selves become berserk was the key to power and she was trying to change her daughter into one of them. Fearing for his daughter's life, Andraste's father moved to interfere. When the mother resisted and almost tried to kill Andraste, he had no choice but to kill her.
From there, he raised Andraste by himself, protecting her and watching her blossom into quite a gentle creature. Growing up, she never knew what her mother was like, but she knew it was forbidden to ask. However, when Andraste was eighteen, she finally managed to find her answer among abandoned journals and articles in the depths of her home.
Realizing how much her father loved her, the amount he had to do to protect her, Andraste decided that she wanted to do the same. When she was old enough when she was twenty-one, Andraste began her training as a ranger, her father proud of his daughter's talent. While she was training, her father married another woman, a Helice Forrest. Glad to see her father find happiness again, Andraste was slightly wary over her new stepsister. But as they grew up together, she began to open up to her and trust her. Though she watched her stepsister's love with skepticism and worry, Andraste gave her full support. But when she saw Orianna's fiance return and her sister didn't, she began to worry. As she finished off her training, Andraste set out to search for her lost sister.

Relationship Status: Single and innocent/oblivious to her own femininity.

Her father (alive)- Cynwrig Judoc Ingólfr
Her mother (deceased)- Brónach Damla Ingólfr (née Whelan)
Stepmother (alive)- Helice Forrest
Stepsister (location unknown)- Orianna Leticia Forrest

Goals: To become one of the greatest rangers in the world and to find her stepsister.

Biggest Fear: Losing anyone in her family and the possibility her mother's spells and potions have managed to work their way into her system.

Weapons: bow and arrow; a shortsword; her wolf form.

Fighting Skills: As a ranger, she is trained in being light on her feet and quick to attack. She prefers long range attacks, but can expertly dispatch her foes with the shortsword strapped at her waist. Also, she is equally, if not more, skilled in her wolf form.

0-Level: Alarm.
1st-Level: Cure Light Wounds.

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 613 comments Name: Neirin Iorwerth Årud

Alias: Nye or Iolo to close friends; Silver Mask to authorities.

Gender: Male

Race: Changeling

Class: Psion (Psychoportation)

Deity: Fharlanghn; Selen

Age: 26

Social Status: Aristocrat

Occupation: Bandit; Thief; Spy

Personality: Neirin is proud of his race and isn't afraid to show who and what he really is. Sometimes this can be perceived as arrogance or overconfidence, but Neirin sees it as a simple fact of life and it is time for people to get over it. In general, he comes across as smooth and polite, but there never seems to be a depth beneath his words. If one knew his background, they might understand, but Neirin rarely shares secrets whether they are his or someone else's. In both lives, as a gentleman and as an criminal, he wears some kind of mask and maybe underneath the cool demeanor he imposes is someone lost to the shifting tides of life.
Trait 1: Keen
Trait 2: Subtle
Trait 3: Cultivated
Trait 4: Impartial
Trait 5: Distant (or he acts like it)


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 152lbs
Hair colour: white; shines silver in the sun
Skin colour: pale peach
Eyes: dark bluish grey
Body type: trimmed; graceful; good phsyique
Pitch of voice: modulated; low tenor; articulate
Distinguishable markings: Other than his looks, there is a scar that runs from the bottom of his right eye across his nose to his left cheek.

Weaknesses: his parents; emotional history (he blames himself for his wife's death); drinking; his social status (can be a strength as well).

Strengths: shapeshifting abilities; nimble body and deft fingers; confidence (can be a weakness as well).

Brief Biography/History: As a child, Neirin grew up spoiled and pampered with hundreds of servants at hand. But, his parents were never there. In fact, he never lived in the same house since his father and mother were always attending parties or similar functions or visiting other cities. The person that really raised him was his governess, a kind old woman named Maylis. She was one of the two people he truly loved and was his everything. His mother, teacher, and guide. Until he was nine, Neirin was fine with never seeing his parents, content with his beloved Maylis. However, his parents finally turned their attention to their son when the father was offered a position at the capital. Seeing a soft-hearted son poisoned by the governess' teachings, they sent her away without recommendation and no time to say goodbye. Neirin was devastated and he swore that he'd find her again somehow as he was forced to leave his only home to live in the capital.
At first, living at the capital, Neirin tried to act out, running away and causing trouble. However, he slowly learned that it brought the attention of his parents more than he liked and made his life more miserable. So, from the age of fourteen, he created a façade of the perfect, obedient son who was every bit the gentleman. While he grew popular among high society, Neirin ventured deeper into the criminal underworld of the city, starting with petty thievery that turned into more daring heists. One of these heists, when he was eighteen, had him cross paths with a woman who was after the same object. She charmed him and swiped the object right from beneath his nose. Before he knew it, he saw her everywhere, at every single heist he tried to pull off and each meeting brought them closer, even to the point where he revealed his real identity. Instead of turning her back on him, this woman loved him more and they began to meet outside their criminal lives.
Though his parents were suspicious, they let their son be, thinking it was a passing fancy. But their love for each other didn't die away and when he was twenty, he asked their permission to marry her. Of course they refused and in his anger, Neirin decided to elope with her. Running off, he went to the only place he could think of: the city of his old home. Perhaps he was still disillusioned as to the extent his parents cared about their position in society or the many ears his parents bought, but he decided to remain in his old home city for two years with his new wife.
His life with his wife was wonderful and adventurous, filled with just as many daring heists as before. Though he would have to disguise himself often, Neirin and his wife had hope for the future and planned after they've gathered enough money to travel the world. Unfortunately, though, their plans were cut short. His parents sent out private investigators who were also mercenaries. They caught the young couple at their home, dragged his wife away from his side, and killed her before his eyes while they held him back. As he screamed her name, such a great sorrow and rage filled him until it spilled forth in a fury of magic, killing the mercenaries around him. With so much magic energy escaping him, Neirin lost his strength and lost consciousness, leaving him vulnerable to another group his parents hired to take him back home.
At the age of twenty-two, he was widowed and though his parents covered up the scandal of his marriage, Neirin will never be able shake away the memory of his love. From there, he withdrew into himself, performing his role as the obedient son with perfection while searching the criminal underworld for a way to bring revenge upon his parents. As he returned as the obedient son, he also began his training as a psion upon his parents' discovery of the fight with the mercenaries (which might be the only useful thing they've done for him). Currently, after four years, he is still searching, trying to find a way to bring his parents to their knees.

Relationship Status: Widowed and, with persuasion, available.

His father (alive, unfortunately)- Dalibor Björn Årud
His mother (alive, unfortunately)- Blodwen Orvokki Årud (née Mallory)
His wife (deceased)- Aloisia Falkenrath
His governess (location unknown)- Maylis

Goals: To gain his revenge and to find Maylis.

Biggest Fear: Unfortunately, most of his biggest fears have already happened to him. The only thing that can still affect him would be to find out that Maylis is dead as well.

Weapons: psion magic; his sword (view spoiler).

Fighting Skills: He's an expert with fencing, which translates into sword fighting. Also, he is trained in the arcane arts.

Discipline: Psychoportation. A psion who relies on psychoportation powers is known as a nomad. Nomads can wield powers that propel or displace objects in space or time.
Powers: Levitate; Teleport.

Other: The scar on his face was a result from the struggle with the mercenaries.

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 613 comments Name: Maiara Isolde Bloodworth

Alias: Cold Duchess

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Class: Warlord

Deity: Heironeous; Halmyr; Zuoken (personally worships this one the most)

Age: 27

Social Status: Commoner

Occupation: Captain of Tam Brithig's military

Personality: "Destined for greatness" was the phrase she heard all her youth and it was something that she didn't believe in. Maiara simply did the things that no one else was willing to do and thought up things that no one else could see. She was always the one among her childhood friends to take on the leadership role, though it wasn't a conscious decision on her part. From a young age, Maiara looked out at the world and saw people aimlessly trying to keep their lives together and all she wanted to do was to show the more logical and efficient way to keep everyone happy. She isn't exactly forceful, but when she feels she is right, Maiara tends to shove it down people's throats.
Trait 1: Ambitious
Trait 2: Driven
Trait 3: Passionate
Trait 4: Zealous
Trait 5: Tactful
Trait 6: Strategy-oriented


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132lbs
Hair colour: medium brown with honey-colored highlights; long; wavy
Skin colour: fair; pale petal pink
Eyes: brown with a gold and reddish tint in sunlight
Body type: curvaceous; firm and fit; supple
Pitch of voice: alto; calm yet penetrating; clear; straightforward

Weaknesses: her determination to see comrades through battle (can also be seen as a strength); doesn't rely on others; social status.

Strengths: her ambition (can also be seen as a weakness); athleticism; intelligence; emotional strength.

Brief Biography/History: The daughter of a farmer and a laundress, Maiara had a knack for standing out above the rest ever since she was little. She had friends and played many fun games, but no one was close to her and it was similar when she was at school. Most of her childhood was simple and plain, with her helping her parents in anyway she could.
The real story began for her when she was thirteen. During a particularly harsh winter, Maiara and her parents fell ill, bedridden with coughing and chills, barely managing to do the smallest tasks to keep their family going. When spring came, she grew stronger, but her parents never seemed to regain their health and a blight ruined their crops. For a couple months, Maiara kept the farm afloat all by herself, arranging a small business of laundering from what she learned from her mother.
Alas, it didn't last long when both her parents died in their sleep just before summer began. Suddenly alone in the world, Maiara was tempted to give in to grief and despair, but something within her couldn't lie down and give up. Instead, she picked herself up and decided to set out to make a living. At first she tried to get hired as a laundress, but she found it unsatisfactory and moved out of her town, heading towards the capital. For four years, Maiara was on the road, staying at a town for a few months before moving on, all the while doing odd jobs.
When she finally reached the capital at the age of twenty-three, Maiara had tried practically everything except a position among the military. So she joined as a lowly foot soldier, learning the basic rules of strategy, fighting, and medical treatment. She slowly advanced from there, putting to rest the prejudices against women in the army with her determination and courage. Just when she was promoted to the position of a third officer, her troop was pursuing a raid of bandits. Their leader fell in battle, shot dead with an arrow. The group would have fallen into chaos if she hadn't stepped up, brought everyone together, and arranged a strategy to capture all the bandits. Her leadership, strategy, and fierce fighting brought success and she was promoted to captain at the age of twenty-five. Hers was the record climb and she gained the name "Cold Duchess" from her ability to focus only on her job and on nothing else as if she isn't human or part of the living. With the news from the Senate, she's eager for the chance to use this opportunity to show her skill as a leader.

Relationship Status: Single

Relations: None; she's orphaned.

Goals: To become the general of the army for all of Xi'an.

Biggest Fear: Giving in without a fight.

Weapons: throwing knives; a dagger; a longsword (view spoiler).

Fighting Skills: She is trained to use a variety of weapons, but she most often uses her sword for close combat and her warlord abilities.

Class Abilities: Spirit Abilities; Taunt.

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Autumn Name: Zaila Nero Tasuhiro

Alias: Z; Dragon

Gender: Female

Race: Dragonborn

Class: Paladin

Deity: Heironeous; Fharlanghn

Age: 127

Social Status: Royal Guard

Occupation: Guard

Personality: Zaila is reserved but bold, even to the point of being a little rash at times. While she is a woman of few words, she does have a fairly quick temper. She is very loyal to her friends and the royal family, even if it means risking her own life. Zaila can be a bit of a daredevil, even if she likes keeping an outward composure at work.
Trait 1: Bold
Trait 2: Loyal
Trait 3: Daredevil
Trait 4: Quiet
Trait 5: Quick tempered


(view spoiler)
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 310lbs
Hair color: light scarlet
Skin color: light scarlet flecked with bronze
Eyes: dark red
Body type: athletic; lightly muscled
Pitch of voice: rich alto

Weakness(es): drowning; daredevil; self-sacrificing.

Strength(s): fearless; strong-willed.

Brief Biography/History: Zaila has lived with her grandmother all her life with no memory of her parents and is very close to her grandmother as a result. While she loves her home she has always had a thirst for adventure and exploring the world outside of her own lands. Zaila is driven to protect others and went to train as a warrior for the royal family from a young age. Devoting her time to her training has left Zaila with little time for friends but she doesn't mind as she prefers only a handful of friends anyway. She is constantly pushing herself to be better and to try new things because she doesn't want to live a small and meaningless life, part of why she wants to go on this journey.

Relationship Status: Single

Relations: Raised by her grandmother after her father died in war and her mother died in childbirth.

Goals: To keep her home safe at all costs.

Biggest Fear: Drowning

Weapon(s): Double edged sword

Fighting Skill(s): skilled in hand-to-hand combat; swordplay; archery.

1st-Level: Endure Elements.

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Zac | 170 comments Name: Edwin Rowan Alistair

Alias: Moss, Rowan

Gender: Male

Race: Elf (Wood)

Class: Monk

Deity: Ehlonna

Age: 125

Social Status: Commoner

Occupation: Student

Trait 1: Studious: Edwin is devoted to his studies and usually has a book near him.
Trait 2: Shy: Edwin feels comfortable on his own and isn't very open around large groups.
Trait 3: Loyal: To those Edwin is friends with, he is a reliable companion.


Height: 4'9"
Weight: 115lbs
Hair colour: green
Skin colour: chestnut
Eyes: green
Body type: muscled like a gymnast
Pitch of voice: baritone
Distinguishable markings: A black swirling tattoo on his upper right arm.

Weaknesses: his fear of fire; his need to defend the weak.

Strengths: His control of the martial arts and his anger at any that attack the innocent.

Brief Biography/History: Edwin left home when his forest burned down due to a misfired spell in a battle against some human wood cutters. He and his mother managed to get away from the burning village, but his mother died from smoke inhalation a week later. Edwin began wandering the countryside until he came across a town. He stayed at the inn until he discovered the group of monks. He applied to join them and has been studying there ever sense, focusing his anger to defending the innocent from evil and defending the forests and woods from attack.

Relationship Status: Single

Relations: Desceased; he is close friends with Peony Amaryllis Nimble-Lindenbrook.

Goals: To finish his training and wander the countryside, meeting other monks and finding adventure while honing his skills.

Biggest Fear: Being caught in a forest fire.

Weapons: A stout walking stick, his fists and feet.

Fighting Skills: Martial Arts

Class Features: Wholeness of Body; Tongue of the Sun and Moon.

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Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) Name: Xarxavel Karibb-Galeth Marathedas
(Zar-kah-vel care-ib Gahl-eth Mah-rah- they dahs)

Alias: Zark; X; Karad (Means "brother" in dovahkeen, the language of dragonborn)

Gender: Male

Race: Dragonborn

Class: Paladin

Deity: Heironeous; Fharlanghn

Age: 130

Social Status: Commoner (Warrior Elite)

Occupation: Purifier

Personality: Despite his forbidding reptilian demeanour, Zark is a rather pacifistic and compassionate soul. Strongly adherent to the beliefs that forged him into the holy warrior that he is, honour, selflessness and justice define his character, as much instinct as they are teachings. Brave without being foolhardy and deadly in the defence of those he deems worthy, one gets onto his bad side at extreme personal risk.
Trait 1: Honourable
Trait 2: Defensive
Trait 3: Compassionate
Trait 4: Patient
Trait 5: Staunch

Height: 6'7"
Weight: 360lbs
Hair colour: N/A (has a flexible grey-black cephalic "mane")
Skin colour: light bronze
Eyes: gleaming gold
Body type: powerfully muscular; bulky
Pitch of voice: low; bass; gravelly; thunderous
Distinguishable markings: distinctive purple-blue clan markings under both eyes; the symbols are auld drakensang runes which mean "truth prevails".

Weakness(es): women (something of a chivalrous idiot, he can be easily manipulated, in spite of his better judgement); wanton cruelty (despite swearing an oath not to hold all life sacred, the influence of evil often forces his hand, a reaction he struggles to control); incompetence ("foolery is the unmaking of hope" usually cognisant of the chain of command, a gross misjudgement will not be allowed to fester unremedied); sense of humour (he has none).

Strength(s): "salvation complex" (believes anyone good, evil or otherwise possess the capacity for redemption, even if that requires some gentle "nudging" with the sharp edge of a flaming scimitar); chivalrous (can be seen as a weakness); patient; perceptive (just because he appears calm and taciturn does not mean he isn't deceptively quick to strike when the need becomes apparent).

Brief Biography/History: In spite of their numbers being not as numerous as they were in the younger ages, dragonborn clans still persist on the fringes of popular perception, and it was into one of these sporadic communities that a young hatchling emerged wide eyed and eager, only to be submitted as an offering to the fiery overgods of his people. Considering it their sacred duty to provide a candidate to serve on the divine paths, the parents whom he has never known pledged their only son to the service of the Brotherhood of Purifying Flame, and for as long as he has remained cognisant, his fellow brothers in arms have served as the only family he has ever known.

Relationship Status: Single, open to a relationship but not assiduously seeking one.

Relations: None, he does not know his parents, having been taken into the crucible at a typically young age.

Goals: To see justice is done during his brief stay upon the orb.

Biggest Fear: To have to choose between two impossible situations, both of which he would be compelled to react upon.

Weapon(s): paired "irae" scimitars which when activated generate blue flame that is only harmful to those of impure intent; polished horn longbow.

Fighting Skill(s): trained by the Brotherhood of the Purifying Flame, a prestigious order of defenders, Zark is well-versed in weapons, particularly swordplay and archery. Deceptively fast for his size, the perception of a lumbering giant is one he exploits to his advantage.

1st-Level: Bless.

Other: Considers alcohol to be the "disintegration of the bastion of the body", and as such has never and will never touch the swill.

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 613 comments Name: Silas Stavros

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Fighter

Deity: Pelor; Osprem; Procan; Valkur

Age: 25

Social Status: Middle Class

Occupation: Mercenary; Privateer

Personality: His job is to do, not ask questions, so though Silas has great attention to detail, he isn't fully aware of the situations involving his work. He keeps to himself most of the time and doesn't seem to have loyalties to anyone. His mind is always focused on work and nothing else, so when things that are unexpected arise, he becomes somewhat lost and even a little flustered (though he would never admit this). Generally, Silas is a perfectionist and prides himself in his capabilities.
Trait 1: Contemplative
Trait 2: Disciplined
Trait 3: Sharp-witted
Trait 4: Proud
Trait 5: Oblivious


Height: 6'1"
Weight: 173lbs
Hair colour: dark black
Skin colour: pale and fair
Eyes: icy blue
Body type: muscular; narrow shoulders; deft; smooth
Pitch of voice: Even and low, his voice borders on monotonous, though he has more inflection when his interest is piqued.
Distinguishable markings: A couple of strands of beads are woven into his hair as a symbol of his village.

Weaknesses: prideful; blind to his faults; slow to change; drink (he can't handle the stuff); his family (can also be seen as a strength).

Strengths: his fighting skills; navigation; knowledge of how to run a ship.

Brief Biography/History: Silas spent his childhood in a small fishing village. He was born on a boat, lived on a boat, and spent his whole life on some type of boat or ship. His mother was a prostitute and young, being around the age of sixteen when he was born suddenly on the boat that she was using to reach a midwife. Luckily, his birth held no complications and, though it was considered shameful to be raised by such a woman, Silas was quite happy. He saw how some men scorned his mother and he decided at the young age of seven to be her protector. He would somehow always get into fights with kids his age and even older than him. Though his courage and pride was somewhat admirable, he lost every single fight. One particular day, when he was about to turn twelve and in another fight, Silas caught the attention of a retired mercenary. The old man saw potential in him and took him in along with his mother. In exchange for shelter and food, Silas was to be taught the ways of a mercenary. His mother was weary, but agreed and watched her son grow stronger and able to take care of himself. For a couple years, this was how things were arranged when a surprise came along that Silas didn't expect. His mother was expecting again and realized that the mercenary and his mother had a relationship between them. Not long after when Silas was fifteen, they were wed and a baby sister was born a some months after. Silas was delighted with the addition of his family and when he wasn't finishing off his training, he was doting over his little sister. Then, at the age of eighteen, Silas completed his training and after a small celebration, he decided to set out into the world. Bidding his mother, his mentor (now father), and sister goodbye, he promised to return after he finished with his adventures. From that day, he's been on a variety of ships, serving as a sailor and a mercenary and has heard word of a reward being offered to adventurers.

Relationship Status: Single

Father- Unknown
Mother- Chryssa Stavros (née Zabat)
Stepfather- Nicodemus Stavros
Younger sister- Zoe Stavros

Goals: To explore and get a taste of everything.

Biggest Fear: Losing his family

Weapons: almost anything under the sun; a quarterstaff; a katana; a parrying dagger; throwing knives.

Fighting Skills: He excels at close combat and is adequate at long range attacks. Most of the time he uses his katana, but he can turn practically anything into a weapon.

Class Features:

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 613 comments Name: Jadranka van Aalsburg
(pronounced Yah-drahn-kah)

Alias: Jada (use it at the risk of your own demise)

Gender: Female

Race: Eladrin

Class: Warlock

Deity: Afflux; Doresain; Kyuss

Age: 49

Social Status: Middle Class (view spoiler)

Occupation: Traveler; Collector/Scholar

Personality: Out of her many traits, the one that stands out the most is Jadranka's ability to be herself and ignore everyone else and what they say. She knows who she is and she isn't afraid to show it. Moreover, she is unshakable once she believes in something or someone. Though, this is rarely the case since she makes little friends with her impatient attitude and obsessive desire to look for more power. If she lived another life, she might have been a really strong, confident, and sociable woman. In this current life, she is sharp and unfeeling, always having the underlying fear of reverting back.
Trait 1: Captivating
Trait 2: No nonsense
Trait 3: Unsympathetic
Trait 4: Perceptive
Trait 5: Analytical
Trait 6: Thirst for knowledge


Height: 5'7" 1/2
Weight: 136lbs
Hair colour: charcoal black with hints of an ashy color; straight; long
Skin colour: pale; almost colorless
Eyes: murky blue green
Body type: slender; elegant
Pitch of voice: surprisingly low for a woman; sharp; slightly impatient
Distinguishable markings: Her sewn ears and carvings in her face painted red.

Weaknesses: social status in Siluria (she's known as a lunatic); her sanity; strength; fear of the dark.

Strengths: her confidence; her magical abilities; intuition and thinking on-the-spot; surprisingly, her painting skills.

Brief Biography/History: Jadranka's parents were leaders of a cult that worshiped Nerull and they raised her to believe death was the greatest honor. Her family consisted of her parents, herself, and a younger sister her parents thought was "unhealthy" due to her bright and gentle nature. As they focused their attention on their eldest daughter, they sent the younger one to be raised with other relatives. They did rituals and had many attempts to summon demons and other corrupted entities. When she was the tender age of eight, her parents actually succeeded and attempted to have their daughter possessed by a demon. The experience almost killed her, and she might have died had not another infernal being saw the potential within her. With persuasion, the demon left, but not before killing her parents as payment for keeping her alive. The infernal entity left Jadranka, telling her it would appear when she was ready. Due to the scandalous nature around Jadranka's parents and the thought that she wasn't pure, she never saw her sister ever again and was considered dead to the world. From then on, she took care of herself and she separated from the cult to live in the shadows. When she was still young, the demon left the lingering effects of screams of torment in her ears. It drove her to insanity and she sewed her ears shut in attempt to drown it out. Her deluded state lasted for years, with very little clarity in between. Many a time, she drew sympathy as a beggar and she was constantly put into asylums before they threw her out again. After a particularly violent psychotic episode when she was thirty-one, the infernal entity reappeared before her. It touched her mind and brought peace and she saw the inspiring world of the arcane arts. She cut apart the stitches in her ears and broke out of the asylum she was currently residing in and devoted her life to learning. As a symbol of her devotion and reminder of mental clarity, Jadranka carved the tattoos on her face. For the rest of her life, she has traveled, rarely looking back at her past, as she has kept searching for greater knowledge and advancement in her magical abilities.

Relationship Status: Single (obviously...)

Herleifr van Aalsburg- Father (deceased)
Tajana van Aalsburg (née Zuiderduin)- Mother (deceased)
Latinyanda Veryangóle (née van Aalsburg)- Younger sister
Rhoveleg Veryangóle- Brother-in-law
Tawarthion Baramaethor Veryangóle- Eldest nephew
Melethril Lindele Veryangóle- Second eldest nephew
Nimmeth Raven Veryangóle- Youngest nephew
Elrhoval Tsyfindar Dor-Myrfhal- Acquaintance?

Goals: To gain more power.

Biggest Fear: Falling back into that dark insanity.

Weapons: her magic; a long dagger.

Fighting Skills: She isn't exactly trained, but Jadranka learned a few things in the many asylums she was in. Most of what she learned (was from crazy axe murderers. jk. :P) when it comes to physical combat was how to use a dagger and to aim her kicks.

Class Abilities: Basic Sphere Access (use any of the spells listed in the sphere once per day, each).
Necromancy: Control Undead; Inflict Moderate Wounds; Ghoul Gauntlet.
Death: Vampiric Touch; Symbol of Death.

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Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) Name: Elrhoval Tsyfindar Dor-Myrfhal
(Pronounced Ell-roe-vull Sif-in-dar Door- Mir-full. -vull and-full rhymes with gull)

Alias: Rove; Tarufel (True-aim in Damare) Calydyff (Cloud-racer in Damare)

Gender: Male

Race: Eldarin

Class: Ranger

Deity: Ehlonna; Obad-Hai

Age: 50

Social Status: Nobility

Occupation: Hunter; Green Guard; Messenger

Personality: Taciturn and somewhat abrasive, Rove is often mistaken for being brusque, no-nonsense and rather tactless, but this is only a mask he presents to all those he encounters to see if their visage melts away to reveal the truth about them. Handling such matters under pressure while not betraying the tremors of emotion was something instilled in him from a very young age; "conceal, don't feel, give no hint of your truth, for truth can be toyed with by those who have the art." This advice, imparted by his august father, is something he has truly taken to heart.
Trait 1: Whip-smart
Trait 2: Intuitive
Trait 3: Decisive
Trait 4: Unknowingly debonair
Trait 5: Moody

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 154lbs
Hair colour: white blonde
Skin colour: milky ivory
Eyes: ghost pale gold
Body type: lithe; athletic; balanced; flexible
Pitch of voice: "Like a jaguar in tandem with a cello."
Distinguishable markings: He has the inscription erwhyl ar erhwyn circling his right wrist, which means "within and without" in Damare, a mark every member of the vergaeth or "green guards" are given upon their entry into the prestigious order. His arms are covered with a pattern of many small self-inflicted scars, as while he uses his bow to deprive the life of Obad-Hai's children, he observes ehmacri (ritual bloodletting symbolising each life taken). With each kill he utters the scared words Y turaek cas Tu yraekan which means "I take yours so you may take mine".

Weakness(es): impatient; ruthless (can be a strength); quick to anger; unforgiving; vindictive; aloof; can be inclined to shoot first, ask questions later.

Strength(s): dedicated; relentless; conciliatory; observant; perceptive; quick thinking; unerring aim; precise; courteous; noble.

Brief Biography/History: The youngest son of one of Siluria's oldest families, (as is evidenced by the retention of "Dor" which means "child of" in Hy Damaric) name for his esteemed ancestor and founder of House Myrfhal, "Rove", as he is aptly termed by those who know him (beyond earshot of his parents!), is his parents' favourite child and only son. The youngest after three sisters, Rove is both a source of great pride and some degree of personal mortification for his long-suffering mother; determined to produce an heir for her ailing husband, the birth of three daughters led her to attempt one last desperate act of devotion at the temple of Ehlonna, which she attributes his birth to. As the last scion of a house that formed an indispensable cornerstone of the Twilight Court, it is perhaps understandable why lesser Eldarin nobility saw it as their goal in their lengthy lives to marry their daughters to the handsome young man, who himself was rather averse to the very idea, that was, until he met the captivating Latinyanda Van Aarlsburg. Not only was she as beautiful as Ehlonna herself, but she also had a certain innocent purity, a cleanliness when it came to lacking the stains of the tentacles of Eldarin magipolitics. However they were not to be due to the Van Aarlsburg's interest in marrying their younger daughter to the scion of house Veryangóle. Her loss to one of the more contemporaneously influential noble houses in Siluria was a body blow to House Myrfhal, but ironically, despite an initial grace period, during which Elrhoval had to endure the agony of isolation from the woman he loved with all his heart, their love, like the flame imperishable, would not die, and despite the strictures of polite society, Latinyanda and the man she confessed she truly desired maintained their carefully concealed relationship. Of their clandestine coupling came two sons, whom her husband believes his own. A far cry from the hearthaven-dwelling Rhovegel, Elrhoval sought to secure an unimpeachable alibi by fully committing himself into what had always brought him pure, unadulterated joy, and enlisted with the vergaeth. As his mother takes great pride in pointing out, her son is "touched by the greenfather", blessed with the rare gift of therynthrum or the ability to converse with animals, a prized asset among the Eldarin. Tasked with the defence of his natural heritage, Rove roves Yr Veridant the ancestral heartwoods of his people astride his friend and mount, the ghost stag Tenerhyll whose name means "fearless step". Tragedy befell the young Eldrych when, performing a routine watchwalk, he and the rest of his ranging were ambushed and overpowered by an infestation of humans, and taken prisoner. Unbeknownst to him, such a turn of events had been orchestrated by a vengeful, newly emerged enemy, determined to punish the young warrior for his indiscretions.

Relationship Status: It's complicated

Meldovar Erythvael Dor-Myrfhal; 250; Father; Patriarch of House Dor-Myrfhal, Member of the High Twilight Council
Lythavian Vyethna Dor-Myrfhal (nee Sathedran); 242; Mother; Matriarch of House Dor-Myrfhal, Matron Materna of the Kirch of Ehlonna
Vanethna Pyridrhim Elthanos (nee Dor-Myrfhal); 85; Sister; Materna of House Elthanos; Wife of Damaraeth Melkavel Elthanos, Mother of Carybda, Eluthil and expecting twins
Ariathna Tsyfindrel Finnovar (nee Dor-Myrfhal); 71; Sister; First Aerhyhmyr (Wind Singer), Materna of House Finnovar; Wife of Markhoval Tamaryl Finnovar, Mother of Arthuryen
Selemaya Ehluviann Dor-Myrfhal; 65; Sister; Myr Edurithel (Teacher-of-the-Young)
Latinyanda Veryangóle (nee Van Aarlsburg); 48; Lover/Ex-Lover; Materna of House Veryangóle; Wife of Rhoveleg Veryangóle, Mother of Tawarthion, Melethril and Nimmeth
Melethril Lindele Veryangóle; 26; Son; Scholar, Performer, Musician, Singer
Nimmeth Raven Veryangóle; 23; Son; Scholar, Writer, Artist
Jadranka Van Aarlsburg; 49; Acquaintance/Saviour/Lover?; Traveller, Collector, Scholar

Goals: To find a way to make his family proud of him, somehow. He is unaware of Rhoveleg's ruse to eradicate him.

Biggest Fear: Being killed before he can meet his sons.

Weapon(s): something of a walking arsenal; Rove usually goes out on rangings equipped with: an Eldarin longbow (which he carved himself from the wood of the songtree, named Stekvyss, which means "lightning whisper"); a quiver of arrows; paired back-mounted dar'nehryn (scimitar-like swords); a pair of boot-concealed dar'velani (daggers); belt-concealed set of seven dar'aethrim (throwing knives).

Fighting Skill(s): An unsurpassed prodigy with the bow, Rove is well versed in the physical arts of Eyavrael, the Eldarin close-quarters weaponless counter-antagonist technique. Adept at wielding two-weapons (generally swords or daggers) simultaneously (dual-wield), he has trained extensively in eluvaden, the keep-away martial discipline that originated from the children's game tasminmik (touch-me-not).

1st-Level: Speak with Animals.

Other: He is a gifted player of the fydaelph, the instruments the humans have come to call the fiddle.  

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Zac | 170 comments Name: Abbie Falke

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Class: Sorceress

Deity: Boccob

Age: 25

Social Status: Middle Class

Occupation: Diviner; Alchemist

Personality: Abbie is a sweet girl, despite her past expiriences, and always tries to be kind to others. She will always try to get a job done, no matter haw hard or impossible it seems, and she is always willing to listen to advice.
Trait 1: Sweet
Trait 2: Determined
Trait 3: Attentive
Trait 4: Adventurous
Trait 5: Strong


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140lbs
Hair colour: brown
Skin colour: alabaster
Eyes: ocean blue
Body type: thin; tall; fit
Pitch of voice: soft and musical
Distinguishable markings: Deep blue swirling tattoos on her arms.

Weakness: Her heedless charging into things.

Strengths: her quick thinking; thinking outside of the box.

Brief Biography/History: Abbie never knew her family, her earliest memory was being lost and hungry in a bush at eight, crying. She wandered for a few days and finally collapsed in exhaustion. Then, she woke to see fresh meat and a hawk staring at her. Horus had come, and with her magical abilities, she was able to speak to him. The two became fast friends and he hunted for her, until she was strong enough to fend for herself. Abbie found her way to an old abandoned cottage which had several spell books. She began to practice her magic there, and grew up, with only Horus for company. Finally, when she was older, she left the cottage and decided to make a name for herself out in the world.

Relationship Status: Single, and slightly oblivious to the whole idea of love.

Relations: Her familiar, Horus.

Goals: To be the most talented and famous sorceress in the world.

Biggest Fear: Losing her familiar, and friend.

Weapons: Her magical staff.

Fighting Skills: Magic

0-Level: Arrow's Flight; Acid Splash; Obscuring Cloud; Read Magic; Summon Rope of Spidersilk; Sonic Marble; Teleport, Lesser; Apprentice's Fireball; Dark Light; Pillar of Force; Zap; Cat's Grace, Lesser.
1st-Level: Hold Portal; Mount; Summon Ooze; Summon Spider; Detect Heat; Arcane Allergies; Grease; Sleep; Nailo's Cyclone; Shackles of Air; Animate Rope; Lesser Vampiric Touch.

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C (beyondtheveil) | 62 comments Name: Círareldë Laiethassë Aeryaae

Alias: Hellebore; The Black Lily; Cira (use at your own risk).

Gender: Female

Race: Elf (Sun)

Class: Wizard

Deity: Boccob

Age: 75

Social Status: Noble

Occupation: Scholar

Trait 1: Seductive - Cira is absolutely ravishing, and she knows it oh-so-well. She uses this ability to further her means and to advance herself, in her own interests. While innocent-looking and merely pulchritudinous at first sight, she is, in reality, an extremely dangerous femme fatale. She cares not of others, and will shamelessly seduce men until they are so under her spell (sometimes, perhaps literally), that they would lick her feet if she so desired it.
Trait 2: Charismatic - Among women, Cira is known to be ruthless and cold, but none can deny that she is able to be suavely charismatic when it is a necessary step to achieve her goal. Her little mannerisms--delicately coughing into her spidery white hands, fluttering her spiky black lashes, and gesturing fluidly with her long fingers--have the dual ability to both attract hordes of males to her side and to charm unwitting females, as well, into either believing her or doing her bidding.
Trait 3: Clever/Cunning - Cira, despite the rather vapid, innocent demeanor that she presents to men, is at heart a conniving, scheming woman who escapes as easily as water between one's fingers, and moves as swiftly as the wind. She has, as some women put it, "too many brains for her own good". She is also cruel in her pursuits and will ruthlessly mow down any that stand in her way. Her cunning and wiliness are legend among the elves of her community, and cause her to be a much-disliked figure among the women.
Trait 4: Vain - Self-conscious of her beauty almost to the point of madness, Cira is always preening and cleaning herself--fixing her ebony hair, pinching her already-pink cheeks, toning her slim body, et cetera. She believes herself the most beautiful elven woman in Xi'an, and will do anything to maintain that. Many a remark on her has been about her ludicrous arrogance and aloof haughtiness.
Trait 5: Manipulative/Treacherous - Cira is a master of deception and uses her talents to spin webs of lies and to turn people on one another, all to benefit her own wants. She is like the puppeteer pulling the strings of all the marionettes on the large stage of their lives. She uses men that she has charmed to do her bidding, and, when she has tired of them, discards them like disposable playthings.


Height: 5'6"
Weight: 111.5lbs
Hair colour: raven's-wing black
Skin colour: rubicund ivory
Eyes: beryl-green
Body type: buxom and hourglass, but slim and curvaceous throughout
Pitch of voice: refined-sounding, articulate, alto
Distinguishable markings: a talon-like scar that runs down her side, from an old sword-inflicted wound.

Weakness(es): Her emotional detachment, morbid fear of death, ruthlessness, selfishness, vanity, quick temper, manipulative personality, and back-stabbing tendencies, power.

Strength(s): Her alluring looks, intelligence, sharp mind, cunning, charming demeanor, and magical skill.

Brief Biography/History: Cira was born into a life of luxury and opulence, where she never had to beg for a single morsel of food, and never lacked anything that she needed, or even wanted. Pampered and coddled as she was, she developed a singularly strong will and it's-all-about-me mentality as she grew. As an only child, both her mother and her father's affections were siphoned onto her being. This spoiling effect was so severe that, by the time she turned thirteen, her parents and servants practically waited on her hand and foot, the former being blinded by their adoration to the brat that they had raised, and the latter doing so for fear of suffering her tantrums and her parents' wrath. Although Cira reached physical maturity as a unendurable little wretch, she did have a few redeeming characteristics to slightly justify her parents' affection for her. The most apparent of these was her extraordinary intelligence. When others gossiped about the bratty little girl that seemed to think herself a queen, they could not help but also add a remark on her intellectual brilliance. Her intelligence seemed to know no bounds. Her tutors marvelled at her quick wit and sharp mind, and informed her proud parents that their daughter was a prodigy. Cira was subsequently sent to a prestigious school in the capital, Tam Brythig, where she graduated, in a blaze of glory, as valedictorian. This has, understandably, raised her opinion of herself to almost unfathomable heights.

Relationship Status: Single and surprisingly celibate.

Rhyvar Syltas Aeryaae - Father
Arìwyn Claen Aeryaae - Mother

Goals: To achieve ultimate power and sprawling wealth.

Biggest Fear: Death (in any form).

Weapon(s): Cira is averagely skilled with a knife (view spoiler).

Fighting Skill(s): Cira's weapon of choice is her mind, although she can accomplish quite as much with a vial of poison and knife.

0-Level: Apprentice's Fireball; Magic Bolt; Agony; Firesnap; Arrow's Flight; Teleport, Lesser; Detect Poison; Ray of Heat; Sweet Talk; Cat's Grace, Lesser; Mage's Hand; Eye Bleed.
1st-Level: Shield; Charm Person; Hypnotism; Sleep; Arcane Bolt; Burning Hands; Cremate; Devil's Ray of Destruction; Energy Blast; Firestream; Shackles of Air; Corrupt; Lesser Vampiric Touch.

Other: Cira has a magpie-like tendency to hoard things like glittering pendants, sparkling rings, and the like. She will not part with this stash of valuables under any circumstances, short of losing her life.

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