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Best Bits...Daylight War

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message 1: by Obaid (new)

Obaid Haroon | 11 comments Mod
Easy. Rojer showing his wives who has the power when he takes them out into the night. "Not a warrior" indeed

message 2: by Beau (new)

Beau Davidson (tooldealer) When Leesha gets laid. Oh, wait.

message 3: by Obaid (new)

Obaid Haroon | 11 comments Mod
Lol that seems to happen every book. Then she gets knocked up.

message 4: by Glen (new)

Glen | 5 comments The mimics and Prince corelings. Jardir and Arlen battle. Renna eating Corelings flesh. Leesha being a big floozy. Abban's own group of warriors. Inevera trying to kill Leesha. Leesha going to meet Jardir. Everything about the book to be honest

message 5: by Beverly (new)

Beverly (bevarc) | 9 comments The cliffhanger end.

message 6: by Terence (new)

Terence | 33 comments The Krasians battling on the first night of the waning. Loved seeing how much easier the battle was for them compared to the Hollowers.

I loved the fight at the end between Arlen and Jardir too.

message 7: by Jingizu (new)

Jingizu | 4 comments Inevera's back story - not a usual best bit for most, but I found it (just like Jadir's really) surprisingly engaging and I like her even more now (always liked her). Some reviews have complained that it made her a sympathetic villain, but I never saw her as a villain at all.

Arlen meeting Abban again

Arlen and Jadir's meeting and fight

Rojer and his wives

And the best, the mind princes and the Consort

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