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Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 8427 comments Mod
So what do you like to write about?

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Hmm...I actually don't have a preference but I tend to better on realistic ones for some reason.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 8427 comments Mod
Really I do better with fantasy, ok mmm not sure which to do..

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Either one is fine

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 8427 comments Mod
Do you have an idea? I have a few.

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Not really, but I'm willing to hear yours

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 8427 comments Mod
1.) An meeting between a a human and supernatural creature: dragon, werewolf,vampire, etc.

2.) An mute demon girl meets someone who con understand her. The guy she meets is an male angel who is able to hears her somehow. They fall in love despite the whole demons and angels are enemies thing. It's a romance so yea.

3.) I have a centaur character, so we can do a theme with a human girl or human male falls or is trying to protect the centaur character.

4.)A witch and whatever theme.

5.)A demon male just happens to be wandering around and he spots an angel who is unaware that she is an angel because she lost her memory when she was a child.

6.)An evil wizard has taking something very valuable (Hint*A dragon egg) from some other dark men. He hires an protector from some service, and this girl just so happens to be a witch. The thing is that the wizard has already killed the other protectors he had hired, so the service has told him that this is his late one. She takes the job to increase her statue among the other people for hire despite knowing this.

7.)A poor girl meets an rich guy(The rich guy only needs a date for social looks-he doesn't falls for her right away and is using her to make his 'friend fall for her' to increase his chances at rising up in the prestige of the rich world.)

8.)An girl is forced into a marriage arranged by her late grandfather to a man who is also forced to marry only he does so to keep money

9).An girl is forced into working for an actor/dancer/whatever after she breaks/injury/whatever in an accident one day

10.)An boy could becomes the slave of a girl-as children, and one day the girl loses her memory and is kidnapped & given a new life with another family. The servant boy seeks her out. He finds her at a high school...(We could do princess/royal/rich theme here)

11.) A shifter meeting with a human.

12.)An travel fantasy with two females, magical. They become friends but they goes on these long trip being chased by some guy

These are my more popular ideas. I can come up with more...

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I like the second one

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 8427 comments Mod
Yay I have a character a female just for this one:)If you don't mine me being female

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I don't mind, and it's only fair since it's your idea

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 8427 comments Mod
O wow never though of it that way.

[Full Name: ]Akumu Thornton

[Nickname: ] Demon of Nightmares

Species: ] Female Demon, Physical Demons aren't necessarily solid matter, but they are material/energy beings with relatively defined/stable form and often at least somewhat human-like mind, although demons of this group aren't necessarily any weaker than those of the other groups, they are simply more "solid" in mind and body.

[Sex/Gender: ] Female

[Age: ] 20, she has been alive for twenty long years.

[Birthday/Birth date: ] She was born in the finally hour of night sometimes in the winter on a new moon or the darkest night of the year.

[Abilities/Skills/Powers: ]
She’s an higher demon who lives among the low rank demons, so her powers as a higher demon is known by
• Mind control - Demons can influence and control the actions of human beings.
• Pyrokinesis
• Injury to humans by thought
• Destruction of objects with telekinesis
• Overpowering or possessing reapers
• Resurrecting people at will
• The ability to exorcise and send lower-tier demons back to Hell with a single touch many.

[Strengths: ]
• She can usually get others to understand what she wants, if necessary.
• She is capable of using her speed over her strength.
• She can stay out of the way most of the time.
• She has a overpowering sweet nature compared to most demons.

[Weaknesses: ]
• Exorcisms, holy water, crosses, (holy) incantations, writing symbols
• Preventative Charms -
• Preventative symbol tattoos
• Hex bags- Hex bags can be used to help disguise and hide a person’s whereabouts from demons.

[Appearance: ]
Akumu is an average height female who has long black hair that extent all the wall down to her ankles. The outfit she wears consider of a tight fit material that was specially made to keep her covered, otherwise normal clothes that deteriorate if they were to touch her demonic skin.

[Background: ]
Akumu Thornton was born a mute into a life of chaos and mischief. She is the daughter of a powerful demon who mated with an woman whom Akumu never knew because her father killed the woman after she was born. Akumu was supposed to be a strong child yet when her father caught wind of her inability to speak or harm any living thing he basely tossed her to the wind. He left her to fend for herself among the other lower demons. Akumu grew up having to fight for herself, but that never stopped her from developing some close ties with a friend demonic friends, although she had other unknown friends(she can’t reveal their identities or she risk their exposure). Although she is a mute, Akumu has been able to support herself and she even has managed to get her way a couple of times. With her never give up attitude and her ability to see good in all living thing except herself, she has manage to make a spot for herself among the lower demons. Her first trip to the human world has triggers a fascination within her. Since her first trip to the human world, has driven her desires to go and leave there. Over the years, she was able to gain enough strength and a solid form to actually go live among the creature she fell in love with. Now, after living behind her formal home among the demons, Akumu wanders the streets of the Earth observing people. Occasionally thou she comes across other demonic beings who bully her but it are a small price to pay when you are doing what you love right?

[Likes: ]
• She likes to watch human beings interact, even though she is viewed as a bad sign.
• She loves to wake up in the early morning and watching the sunset.
• She loves to watch people fall in love.

[Dislikes: ]
• She dislikes the constant bulling she receives from other higher demons.
• She dislikes being pushed around
• She dislikes cruel treatment to others despite the fact that she was born a demon.

[Other: ]
Akumu has a fear of thunder, and she is scared of snakes.

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((Do you want mine as detailed? Give me a sec!))

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 8427 comments Mod
(It's up to you. I don't mine whichever way as long as the story is detailed )

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Name: Daniel Cameron

Age: 23 (if he was human)

Appearance: description

Personality: Daniel is a kind angel who has been doing regular missions around Earth all of the time. He is sometimes a bit goofy, but he cares deeply for the people that he loves. He is generous and has never been know to get angry or have a bad temper.

History: Daniel's original role was a guardian angel. He was sent to protect a human who died in a way that he hasn't been able to figure out. He understands that he needs to be more careful since more demons are being released each day, but he has always been curious about demons and what the deal with them was.

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Not bad.

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Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 8427 comments Mod

How sweet. It must be nice to see that he finally popped the question to her. Look, her face is glowing with joy. She's so happy that she is about to cry. He was so nervous in the beginning too, but look at him now- beaming with joy. Aww they are hugging to and last their kiss to seal a promise of happiness.

Akumu Thornton was sitting on a swing in the park. The day was nice, and the sky was pretty to look at. Children were running around playing on the very playground she sat on the swing in. Their parents were nearby talking to others in hursh tones. Other people, who camne to enjoy the wonders of the park, were walking, running, or doing others park like things. Akumu paid them no intention to the others. Her yes were on a particular pair.

Over from the playground sat a young couple on a bench. Apparently the young male had asked the young girl to marry him. The two were now celebrating their engagement. Akumu was watching them as she had done for awhile now. She watched them from the day they meet at this very park to the this day now where they finally got engaged. It's so good to see love bloom. She wore a dreamy expression on her face as she felt their love. She loved to watch people fall in love not because she wanted to be in love but because she could always feel he warmth that love couples gave off.

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Daniel was wandering around the street, preparing to say his last goodbye to the people of Earth. He loved and cherished the nature of human beings that it was sad to have to leave it all. He sighed wearily. He had gone through it all before, but in his mind it played out a bit differently. He watched the humans at the bus stopped as he sat alone in the park, letting his mind wander when he saw people laughing and cheering on the other side. How easy their lives truly are, he thought unable to recall if he was ever human. The thought was pushed out of his mind when he saw a young giddy couple sitting together at a bench far off from where he was.

He looked up to see the snow starting to fall when he reached up and felt some of the cold drops fall into his hand. He loved everything about this place. The people, the feelings, the sensations. And because of one mistake he now had to give it all up and remain in a period of solitude before he could go back to doing regular angelic duties. He closed his eyes, immersed in the sounds around him when he opened them again and watched the birds fly up ahead, feeling the air of their wings brush against his face as they dispersed.

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Akumu, unaware, had also felt the snow that dropped from the sky just as Daniel had looked up at the sky. An small smile felt on her face as she too looked up at the sky. Snow She giggled as she closed her eyes as the snow fell. She could hear the children being called by their mothers to go home. She listened to the small creatures run to take cover, and she listened to the people slowly leave the park to head home. She felt the small snow touched her face.

Opening her eyes, she decided that she should find some place to stay for the night. It's going to be a cold night tonight. I need to find somewhere warm to keep my hands heated at least Standing up, she folds her arms over her stomach. She started to walk away from the playground.

Not looking where she was going, she bumped into an person. Looking up, she looks like she was sorry, but her expression changed completely when she caught the sight and ordor of the person she bumped into.

"Looky Looky, it's our old punching bag. How'd you ever get here? Looks like we can have some fun after all guys"An tall lean man who looked like a rat stood in front of Akumu along with two other men. Akumu knew who they were. They were other demons and the ones who liked to push her around like she was their play thing. She took a step back only to be blocked off by the other two men. Akumu body tensed in preparation for a fight.

"Behave and we will maybe hit ya a few times, punching bag"They closed in on Akumu. Akumu didn't show any signs of fear.

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Daniel's head turned when he heard a group of men close in around a young girl. He could sense their intentions and immediately tried to think of a way to stop them. He may love humans, but his patience wasn't his strongest attribute. He watched for a moment wondering what the girl would do when he unintentionally started to walk over there, his conscious getting the best of him.

As he walked towards her, he saw a glimpse of light that made him turn his head away from the scene for just a moment. He then heard a voice ringing in his ears. "Don't you dare get involved," the voice instructed him. He turned back to the scene pushing that thought out of his head when he suddenly recalled who the voice belonged to. It was his old instructor, Thalia, the angel that first got him interested in becoming a guardian.

He just shook his head, it made no sense to him. Why would a guardian angel forbid him from protecting a human? He then realized it was most likely because she didn't trust him and thought that he would end up killing her on accident. But he knew better; he learned from his mistake.

He ignored her words and continued to walk towards the men when he pushed one of them away, "Leave her alone!" he shouted seeing the guy tumble to the ground. He hated being aggressive, but at the same time, this girl needed protection.

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The three demons had gathered around the small demon girl. The first demon male had taken hold of Akumu by the neck while the others were punching her. They had got several punches in before Daniel pushed his way in. Akumu was struggling against the first that had grabbed her. She had managed to get several hits in before she was taken over by the first man power.

Why did I let my guards down here and now? Theseguys seemed hype up too. What do I do? Their hurt my new body too much. Akumu clenched her teeth as her airway was being cut off. The first demon male was laughing his head off until they were interrupted by Daniel.

"Look boys. An angel. Can you smell that? He's one of them."The three snickers as they turned their attention to the fallen angel. "Get lost before we break your headbird boy" The first demon threatens as he half transformed to show his monster face that consisted of three horns on his head, an long fork tongue, wrinkled face, and red eyes. He hissed at Daniel. The other two then surrounds Daniel still snickering. Akumu opened her tightly closed eyes halfway when she heard someone stepped in. She was barely able to catch what was said and her vision had blurred a bit.

No get away. They will hurt you. Run. Run as fast as you could. Akumu opened her mouth but nothing came out. She desperately wanted to warn the guy that wanted to save her. She knew a human couldn't stand up to three demons and besides once this was over she would heal, so she didn't want anyone lossing their life over her.

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Daniel looked at each of them making eye contact with them. He should've known what he was walking himself into. He glared at the three demons and took note of their size knowing he would probably be able to take them.

He looked at the girl one last time, he wanted to tell her to run and get out of here, but he saw one of the demons raise their fist to hit him. He heard what they had said and he knew what they were capable of so he thought ahead to watch out for their tricks. He blocked the punch only to see another try and kick him. He hopped up punched the demon closest to him when he felt something hit him in the stomach. He fell to the ground for a brief moment when he pushed himself back onto his feet.

He looked and finally yelled at the girl who was still there, "Run! Get out of here!" he told her knowing that these demons were here to kill her. That's what they did, kill humans for sport. He turned back around when he was hit in the face and fell the ground yet again. He attempted to get up again but was repeated kicked in the stomach until he blocked the demon's foot. He wasn't going down that easy.

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(will have post up tomorrow )

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(Alright. Goodnight then! Am I doing good?)

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(You're fine!^•^)

Daniel intervention had spurred the three demons into an semi rage mental stat. The war between Angel and Demons were still occurring, but both sides were in a standoff. Neither sides wanted to make the first move, but many of the demons who wandered from the main force had made their way to Earth and their job were to kill off any angel they came across and to cause some mischief for the Earth angels. The three demons here was beating up on the low rank demon, Akumu, but Daniel presence had reawaken the bitterness demon felt for angels and fallen angels.

The first man, the one who had Akumu, drops her and he punched toward Daniel. The other two started to join in. In their minds they were convinced they could take care of this one angel. An second demon tried to kick the angel while the third demon hit Daniel in the stomach.

Akumu had fell to the ground. She had concentrated on catching up her breathing before she stood up, struggling a little. Once her eyes settled on the scene of the men fighting, she gasp when she saw Daniel fighting. O no, they will surely kill him. She jumped a little when she heard him yell for her to run.

LOOK OUT! Akumu saw the first demon punch to Daniel face. She saw him fall to the ground and the others demons joining in to kick him. No!!! Akumu needed to save him. She summons her her demonic powers. Standing in her one spot, an purple light glowed from her body. Within seconds the three demons had stopped kicking Daniel and they were holding their heads howling in pain. Akumu eyes had turned black as she uses her powers to cause the three demons to see nightmares.

Akumu uses her powers to touch Daniel mind, and she speaks into his mind. Go get out of here while you still can human. Thank you for trying to save me.

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He stood and glanced at her, Human? Why would she call him that? He shook his head realizing that she must have been an angel too. "Are you alright?" he asked her. He hadn't noticed the glow of demon power, but he felt this incredible heat as he tried to make his way towards he. He looked around seeing that it was still snowing and wondering why he was feeling this odd sensation.

He felt this sharp pain in his back when he immediately fell to the ground, no longer able to stand. He blinked a few times when his eyes closed at the realization, they were dragging him back to heaven.

He woke startled and surprised when he realized that he was dreaming. Within his subconscious he could heaven but he was standing right outside of it. He turned to see Thalia frowning at him. He wanted to greet her, but his feelings told him otherwise.

"Why did you listen?" she said. "Do you realize how much trouble you're in for protecting a demon?" she asked scowling at him.

He opened his mouth to speak when he chose against it, he had no idea she was a demon. "What happens now?" he asked knowing he had made a severe mistake.

"You will be stripped of your angel powers until you can prove to us that you did the right thing," she said. "I am sorry Daniel. But I did try and warn you."

He sighed knowing what this meant. No more heavenly glow, no more wings, he had become one of the fallen. And based on what he heard of them, it was nearly impossible to get his glory back.

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(Sooo is he body still there at the scene or is he gone? )

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(Yep. The sucker is still there)

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Akumu power returned to normal after she saw Daniel fall to the ground. She walks slower when she walked between the three demons who were still under her influence. She reaches Daniel fallen body. O no, he'sout cool. What's wrong with him? I hoped they didn't hit him hard enough to ready hurt him. She places a gentle hand to his cheek than she put her forehead to his. For a moment she fell his temperature. He's still warm She sits up and looks at the three demons. I have to move us before my influence wears off of them. Returning her attention to Daniel unconscious body, she places her hands under his arms,

I just have to drag him. She taps into her demonic powers to channel her energy into her strength. She than pulls Daniel heavy body along the snow covered ground. All the while she kept her eyes on the three demons who were syill howling and thrusting in whatever nightmare they were having. It took most of her strength to pulled Daniel to where they could hide behind this big tree.

She sat his back against the tree, and peers around to see what the other demons were doing. She was sure her demonic influence had wore off. This is the best I could do. I hope those three just leave us alone. Akumu watched as her powers wore off of them. She watched them looked around, anger on their faces. She held her breathe as she watched them run off in the opposite direction. She was glad that they were too dumb to realized that he had left a trail in the snow for them to follow if they had looked down. That was thge different between her and most- She was alot smarter than most of her demonic kind.

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"You can't do this!" he stammered, "I was just trying to save that poor girl! I didn't know she was a demon!" he shouted every single protest that he could think of, but Thalia had already raised her hand to silence him. He felt a strange pull as he was being taken away back to the Earth.

He woke up startled when he sat up. He was still on Earth, but as expected, his powers were completely gone. He sighed knowing there wasn't really any way to solve it now. He turned to see the girl sitting next to him. "Well at least you're alright," he said inspecting her when he finally stood. He looked around making sure the three demons were gone when he stretched himself out. As an angel, he didn't feel pain, but now he was sore and ached terribly.

"Why were those demons here?" he asked turning to the girl. "I know they were after you but why? What did you do?" he meant to ask a bit more kindly, but his words came out a bit accusatory.

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Akumu turned to Daniel when she heard his voice. She than moved closer to his side. She looks into his face for a few seconds before she than checks him over. She raised his left arm then his right. She shook his left leg than his right. Lastly she gently presses on his rib cage to guess the danger he may have received when he was repeatedly kicked by the demons. She knew broken ribs were a sure thing for an human if one were very to come across an demon and fought. When her hands didn't feel any broken ribs, she let out a relief breathe of air.

Good, he isn't hurt badly. He's lucky that's good. Siting back on her folded legs, she placed her hands in her lap and smiles friendly into Daniel's face despite the accusation in his voice. She wasn't quite sure how she sure answer his questions or how she would tel him that she was an mute for that matter. She shook her head no and she points to her mouth.

How can I make him understand me? I can't just use my powers because they are not good for that? Akumu wore a face as if she was thinking. She than stands up. She motions him to stand as well. She looked around the tree for another time to see if the demons were completely gone before looking back at Daniel.

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He glanced at her confused when he nodded and stood up. He dusted himself feeling duller than usual when he realized why, he was no longer a heavenly angel, he was a fallen one. "Listen," he said realizing how harsh he sounded earlier. "I'm sorry. I just hate those pesky demon! But at least you're alright," he said smiling at her. He looked around and realized that not much time had passed since he had passed out. He looked around trying to make sense of time.

He glanced at her wondering what had happened that had caused the demons to go after her like that. But it never made sense why, demons were always cruel and terrorizing to humans. It was why holy water was invented in the first place.

(sorry this one is shorter, I'm having trouble thinking about what else to say)

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(Did you want to talk about plot?)

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(Sure. Where do we want this to go?)

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 8427 comments Mod
(My idea was that Daniel recognizes that he is Akuma guardian angel. Just by protecting her the first time-and her protecting him back- they both opened up a bond, the bond can be call demon kiss because she when against all behavior against demons and protected a angel, and that bond allows Daniel to hear her voice in his head. He's kicked out of heaven and he lost his rank but he can't ignore his call to protect her. The angels , his mentor is watching him but losts sight of him when Akumu and Daniel are together -the same with Akuma. Anyway the war between angel and demons is still raging on. I want them to develop a relationship and once they have demons will seek them out causing the angels to follow etc. But right now he could take her somewhere or she could take him somewhere. Is he a complete human now?)

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(That's a good idea! He's not a human exactly, because he cant die yet but he doesn't have any powers. Like an immortal. It's meant to be a curse.)

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 8427 comments Mod
(So should my character take your character somewhere ?)

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(We can do that if you want)

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(HI! Just checking to see if you would still like to do this one!)

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 8427 comments Mod
(Yes i do but i don't have internet on my computer so i have stopped all rping until i got internet.)

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(Oh ok that's fine! :D)

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Akumu watched the angel dusted himself off. Now that she had his attention, she wasn’t sure what to do with it. When he started to speak, her gaze shifted to the ground thinking he was going to say something harsh again. So you can see that his apology was a small shock to her. She gaze returned to him seeing him smile sweetly at her. Are all angels like this? So nice? Do all angels have blue eyes…or are they green? Such a cute smile, and his hair looks natural. I wonder if it’s soft

Akumu stop that! Akumu blinks to snap herself as she realized that he was staring at her with an questionable look on his face. She reached for his hand, but hesitated. I don’t feel repulsed by him at all. Why? She wrapped her hands around his left hand and gave him a little pull. Follow me. She looks up into his eyes, hoping he could read her expression, and pulled again. She took a step back to show that she wanted him to follow her.

She was aware that they needed to leave this area. She had not wants to risk the chance that those dimwits will return with one of the more intelligent demonic males. Her being one of the underlings will ensure that they would kill them both, and she didn’t want to have to fight again. That one fight had made her tire and her mental mind wry.

(He can slowly begins to hear her in his mind or something could trigger the communication between the two-which would you like? I need to know so I can describe her voice to Daniel. We can make an event, such as a electrical spark between the two, a kiss, a transfer of powers, his angel powers returning because of his now new charge(Akumu), or something)

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(Hmmm, maybe an electrical spark can occur with him slowly getting his powers back because of her strong presence or something. It would have to be something sudden, I'm not to sure)

Daniel took he looked and nodded understanding that she was intending on him to follow her. As they left he couldn't help but wonder who she was and why she was there in the first place. He wanted to ask her, but based on her body language and how she showed him things, it was obvious that she wasn't much of a talker. But even so, he followed her out of the part and into a new area hoping that after the night would start to calm down a bit, he'd be able to talk to her, or at least get her name for that matter.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 8427 comments Mod
(Sorry this is soooooooo late. I haven't been able to feel my characters lately)

Akumu took Daniel out of the park. The ground was covered in snow and she, being of short height, had little trouble walking through the snow. They crossed several streets and took several different turns.She took to an street that was covered in snow as if no one had bothered to shove.She was leading the angel to her home.

She feared that she may be seen by one of the other demons, so she walked as fast as her legs would take her. I must get him to my house fast. Soon Akumu lead Daniel up to a large house. The house didn't have any lights giving it a deserted appearance. She takes him up the steps and to the front door. Releasing his hand, she reached in her dress top to put out the key which was on a necklace around her neck. She kept it there to keep from losing it.
[image error]
Once the door was opened, she ran into the darken house. The first thing she did was to light a candle in the living room. Once that candle had been lite, a million others proofed on instantly-as if by magic. She ran back to the opening of the living room, looking around the concern to see if Daniel had came in.

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(It's ok)

Daniel walked into what appeared to be her house when he smiled to her. "It's a really nice place you have," he said when he walked around to inspect it. "Do you live here with your parents?" he asked following her into the living room as he continued to look around.

Seeing the look on her face, he gently put his hand on her shoulder to reassure her when he was pushed onto the ground with a powerful force. He was knocked off his feet and slammed into a wall when he sat up, now feeling the world spin around him. He glanced at the girl wondering what had happened when he heard something. He couldn't tell what the sound was, when eventually it went away. He shook his head when the dizziness started to fade, glancing up at her to see if she was ok when he saw he still standing there before him.

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(Hmmm not sure how to response could you message me whether Akumu know what whatever attacked Daniel was ?)

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(I was thinking we could use that as the way for them to communicate now)

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 8427 comments Mod
(Ah I understand-I thought you were going this^.^ Nice now I can reply. I'm getting off thou. So I'll reply tomorrow-Sorry for my long assent (I do apology for neglecting you like this)

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