The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1) The Lightning Thief question

Who would be your immortal parent?
Marta Marta (last edited Nov 29, 2013 11:30AM ) Nov 29, 2013 11:07AM
I think I could be a daughter of Zeus, because I love windy weather, smell of storm and I really would want to fly.
What about you, people of goodreads? Who would be your parent and why? :)

Aphrodite's son. It'd just be fun irony.

Poseidon, because i have always been in the water and since i was little the smell of the ocean has calmed me.

Poseidon! I have always lived where the ocean was and I love water.

Poseidon or Athena simply because they are both AWESOME.
Athena is the goddess of wisdom and knowledge and I love learning knew things and reading etc. and probably Poseidon because I love swimming and would love to have the ability to breathe underwater.

I think it would be Athena for me but also Pan(don't ask me why but my friends think I'm a satyr)

It would be Zeus.. love a good lightning show

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Athena,Apollo and Poseidon.They all rock!!!!

Probably Poseidon. Hands down.

poseidon or Athena

I would like to be the son of Zeus. I have an affinity for the element of wind

Dionysius for sure. He's the god of theatre and I was almost born inside a dressing room. I was born and raised in the theatre and both my parents are actors.

Julia (last edited Nov 30, 2013 03:38PM ) Nov 30, 2013 03:38PM   0 votes
Either Athena or Hephaestus. My greatest strength is my intelligence.

Probably Hephaestus because the creative/problem solving parts of my intelligence are stronger than the wisdom/strategic parts (I am an engineer).

Medusa....just cuz i kill people with my looks....lolz...and cuz she is awesome...

Probably Poseidon, because I love water!

I would love to have Poseidon as my Father. Not just because of the abilities, I feel he is more caring and easy among the others. Even Athena is great. But Poseidon is good for me

I would be Apollo's kid because I love music.

Athena or Poseidon! Either of the two. Poseidon because I love water but afraid enough to swim into them so maybe if he's my god parent I'd even be able to breathe under water and meet with mermaids and other sea creatures! And Athena because I love reading and writing, and I think she's so cool because of her intelligence and wit. Being a smart ass like her would be amazing.

definitely Athena

Maybe Khione. She's cool

Sam How cool is she? . . . ICE COLD!
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I would be a daughter of Hermes. Im very sneaky and love a good prank

Hephaestus or Athena

Apollo. I'm studying to be a author, I write poems and stories. I play piano and guitar; I'm artsy just like Apollo. :D


Mine would be Poseidon or Athena.

Mine would be Hades. Definitely. Because that's how people classify me.

Athena I'm a geek, ask anyone in my school!

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I would love to be the child of Aphrodite, because I love shopping, makeup, boys, and girly things in general. A quiz I took also said I'd be the child of Aphrodite, so yay! Another quiz said I would be the child of Apollo, which I don't have a problem with either.

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Well... Athena or Poseidon. I am at the top of the class, but I have always had a connection in the water.


Probably Aphrodite because I am such a hopeless romantic. Although I'm more a fan of lasting love rather than the infatuation that some daughters of Aphrodite seem to seek. I would actually relate more closely to Hestia or Hera because of their strong conviction to the home, family, and marriage. But Hestia is a maiden and Hera doesn't step out on Zeus. Raising a happy, healthy, strong family in a loving home is my main goal in life. I don't know if any of the male Gods really embody that. Poseidon seems like if he was able to he'd be a good dad but I'm terrified of the ocean so that wouldn't fit.

I would probably be Ahena, Poseidon, or Zeus. I love all of them!

Apollo. I'm not saying that I'm a good singer, cuz believe me, I'm not, but I like music and writing:)


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I would love to be a daughter of Pluto, (Yes Pluto, not Hades...i think i'd rather be Roman :3) or Athena (Yes the Greek version! :P). I'm too smart for my own good sometimes...

Apollo. I have a really good aim.

I would probably be Poseidon's daughter.

Athena maybe, I love books and writing and knowledge, but maybe Hephaestus because I'm also really creative. Possibly Apollo cause I love theater and archery, or maybe even Zeus cause I love storms and have always dreamed of flying. Hades might be cool too ;)

Probably Apollo, I can't sing but I played the violin and like music, I'm a good writer and I am pretty good at archery (if I do say so myself).
But most people say I would be one of Artemis's huntresses.

Apollo or Hades

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I'd prefer to be Artemis, but my godly parent is Zeus. Here's a little test if you want to see: )

Apollo. Im a good singer and poet, but suck at archery. :( And NO ONE say Artimis because SHE IS A MAIDEN!! It really annoys me when people say that.

I am a person of goodreads and I would say that my immortal parent would be Van Hohenheim from full metal alchemist.

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