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Theodore (ddaythecannibal) | 165 comments Mod



Appearance: (Picture preferred)



Relationships: (friends, family, enemies)

Rank: (Knight, Soldier, Healer, Spy, Assassin, Hunter, Citizen)


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Name: Wolfgang Von Graves

Age: 27

Sex: Male.


Background: Killed his father and three older brothers in order to become Emperor.

Personality In Rp

Relationships Mononoke, Howl

Rank: Emperor


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Name: Howl the Blood Knight.

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Appearance: Brown hair. Stands six eight. Weighs 270 lbs. And he's famous for his blood red armor in Abaddon and on the battlefield.
Wears simple tunic and trousers when traveling.


Background: A patriot to Motherland of Abaddon who will always fight her enemies but loves to travel between the three kingdoms in disguise.

Personality: In Rp

Relationship: None

Rank: Knight

Other: His weapon of choice is dual Odatchi.

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Theodore (ddaythecannibal) | 165 comments Mod
Name: Mononoke

Age: 26

Sex: Female


Background:A trained assassin since birth she became the Emperor's body guard when she was 11 and he was 12. She learned to lie and spy by being the Emperor's body guard for 15 years. Now she is the head of his spy network. Her favorite cover is that of a barmaid. No better place to get info then the bar.

Personalty: in RP

Relationships: Her Best friend is Wolfgang Von Graves she has no other family or friends who know her identity.

Rank: Spy, Assassin when required, and barmaid as cover.

Other: Her weapon of choice is short sword. She is a master of disguise. And Yes I did steal her name.

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Theodore (ddaythecannibal) | 165 comments Mod
Name: Damien Telsotic

Age: 68

Sex: Male


Background: Has served in the Knights of Abaddon for 40 years and was once the most trusted knight of Diamond Von Graves, Emperor of Abaddon. But when Wolfgang severed his father's head and became Emperor himself, Damien was removed as the head of the knights. Damien began plotting his revenge to take down the Emperor ever since.

Personality: rp

Relationships: Bart Roberts and Sir Jackson.

Rank: Knight.

Other: I dunno

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