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Theodore (ddaythecannibal) | 165 comments Mod
There is no God. There is no Devil. But there are a lot of their followers.

Three realms exist. Heaven, Hell, and Earth. Some say Earth is worse than Hell. Others know they are the same thing.

Angels are in charge of the world, keeping it sane, battling any sort of evil that may exist. They have access to all three realms.

Demons have access to Hell and to Earth, since they're on the same planet. Hell exists far below Earth's surface, accessible by only a few points. Humans are supposed to be kept in the dark.

Sometimes, angels fall. They join the other side. They stir up more trouble. No one is infallible.

And no one is allowed to ignore that.

Okay, so basically angels and demons. Here is what you have:

Angels: They're full of light and truth. They occasionally come down to Earth to guard humans, to stop demons, and to generally keep an eye on things.

Fallens: They used to be angels, but did something horrible and were kicked out of Heaven. They either wander around Earth, trying to redeem themselves, or join the Demons, causing more trouble. Some Fallens lose their wings, depending on the severity of their misdeed.

Demons: Before the world was even created, they chose their fate. They believe the humans should be left to their own devices. Since the angels don't follow that, they don't either, tempting humans. They know what they're doing is wrong, but at the same time, they think they're justified.

The Bound: They're quite like the Fallen, except backwards. These are demons who have turned their backs on their own kind and decided to do good. They are hard to distinguish from Demons, but have the same mute grey colour Fallens retain. They are called the Bound because they are bound to their heritage; Demons hate them because they've betrayed their own kind, angels hate them because they think they're still evil, and Fallen hate them because they are afraid the Bound are going to get to heaven before any Fallen are Redeemed. Of course, there are exceptions. (:

Each of these has a mortal form(meaning they look like regular people), and some live permanently on Earth, either doing small bits of good or small bits of bad.

Since I know someone is going to do this, half breeds are fine. (:

Questions or anything are here. (:

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 34 comments Do I need to have my charries approved of? Or can I just jump into the rp?

message 3: by Theodore, Mind of Sanity (new)

Theodore (ddaythecannibal) | 165 comments Mod
I dunno... do you make in appropriate characters? Cause other wise I don't care. I don't think it'll be a problem. Never even heard of that actually...

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 34 comments Oh, okie dokie. ^-^ It's just a habit.... Approving charries. Making sure they're within rules/power limits, and they're filled out/in-depth enough. That's all. Been years since I haven't had it done... ;P

Thanks anyway! :D

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 34 comments And no, they aren't inappropriate. Silly. ^-^

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