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Please try your best to follow the format below. If you're copying and pasting a character from another group, that's perfectly fine. ☺☻




Weapon of Choice:
Relationship Status:

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 353 comments (WARNING: I have NOT seen the movie. I'm completely basing him off the books I've/You've read.

When you realize who this is, you may ask 'WHY, GOD?' but let me help you assume that without him, time and space would never be as extravagant. The stars just don't know it yet.))

[[Disclaimer: Art by Felwyn and Cassandra Jean and whoever makes amazing firework gifs. This character is farthest away from belonging to me than can be. Everything else belongs to Cassandra Clare--except mister Gao, of course. At least, I don't think he sold his soul to Miss Clare...]]

"I'm done. I'm old, I'm sad - that's on a good day. I want out of this mess. But I don't want to fade away, I want to flame away - I want my death to be an attraction, a spectacle, a mystery. A work of art."

- Jennifer Egan, A Visit from the Goon Squad

_________ _____________ ____________

Name: As far as we know, it's Magnus Bane.
(Literally: The Great Misfortune/Torment/Annoyance).
Also known as: The High Warlock of Brooklyn

Age: Well, he looks eighteen. It's hard to tell when someone's immortal.

Gender: Male, but by the gods, sometimes we wonder if he's redefined the term gender and just made his gender 'Magnus'. Defined by Magnus and acted by... Magnus.

Height: Yes, 6 foot 3. Finding a taller man who takes better care of himself than he is a task for the ages.

Eyes: Magnus is a hybrid between human genetics and demonic magic. Thus, like a mule, he cannot have children. His eyes are the only visible oddity about him that he hasn't taken control to change. The eyes he has have the slits of a kitten and probably, given the nature of a cat's eye, without eyelashes and surrounded by dark, shiny black skin that is often mistaken for eyeliner. Due to new trends, Magnus wears a little more of that product to over emphasize them. His skin is dark and asiatique, as well, the shape of his eyes are almond and curved up strikingly. But enough about eyes.

Gender specific appearance/Outfit/Clothes:

<--[that's the actual actor, this wasn't picked out of context.]

Gene specific looks: Magnus stands tall (usually noticeably wearing long coats to make himself look even more willowy), lithe man of roughly eighteen. He'll never see his elder years, his 'age' is part of his 'genetics'.

Of all things to subject this story to, there is nothing stubble about this warlock's taste. From his spiked up hair to outrageous sapphire lip stuff, Magnus Bane's closet could probably feed a small European country. Who knows, Lady Gaga's meat dress may be one dress bag away.

Things you may find in High Warlock Bane's closet :

- Women's tank tops, lace is optional.
-Long tail coats, tailored in the Regency period.
- A rainbow of Kimonos.
- His cat.
- Excess glitter from last night's part which rubbed off on a neon, sleeveless mesh.
- Tang dynasty costumes seeded with constellation patterns.
- Red Warlock robe from the Accords.
- Silk hair turbans.
- Various styles that are way three days ago. [Note: he doesn't speak like that. He may, but it's most likely out of boredom.]
- Faux fur house coats.
- Fur coats from Russia.
- Shoes that most women can't walk in.
- Beaver skin top hats, knit caps and berrets.
((Also: Aprons, Blazers, Cagoule Coats, Duffle coats, Gilets, Goggle jackets, Harrington jackets, Hoodie Jackets, Leather jackets, Mess jackets, Opera coats, Overcoats, Pea coats, Ponchos [which were bought off the internet, obviously... it's not like he'd sneak in to Peru for a poncho. No way.. that never happened...], GLITTERY Raincoats, Robes, Shawls, Shrugs, Ski suits, Sleeved blankets (the pink and yellow snuggie has been called), Sport coats (to impress someone, obviously, it had nothing to do with their horrible design), Trench coats, Vests, Waistcoats, Windbreakers...))
Actually, anything that was in style for the last eight hundred years is probably in his closet, and then some.

Things you will not find in the closet:

- Magnus Bane. (Jk, he's BI).

Personality: Important note: Magnus always needs an entrance. You can hire him but he doesn't come cheap and for all his greed and outlandish behavior, you must be careful. There is a very serious young man under it all.
His sarcasm and gloating sometimes irks as frown-worthy. He's serious about his ego and yet his nature constantly hints to a joke you're not currently getting. Magnus laughs at his own sense of humour, whether just through a crinkle at his eye or a smirk of devilish intent.

Everything he does, even if he says differently, is for comfort. Surely it explains his very distinct choices in life, the slight smudging of his eyeliner, the smell of his perfume. Magnus is intimately grateful for being left apart. Like Gatsby, parties aren't just favored in his eyes for their ability to hide his distinct type but also to give him the solidarity he craves. There is nothing more choking then a room with few people--a room with many, ping-ponging their energy around is close to a religious experience.

Short History: Mangus Bane is usually called into crime scenes which relate to the magical world. He is a healer and specializes in wiping memories as well as a jumble of other things you learn to do when you're an 500 year old warlock from Indonesian roots. He can conjure blue fire from his hands and is born of a demonic father who impregnated his mother eight hundred years ago (which I'm guessing is more like five, the story is never told in the right order).

Demons are parasites. Terrible things that only eat and eat, kill and spread diseases like vampirism and werwolf-ism. This explains his lack of care for other people. He's considered bellow human and history has never stopped repeating it. I'm pretty sure he drank himself through the first seven (or four) hundred and now is cynical but sober.

His beginnings couldn't have been worse. Born into a religious age with 'The Evil Eye', Magnus was all but put to a stake and burned. Ironically, he burned his own 'father' when he tried to drown Magnus in a river. The time between his father's attack, his mother's suicide in the barn and his movement from current landing is unrecorded. It was said that Magnus was taken in by the Silent Brothers for a while. His life ever since has been a tirade. :

Most prized object: He has nearly unlimited magical ability and yet spends most of it on not investing in Netflix.

Family: The Chairman. (view spoiler)

Relation Status: In most cases, you don't want to know. There has been an five hundred year history tagged to his kissing days. That means most immortals know him. The answer is, assuming this is 2006 time...
Robert doesn't approve of his son living in a lock with someone who didn't plan to marry, had a relationship margin of errors of eight/five hundred years, a serious inferiority complex, a father who's a greater demon with anger that was legendary ... or perhaps Robert just can't get over that his son will never like girls. Robert doesn't find it sweet that his son takes weekly promenades with the most powerful Warlock on the East Coast. The phenomenon awfully close to raising a pet project and giving all his time to an animal that will most likely stop loving its owner the minute he matures a bit.

Other: It's not right to underestimate Magnus' maturity level... sure, he throws parties and spends most of his time dressed to heighten the american fatal car collision rate but Magnus is nineteen. Formidably, he's been forced to stay at this drinking age for his whole life and there was never many choices. It's not like he could join a law firm, being a Warlock for one. No adult would ever take Magnus seriously if he said he was older than them. At any rate, most teenagers are too immature for Magnus-- there's only so much stupid he can stomach.
So when he's between really mature teenager and really immature adult every year of his life, where is there to escape?

"Fifteen years pass in a haze of faerie drinks and magic drugs. The money keeps piling up and you've become like mundane reality television celebrities: scrambling with false bravado and pretending not to notice that everyone's waiting for you to crash and burn. You never go to bed alone and you never wake up with company. The centuries carry the weight of millennia and you think that maybe you're lonely. Lonely and a pale reflection of everything you once thought you could be."

Relatives: The Neon Cat.

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Sofia Name: Cael
Age: 271
Gender: Male
Species: Fey. He's a Seelie Knight

Appearance: Cael has straight, shoulder-lenght, dark red hair and bright green eyes. He is pale and his features are angular. If he were human, he would be considered uncommonly beautiful, but for a fairy, he is quite plain.
He is short, even for a fey (5''4).
Personality: Unlike most faeries, he doesn't take pleasure in manipulating humans or in being cruel to them. He's willing to do it and quite capable of it if the situation requires it, he just doesn't enjoy it.
He's a competent fighter, but if he relied on his brawn alone he wouldn't go very far.
He does everything he can in order to sharpen his wit, because he intends to use it to make a name for himself and rise to power. He's ambitious and very involved in the politics of the court.
He's clever and wise, but he is also proud, which can lead him to make mistakes.

History: When Cael was born, he was sickly and his parents decided to use him as a Changeling and to take an healthy human baby instead. He grew into adolescence with his human family. He always had the Sight, but when he was sixteen, his other powers started to develop and he got in contact with the Seelie Court. He ran away from home and joined the Court. He has lived there since and has never seen his human family again.
Once in the Seelie Court, he has sought to prove himself worthy of being a fey and has risen quite quickly in the ranks of the Knights.
Family: Human: mother, father, younger sister, all deceased. His biological parents are a Pixie and a Seelie Knight and he has an "adopted" brother who is also a Knight.

Weapon of Choice: Spear
Relationship Status: Single

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 353 comments Is he husband to the Queen? And I love him, he's beautiful!
But a human family... that's a bit complicated for a fey. We'll see how it turns out. Didn't he ever notice his own ears? Or the fact that he physically couldn't lie?

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Emily Name: Eliza "Liz" Spencer
Age: 19
Gender: F
Species: Werewolf


Wolf Form:
Personality: Eliza used to be a lively, fun loving girl. She was full of spirit and was constantly making people laugh. Ever since her transformation though, she has changed. Liz is now reserved and serious. She has completely lost her old self and has no intentions of getting it back. She has quite the temper now and tends to wolf out without intending to. She is now driven by fear of what she could do or what could happen to her.

History: Liz's home life was great. She was really close with all her family members and got along with everyone she met. In school she held decent grades and showed an interest in performing. One night while walking home from a late musical practice, she noticed a dog fight. Completely oblivious to their size and obvious strength, she tried to stop the fight but got bit instead. The change had negative effects on her. At first she tried to deny what had happened, but the pack she now belonged to wouldn't let her go. She had/has an extremely difficult time controlling her change. Whenever her emotions spike she ends up changing and attacking whatever or whoever is near her. She hasn't seen her parents in months and for all she knows, they think she's dead.
Mom: Kristen (mundane)
Dad: Tom (mundane)
Sister: Anna, 16 (mundane)

Weapon of Choice: Wolf form
Relationship Status: Single
Other: /

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Sofia Thank you :D
No, he's single, though he wants to become powerful, so marrying into royalty is definitely not something he would be opposed to.

Changeling children exist in the Shadowhunter world, there is a excursus on them in the Codex.
It says that fey exchange a sickly child of their own with an healthy human baby, who after a long permanence in Faerie takes on some attributes of the fey. They do this because generations of inbreeding weaken their family lines and they need to bring in new elements to keep the blood "strong and fresh".
It is mentioned that most of the exchanged fairy children who grow into adulthood have the Sight, but don't really come in contact with the magical world, or learn anything about it. I figured that something similar to what happens to a human in Faerie would happen to a fairy who stayed in the human world long enough (so he would have been able to lie and would have grown at a human pace), a process which was reversed once he joined the Court.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 353 comments Sofia wrote: "Thank you :D
No, he's single, though he wants to become powerful, so marrying into royalty is definitely not something he would be opposed to.

Changeling children exist in the Shadowhunter world, ..."

O.O That is really cool. I'm adding that to my note pad of important things to know when dealing with the fairy people. It sounds a bit familiar so I know you're not remotely wrong. Hmmm, this will be interesting.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Weren't there changelings in The Infernal Devices?

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Emily Does the wolf picture work for any of you?

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Emily The link? Because I tried posting it using the html thing and it didn't work for me.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ It worked before with the html. Were you using the app? Pictures don't show up on the app.

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Emily No. I was using the chromebook. I'll try again later.

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Name: Maxon Gold
Age: Looks sixteen, but is actually around 127.
Gender: M
Species: Fey/Faerie

Appearance: Maxon has dark green hair and dark colored skin, along with dark blue eyes that could resemble a stormy sky. While mundanes don't have the Sight, whenever he smiles, any Shadowhunter or Downworlder would see that he has sharp teeth, like knives. Along with his teeth, he has pointed ears, but they aren't sharp enough to be like daggers.
Personality: Maxon's a sly little fey, even when he's forced to tell the truth. If you want to know something and ask him, make sure you've asked the right question. If you've asked the wrong one, but aren't aware, he'll tell you what the answer while it probably won't help you. Also, he doesn't have to tell the full truth. He can tell you part of it, but not the rest. Once people figure that out, they tend to get ticked off, but by then he's usually elsewhere and having fun of his own, if messing with people isn't fun enough.

History: Tb Rped(Can't think of anything interesting)
Family: He never knew them, he never cared. As far as he's aware, his parents are somewhere near Idris and he has no siblings.

Weapon of Choice: Usually his sword and his teeth.
Relationship Status: None/Open
Other: Yeah, I know I posted 'im a little late. And yeah, I know he's not very good.

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Sofia ₪The Lion Hearted Girl ₪ wrote: "Weren't there changelings in The Infernal Devices?"

Yeah, sort of.

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Name: Kassandra Josefyne "Joey" Nessumsar
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Child of Lilith (Warlock/witch)

Appearance:(view spoiler)
Clothing style:

Personality: Joey is dark and mysterious, and likes to stay alone. She's a very dark witch, using most of her power for her own sick pleasure and spends most of her time avoiding Shadowhunters.
When she's not doing that she's out in public, dressed like any other girl, hoping she doesn't get noticed.
She's a very depressed character, but never shows it in public. She is always tired, and wants to stay away from others, but goes out anyway. She pretends to be nice in public, but is also using her powers to cause everyone around her pain, so she's never in one place too long, so she doesn't get noticed.

History: She has no idea really. One day, when she was five or so, she doesn't know why, but she was wandering around alone, and a family took her in, but she hated this family. She never let them know,and was always in her room, practicing her magic. When she was fourteen, she got her hands on a blade and killed then entire family.
Since then, she has lived alone in an abandoned warehouse hoping it was under radar enough that she didn't get noticed, because Shadowhunters had been explained to her after she got caught when she was ten.
Family: none.

Weapon of Choice: A blade, but mostly her magic.
Relationship Status: Single. (As well as she is lesbian)
Other: Nothing.

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((sorry. JAcked up computer. Finishing it now))

Blood Bone and Muscle | 353 comments What is her mark with which she stands as a child of Lilith?

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Sorry, but what? I'm only just barely in the first book, so please explain, sorry.

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 353 comments I don't blame you! ^^ noticed it a while in the book--they tend not to speak about it but all the Warlocks (with a single exception) have something inhuman about them.

Magnus, for example, doesn't have a belly button and his eyes are those of a cats (the glitter does not count a a deformity! It's of his own making).
Ragnor Fell is green skinned, goat horned and his fingers bend a third time due to another set of joints.
In the second book it shows a little bird winged boy.
Annabelle (is that her name?) has wings as well.
There's Alistair but I can't remember his.

Anyway, here's the three keys of a Warlock:

(1) They posess a so-called warlock mark on their body that identifies them as not merely human.
(2) Like most hybrids in breeding, they are sterile.
(3) They posses the ability to preform magic (unless they're an Ifrit so no magic but only a mark).

Demons, in the past, would violate human mothers to produce a warlock child. Nowadays (as she's only sixteen) it's practically always an Eidolon demon (shapeshifter) disguising themselves as a the woman's human lover. For obvious reasons, most other types of demons aren't the ones getting these women pregnant since they don't manifest themselves openly.

Magnus' father is a weird exception because in current time, that father is unable to manifest himself physically due to being chained to a rock in another dimension (so he doesn't have many children since he hadn't left for literally ages).

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Name: Hallie "Battlestrider" Jones
Meaning: Hallie: "Heroine"
Battlestrider: "One who walk among wars".

Age: 423, looks to be 15-16 years.
Birthday: May 23

Gender: Female

Species: Warlock


Hallie has bright twinkling violet eyes that compliment her dark red hair. She has freckles across her nose and a little on her cheeks. She has high cheekbones. She is 5'11". Her hair is full of delicate, cascading curls. Her hair is naturally smooth, and almost never gets tangled. She has pianist-like fingers. She looks at bit old for her age. She is very, very pretty. Her marks as unique, and strange. Her violet eyes are one of them, but she has another. She has golden markings on her should blades, around the ankles, and up her arms. They look like this.

Shoulder Blades:


Personality: She has perfect memory, and is wicked smart. She loves to talk, but only if she knows you a bit. She loves to get her hands on and any book she can. She would rather kill herself than wear any makeup junk, and she expects people to respect that. She hates it when people speak to her like she is 3, and if anyone did that, her temper will flare. As a result, she would turn you into a frog or something of the kind. She is otherwise very peaceful and kind, but is also very sarcastic and flirty.
Hallie is that kind of girl that you would think would be totally sweet and kind, but she is actually kind of not. Insulting her would result in being hit, or kicked, or punched. She is not "that" hard to take down (No seriously she'd take you down in like 5 seconds flat), but you'll still want to watch her. She isn't easy to be friends with, and she is constantly swearing in- yes, i know- French. A lot of the time, she is sassy. She likes dressing nice, and wears things like:

And her personal favorite:

History: Like most Warlocks, she had a troublesome childhood. She ran away from her abusive druggie parents at a young age, and took to living on the streets. She was safe enough, with knowing her powers.

Family: Mother (Deceased) and Father (Deceased).

Weapon of Choice:
Hallie is wonderful at archery. Her other specialties are using daggers and her golden whip.

Relationship Status: Currently Single. And not really anywhere near a relationship.
Sexuality: Straight

Other: Hallie has a beautiful laugh, though she rarely does(laugh). Her favorite colors are blue, green, and silver.

Musical Talent: Hallie is an excellent singer. She knows how to play a ton of instruments, and her favorites are the flute, piano, and guitar.

Artistic Talent: Hallie loves drawing, and specializes in drawing people. Her drawings look like:

You'll often see her carrying around her sketchbook.

And sometimes you'll see her in the park covered in paint painting.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 353 comments Yay! More Warlocks!

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 353 comments Name: Elias (or Elie) Maur {{Signifies: 'Jahvé est mon Dieu' and 'Citizen of Mauritania'}}

Age: He died on the Western Front during WWI.
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire

Appearance: I'll draw him later.

Personality: Imagine what it's like to live a hundred years without sunlight, drinking human and than animal blood as subsistence.
Can you imagine what it would do to a person?

There's not much else to say unless someone in the story can break past the monster.

History: Monsieur Maur would never have become a vampire without that bomb blast.

Originally from a small town (you can guess where), he was singled to become a soldier at the age of sixteen. His marks weren't great, his bread making pitiful (strangely enough, the wrongs of his cooking don't ever come up as a problem anymore) and apart from an over clinging mother, Maur was sucked (ha!) into the war to dig the trenches. He fought alongside, his clothes red and blue, living to pile away dirt and construct a maze. With his socks eaten by rats and very little support, he made a digging friend. A strange man who liked it underground--not that he could blame someone for liking it there when all they could hear was shelling. His friend was a formidable digger but spent most of the time with his back in the dirt, speaking about mindless things. A lonely soul.

At night they would come up to sleep and after a couple weeks of conversation with this stranger, Maur witnessed something truly awful.

One terrible ambush, the night had fallen and the stars glazed like firelight, a figure was making his way through the mustard gas, walking with his teeth sank into a soldiers neck.

While the soldier coughed and died, the man ripped away the blood that was left and threw his corpse to the side. The man was his friend and Maur knew. Maur knew of the books his mother fantasized about. A certain Count named 'Dracula'. He'd seen the old movies, the Nosferatus of the age.

Fingers shaking around the hilt of his wooden shovel, Maur backed away.

Faster then he could have imagined among the shelling, a hand shot out and covered his mouth.

Maur's fatal mistake was biting it before reflexively shoving the wooden end of his shovel into his once friend's chest.

The next few weeks after that were getting over the shock. He stayed in the underground, digging more and more into darkness until one day he hit one of the enemy's mines.

The trench caved in, he clawed himself to immortality and the rest is history.

Family: None worth speaking about.

Weapon of Choice: Is there any stubble way of saying 'his teeth' without assuring gruesome mental images? Vampirism isn't a field of tulips.

Relationship Status: Non-existent.

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Captain L. J. Turner (alexandera_ann) | 98 comments Name:Eleanor Elsa O'Clair
Age:100(looks 20 years old)
Appearance: Long dark brown hair,emerald green cat eyes,6' tall and has a husky voice.
Personality:Eleanor is a happy loud and sometimes quiet person.
History:Eleanor was born in Bradford,England on April 13,1913.When she was born her mom a shadowhunter immediately left the home they were in due to fear and abandoned Eleanor.At the time a stranger named Magnus Bane was in town and heard a crying baby and entered the home.He saw Eleanor and was moved by pity and vowed to give her a nice home.As she grew up she started to wonder if all families were as odd as hers due to the fact that Magnus as dated so many people.At the age of 12 she and Magnus left England to immigrate to New York.8 years later she left home much to Magnus' dismay to explore the world she had not seen.When she turned 94 she got a letter from Magnus asking for her help and she did.The day Magnus met Alec Lightwood he went to Eleanor to ask if she minded him being with a man he may marry and she said that she was fine and that she liked Alec as a friend already even if she had not met him yet.
family:Magnus Bane (adopted father)
demon(birth father)
unknown mother(birth mom)
Weapon of choice:Magic
Relationship status:Single and hopes to stay that way
Other:She paints,helps Magnus with assembling together household objects as he is used to "stealing" objects but when Alec came along he had to start buying them as Alec saw the magically making objects appear as stealing.She is friends to all Downworlders and surprisingly Shadowhunters alike.She also loves sparkly and shiny objects(no surprise there she is friend/daughter of Magnus) You will most likely see her wearing a black dress with a bit of silver glitter. She strongly dislikes peppers, asparagus, and brussels sprouts.
How she felt about being raised by Magnus:
Eleanor felt confused and happy at the same time because she was raised by a male fashionista/fashinisto.
The Influence left by Magnus:
Fashion pretty much explains it

Blood Bone and Muscle | 353 comments Raised by him?

.... Okay.


I'll take a while to let that sink in, especially because he said to Clary that he'd never been around a child growing up before. I wonder why he would say that if Eleanor existed... Hm, puzzles.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 353 comments Still, anything for a story. ^-^

Captain L. J. Turner (alexandera_ann) | 98 comments What do you mean?

Blood Bone and Muscle | 353 comments I mean it will be a little difficult roleplay my side because I don't know Eleanor half as much as you do but I'm willing to write about it because it sounds super cute.

Captain L. J. Turner (alexandera_ann) | 98 comments I could give you a bigger explanation just ask me

Blood Bone and Muscle | 353 comments Sure, private message me and I'll be happy to add to your story. ^-^

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Name: Marianne Pandora Osborne
Age: unknown looks 16
Gender: female
Species: Faerie

her eyes are like cats many didfferent overlapping colors.
her eyes change colors and she can mak them glow golden
Personality: Marianne is very sweet and kind to people she knows. She very wary of others. Sometimes she can be cold to you. But generally she enjoys life.she is very mysterious.

History: she was born to her mother and father and grew up happily. It is said she has a Shadow hunter sister so she decided to find her and maybe help her. she got into alot of accidents before she knew how to control her way above average magic
Family: mother is Jaqueline Mary Osborne
Father Rafael Osborne
Sister Lucy Claire Osborne

Weapon of Choice: bow and arrow or enchanted knifes
Relationship Status: it’s complicated
Other: she is an complete animal lover with many pets and has strong magic

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Oh my gosh she is so pretty!

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Thanks she is a model Emily Rudd

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