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Best Bits...Painted Man

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message 1: by Obaid (new)

Obaid Haroon | 11 comments Mod
Name says it all. One of the best bits in the first book was the pivotal moment in the whole series. Jardir betraying Arlen then Arlen learning to ward his flesh. The birth of The Painted Man, simply amazing!

message 2: by Glen (new)

Glen | 5 comments All the book was awesome but like Obais said the story of Jardir and Arlen took the trophy. There has been a lot of good fantasy books out the last few years ( Patrick Rothfuss, Mark Lawrence, Brett Weeks, Brandon Sanderson, Luck Skull) But The Demon Cycle is the only one i really think would make a spectacular Film or T.V series

message 3: by Obaid (new)

Obaid Haroon | 11 comments Mod
Ah only if they did it right. It would be so easy to mess it up. It'd take a fine director to pull it off. But if it could be done...holy hell it would be amazing.

message 4: by Jingizu (new)

Jingizu | 4 comments All of it! LOL

Arlen's story is of course the most compelling by far. I was annoyed every time PVB skipped to Rojer or Leesha.

Rojer's story takes a bit long to start moving, and there's too much guild stuff as well (though why becomes clear by The Skull Throne). Great scene when Arrick died and Rojer found his power.

Leesha's story was interesting, but the character started to irritate me (and yes, that continues into the next books, more and more).

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