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message 1: by Mason (new)

Mason (masongreys) | 2 comments During the late 80's early 90's I read a fantasy book that I forgot the title to. I think there were two books and it might have been written around the same time as CS Lewis's Narnia books as it is about a couple of children ending up in an alternative world. These are the scenes I am able to remember:

In book one I think there were four children and they each saw a painting depicting several scenes. One was a big cavern filled with knights and warriors in enchanted sleep. Another was a king trapped in a room with a big snake. I do not remember the other pictures. I think they each got sucked into the different picture and managed to free these people and get out and join forces to fight the evil.

In book two I think they returned to the same world but there might be another kid with them, not sure. It took place in a winter landscape and the scene I remember was a boy who ended up in a bottom of a stair that went way up. I think the stairs were made of ice and somewhere along the way he came across a giant chicken that blocked the way. I think he was afraid of birds so meeting a giant chicken was one of his test.

Another reason for me thinking it might be contemporary with the Narnia books is that I think there was a father/godlike figure guiding them and Aslan is a version of the christian God. I am afraid I do not have any more information than that. I hope there is someone out there who remembers such a book. If not then I thank you for your time reading this post. Take care!

message 2: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Clough (brendaclough) | 337 comments It wasn't WEIRDSTONE OF BRISINGAMEN, was it? But the second book does not sound like your second book.

message 3: by Mason (new)

Mason (masongreys) | 2 comments Hmm, I did a quick check on Amazon and Wikipedia. As you said, the first book does sound like the one I described but not the second. I will have to check them out. If nothing else at least I have two books I have not read. Thanks for the tip!

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