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A Song of Betrayal
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Jesse Duckworth | 7 comments My first book, A Song of Betrayal, is currently 99 cents on Amazon. If you enjoy adventure fantasy, have a look. I believe its a unique take on the genre, of course I wrote it :). Ill leave you with an excerpt of a review and the back cover blurb:

Back Cover Blurb: Weylin, once a Keeper and second to the queen, is disgraced by his new title – Outcast. One-hundred sixty-two years of lonely nights pass before he’s found by an old acquaintance. They embark on an adventure that takes them across the Vetr Sea, where tales of sea creatures come to life and pirates give chase. Along this journey, Weylin must decide where his allegiances lie as the political tides in Harren are shifting. Death follows Weylin, and unless he fights, it will be his own.

Review by author Walter Rhein: "A Song of Betrayal" is a work of classic fantasy by a new writer who shows a lot of promise. The short, quick sentence structure reminded me of R.A. Salvatore on several occasions. The other book that comes to mind is Hemmingway's In Our Time. This is because Duckworth likes to break up the action at the start of chapters by offering small vignettes (usually in all italics) that mostly give background information to the mythology of the world of Harren.

For the most part I was engaged and pleased with "A Song of Betrayal." You can tell that Harren is a well-developed fantasy universe and the characters are often acting in response to a backstory the reader is unaware of. Sometimes this works to perfection as it leaves the reader curious for more information about the world. Occasionally, however, this story telling tactic does create some confusion.

One of the strenghts of the book is how quickly it moves. I read the whole novel in just a couple hours. It felt a little bit under 50,000 words, which puts it on the short side, but I think that is an advantage for a book like this. However, there were some places where I might have urged the writer to slow down slightly. A bit more description here and there would have helped to flesh out some of the critical scenes and served to draw in the reader a bit more. Still, I believe it is better to error on the side of too little (leave them wanting more), and there is not a scene in this book where you cannot sense Duckworth's enthusiasm for the telling.

I'm not sure that "Song of Betrayal" is a landmark work of fantasy, but it is a strong novel from a talented author who has a future writing fantasy.

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Ivan (JHawkx) | 1 comments i didnt read all of it but the book sounds good

message 3: by Jesse (new) - added it

Jesse Duckworth | 7 comments Thank you Ivan. I put quite a bit of work into it, so I hope that shows. I think someone who enjoys LOTR, A Song of Ice and Fire, or A Sword of Truth could enjoy this. Im not claiming to write as well as they do or be able to take you on an emotional roller coaster like they can, but I have a feeling that if you get into the story, you're going to have an enjoyable read that will provide some fun along the way.

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