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message 1: by Reza, The Curator (new)

Reza | 467 comments Mod
I noticed many of you are fond of John Green's works, so here's a thread to talk about them!

To get you started, some questions about his books:
Your first?
Your next one?
Your most/least favorite?
Share you favorite quotes (spoiler free).

message 2: by Ds (new)

Ds Goh | 67 comments 1. Looking for Alaska
2. Er, I think I've read all of his books.
3. Least favourite : An Abudance of Katherines
Most favourite : The Fault on Our Stars

No favourite quotes.

message 3: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (pattxoxo) | 91 comments 1. My first one: The Fault in Our Stars
2. My next one: Looking For Alaska
3. Least favorite: none, since I only read TFIOS at the moment
Most favorite: TFIOS! The best book ever! It's totally worth the hype!!
4. Favorite quote: "The world is not a wish granting factory."

message 4: by Hayatun (new)

Hayatun Nafysa (alittlefyshreads) | 6 comments My first was looking for alaska. My next one will be An Abundance of Katherines. My favorite is paper towns, I don't have least favorite haha. Favorite quote: "The World Is Not A Wish-Granting Factory" same as Patricia. I even wrote it on a post-it and now it is on my wall forever. I also like some quotes off of looking for alaska.

message 5: by Namida (new)

Namida Puti (puti) | 95 comments 1. Will Grayson, Will Grayson
2. I dunno..any idea? I'm thinking of buying Paper Town..Is it good guys?
3. The Fault on Our Stars
4. The world is not a wish granting factory...This quote lingers in my head like quite long time.

message 6: by Lynossa, Resident Connoisseur (last edited Dec 01, 2013 08:42PM) (new)

Lynossa | 485 comments Mod
My first: Looking for Alaska
My next one: Whatever book that he will publish in the future
Mt least favorite: An Abundance of Katherine
My favorite: Torn between Papertown and TFIOS. TFIOS because it's sad and beautiful at the same time; Papertown because I understand Margo wholeheartedly.
Quotes: too much to decide but I really love the quote from Looking for Alaska: “When I look at my room, I see a girl who loves books.”

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