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What is so special about Ian McEwan?

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message 1: by Yoni (new)

Yoni Schottenstein | 2 comments Ian McEwan's books are so amazing. I was wondering if anyone in the group would share their thoughts as to why that is.

message 2: by Yanne (new)

Yanne Albert | 2 comments I think it is because he knows the human character - all the flaws and dark areas and he´s not afraid to write about them. There´s no "perfect character" in his stories. When a lot of authors try to idealize their heros and heroins - or make them the sole victims, then he drags out all the character flaws and all the little stupid things we all do and by doing that he creates characters that aren´t just fictional beings - he depicts us: me, you, the random stranger on the street.

message 3: by Yoni (new)

Yoni Schottenstein | 2 comments I completely agree, I think, while reading his books I am constantly feeling that I identify with the characters. They are very real to me.

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