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❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 16 comments Here we are! ^_^


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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments that chick looks like she's from some chickflick like pitch perfect or bridesmaids

and YES!!

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 16 comments Haha because it is from Bridesmaids silly! Xp

Awesome! So what interesting roleplay should we do now?

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments Man i love that movie XD omg when they had the runs in the bathroom and that chick took a shite in the sink omg omg i couldnt breathe

Maaybe something like there are these rich kids who are being hunted down because they did something so they have to go undercover and run away (like into the woods out of thier comfort zone) kinda thing.

or maybe its one rich kid and their friend.

or maybe its one rich kid and someone who happened to be there at that time because they were both kidnapped but they escaped into the woods

or some sort of classic self conscious loser/hot dude because he moved into the flat next door?? and they go to school/work together.

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 16 comments I kind of like the hunting down concept so maybe there is this girl and she is running away from some Irish or Italian mafia cause she saw one of the guys murder someone and someone is sent out to capture her and bring her back to the gang or something? Oh! Or maybe their are these two gangs and the grandson or someone of the opposing gangs has to get close to the gang leader's daughter or something like that? Does that make sense?

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments Aw man I really like both of the ideas... maybe the second one because we can do more with it.

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 16 comments Ok yeah that's probably good idea ^_^ Is it ok if I'm the girl? If not we can try to do doubles if you want :)

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments You can be the girl :P

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 16 comments Great, let's start making our charries!! :D Btw you can chose like what kind of mafia he is from, she going to be from the Irish mafia :)

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments ok!

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❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 16 comments Name: Nessa O'Connor
Age: 17
Gang: Wolfhounds (Irish)
Appearance: description
Tattoos: Has a small four-leaf clover behind her right ear and a heart with the color's of the Irish flag and her last name in cursive on her left wrist.
Other: Two Irish Wolfhounds
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments Name: Emanuel Kaiser (Nickname: Mani)
Age: 19
Gang: Black Eagle (German)
Appearance: Tan, 182cm, gorgeous blue eyes..

Gang tattoo: (top left) At the bottom of his neck on his back.

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 16 comments Awesome! So do you want to start or want me want to start?

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments Youuu

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 16 comments Kk ^_^

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 16 comments Nessa let out a sigh holding on to the leashes of Daisy and Colt as she walked through the park in this with the clouds over head and two of her father's men sneaking around somewhere. Ever since she came to America after her mother passed from cancer, it's always been like this, a guard around every corner when she went out. Daisy, being the youngest, started to bark at some stray cat before bolting off causing the leash to slip before Colt followed soon after. She let out a loud groan "Daisy! Colt!" she yelled before running after them.

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments "--It not be now? It really pisses me off when you call me over and expect me to listen like a I don't care if he gets angry. Just tell him that-" Mani was deeply involved in throttling whoever was on the other side of his phone when suddenly a something attacked him out of nowhere. It meowed loudly and scratched his face, scuttling up his body, knocking his cup of coffee onto his front right before two dogs tackled him to the ground. Mani looked up to see a bundle of white fur and teeth sniffing his face and licking the coffee off. He was surprised to see the other one licking his clothes. In the confusion, his phone and the cat had disappeared.

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 16 comments Nessa continued to chase after them than she gasped and her eyes widened seeing her dogs on some guy. She cursed underneath her breath as she made her way over to them "Daisy, Colt off!" she commanded with her slightly thick Irish accent accent coming through she grabbed her dog's leash and yanked hard to pull them off whine and whimper. She rolled her eyes and let go of their leashes before gently grabbing the boys arm helping him up "I am so sorry mista, I'm sure they didn't mean to knock you down and spill your coffee."

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments "You better be f*cking sorry. Learn how to control your f*cking dogs! Where the f*ck is my phone? And my shirt--I can't. Ah" Mani cussed angrily, scanning the nearby area for his phone. He didn't care if he was being rude. His hands came up to grip his hair. He did have anger issues. He stilled, and blinked a few times, trying not to focus on how he reeked of coffee and his shirt was drenched. Some had gotten on his coat which flew in from Milan two days ago. Sh*t sh*t sh*t. This biatch. He knew it wasn't her fault but hell he was not going to apologise.

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 16 comments Nessa raised a eye brow at all the cursing and felt Colt on her left, growled lightly at the man yelling at his master. She rolled her eyes than let out a sharp whistle causing the two dogs to sit. She walked over to a nearby bench and bent down grabbing his slightly scratched phone before Going back over and handing it to him "Your jacket looks new and expensive, I'll be more than willing to pay for a new one." She offered as she crossed her arms over her chest.

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments Mani snatched the phone from her already taking an immediate dislike to her. He didn't like that attitude and he didn't like that eye-roll that screamed sass. He didn't like her dogs. He didn't like how she just touched his phone like that. And what was with that mickey mouse thing going on with her clothing? Others probably thought it looked cute but he didn't. When he heard her offer, it was hard not to scoff. "It's custom made honey, and I doubt you can afford it," he said, giving her the up-and-down-scan. "So just forget it." His hand combed through his hair which was partly slick with coffee. This put him in an even fouler mood. No longer wanting to be within in 2-mile radius of her and her dogs, he stalked away.

A sleek black bmw skidded to a stop in front of Mani when he was about to cross the road. The window rolled down to reveal an old man with the largest white moustache in the world.
"Well...don't you look charming," the man said, appraising Mani's new coffee drenched look with skeptical eyes.
"What do you want?" Mani replied sharply. He was not in the mood for this.
"Get in the car," the other replied. Someone grabbed Mani from behind before he could even think of blinking, and then pushed him into the car easily. "I have a favour--no, an assignment for you, Mani."
The boy glowered at his grandfather. Coffee was dripping onto the black leather seats as the car sped away, windows rolling back up. "I don't want to do it," he said adamantly.
"I didn't ask if you wanted to do it," Grandfather replied with a condescending smile as he handed Mani a manilla file. "You need to find this girl."
"Can't you just kidnap her like what you did to me just two seconds ago?"
"You need to make her trust you," he continued, ignoring Mani's attitude. " She is a very valuable person with valuable information and valuable possessions. The safest method is for you to befriend her. Make her really like you. How hard can that be? Well, despite your difficult personality...perhaps rely on your looks."
Mani was opening the folder. If the girl was hot, he might do it. Might.
"She is the daughter of the Irish Mafia's bo-"
"SHIT," Mani shouted, throwing the folder onto his grandfather's lap. A photo of a girl fluttered to the floor of the car. "I'm not doing it. I am not f*cking doing it," he growled. It was the girl that he had just met. The one who spilled coffee on him and had two retard dogs.
Then man laughed. "Yes you are, Emanuel. Unless you want your car taken away."
Man froze. Not his car, anything but. If you haven't figured out yet, Mani's weakness was that he was extremely materialistic. "Is it that serious? That you're threatening me?"
"Very. You have two months."
Mani sighed as his grandfather handed the folder back to him. I guess I have no choice...
"Oh and, you'll be going to her school starting from tomorrow," grandfather added, loving how Mani flinched.

((SOrry it's a bit long :/ i needed to somehow put in the intro haha))

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 16 comments Nessa raised an eye brow as he talked than gave him a hard look when he called her honey and said that about not affording it. She let Colt growl at him this time as she turned to walk away than rolled her eyes "Asshole." she mumbled as she grabbed her two dog's leashes and began to walk again along the path that he went on. She didn't see him when she turned the corner, just a sleek black BMW. Nessa let out a sigh and continued to walk passing the car to get to the cross walk so she could go to her favorite dog friendly coffee shop.

(Haha no prob ^_^ )

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments ((Should we make this doubles? Like put in Nessa's guy crush who works at the shop and he's super nice and all, and then there is another girl who is Nessa's best friend or something who Mani starts to like, and then everything gets confusing and difficult?

or just time skip to next day lol))

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 16 comments (Uh I think just time skip cause I'm kind of confused by that and also I want Nessa to fall for Mani ^_^ )

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments ((Yeah it was a bit complicated haha))

Early the next day, Mani stirred from his bed in the worst of moods. He groaned, remembering where he would spending his day today and for the next two months. How was he going to make her like him? Especially when they just had a rather ..rocky start. During his pondering, someone rapped at his door loudly and yelled for him to get up like a sergant from WW2 calling for an emergency drill. He sighed, tumbling off his bed and sleepily pulling on clothes. He suddenly halted in the middle of his dressing. Was it a school for high-rollers or not? It would be better to blend in. No, wouldn't it be better to stand out? Well whatever he wore, no matter how much he down-played it, it was classy so screw it all. When Mani finished dolling up his hair and everything else, he ate a piece of toast, already late for school, and then was driven by his grandfather's body guards since he didn't trust that Mani would go to school. In the car, Mani tried not to think about school He had never been to school. He had a private tutor and finished his studies recently. But school couldn't be that hard right? It was just more people. he could handle this, he thought.

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 16 comments Nessa was woken up by a nudge and a bark causing her to groan before squting her eyes open to see Daisy, placing a hand on her muzzle. "Alright, alright I'm up." She grumbled as she got up any head to the bathroom taking a quick shower. After the shower she changed into this before heading down the stairs with that dogs in close presuit. In the kitchen she scooped food for the dogs as then sat an waited for her comand "Eat." She said net by dug in. She checked the time and could just make it to school so she grabbed a protein bar than her keys to her truck as she headed out the door. After a few minutes of driving she finally got to school, parking before heading into school. Nessa made her way through the crowd of people to her locker only to be tackled hug by her best friend and fellow gang member, Niall.

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