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i did it!

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments I was actually never on my phone. I was just too lazy :))) but thanks anyways good job

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments I'm sorryy

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youre forgiven. i was going to do it sooner or later

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments Exactly! So what do you want to rp?

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vampire/werewolf or one direction?

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat nooooooooooooooooooooooo

lets do bloody apocolypse! and if you want romance, then apocolypse survivors get to gether or they get with a zombie kinda like warm bodies but...bloodier..

or some kind of horror/ gore action (with romance since you seem to like it). eg. its a school with a rumour about kids disappearing and theres a creep ass language room or something and then youer a new student and you meet a student and you dont ralise they are tying to kill you kinda plot

oh but i just gave you a spoiler.. shite.. well..

WHAT ABOUT a plane crash on an unknown island and the suroviors later find out they are not on earth anymore because they just travelled through a dimension barrier and they are now stranded in a place where there are monsters trying to eat you and everyone gets killed one by one and the only way to escapse is to do something so yeah and there can be romance between some peeps.

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woah um maybe the apocalypse human/human? or maybe the humans are one direction? plzzz?

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments Yeah sure but why does it have to be one direction?

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it can be a girl and a one direction member!!

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments BUT CAN WE PLEASE NOT

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments I DONT LIKE CHERRIES

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY NO TO HOT DELICTABLE GUYS??

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments NOT IF THE GUYS ARE ONEDIRECTION

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments No don't make me do this

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please please

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments .....fine. but can only two of them survive and the rest die? can harry die? No don't ask. I'm killing him. and I'm killing Zayne.

And Leo.

And Tom.

Maybe the irish one. Oh wait yeah the irish one. But dude seriously, if we are going to do one direction then its mostlikely that my charrie will just kill them including self suicide if I happen to be one of them.

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harry, niall, zayn, louis and liam!!

YAY!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS DO IT!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU START!!

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments Calm your farm

Be Zen

Our character profile--screw it. just pick one of the dudes.

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harry styles.

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments Then....Zayne

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i'll start!

harry styles crawled out of the rubble of the studio that had been suddenly blasted to bits. he didnt knoww what happened. the moments before this happened were a blur for him. the earth had suddenly rocked and there was running and faitn sccreaming and then a brilliant white light exploded his vision. his skin burned and his hearing muffled. he could feel blood driping out his ears and beautiful nose. his hair was no longer puffy, but were damp with blood, still sexy like it was purposefely styled that way. he looked around, disorentated. he wanted explanations. he wanted his friends, his band members.

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments Zayn's eyelids drooped as he felt a warm wetness dripping from his shoulder which pounded with a dull pain. Before, it was unbearable. Now it was barely registered. Shallow breaths escaped him as he moved his gaze to the huge shard of cement digging into his body from above. He was trapped under a building--the studio he assumed in half hearted panic because he was losing consciousness quickly and he was starting not to care. Nothing was really in his mind. He just wanted to get out of this awkward and painful position.

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harry stood up and gingerly started to make his way around. he didn't know where the exit had gone. "niall?" he called out, moving some bricks. "liam?! guys?" he shouted and then he say a leg sticking out from underneath a slab of wall. he looked underneath and saw that zayn was hurt. he quickly moved the wall trapping him and then cradled zayn's body. "zayn, wake up! can you hear me?"

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments A sharp pain flared as he felt the heavy weight of the wall lift. He was sure his shoulder and right arm was smashed to resemble pulp. Out of the blue he heard Harry's voice. He felt relieved that he wasn't alone here and that Harry was still alive. "I'm awake and yes I can hear you. Stop shouting. It hurts," he replied in a groan-mumble. His eyes squeezed shut. He didn't want to look anywhere. His shoulder hurt so much.

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"I'm not shouting," harry said, hurt. he just wanted to help zayn. he didn't know he was being a bother. harry turned his face so zayn couldn't see his tears. "i haven't seen anyone else yet. you're the only one ive found. i think we are the only surviors."

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments "We need to find the others-" Zayn cut off, wincing. He could feel all the grit and poswer in his wound. Were bugs festering there? he didn't realise Harry was hurt. He just brushed it off. His eyes scanned Harry. He seemed healthy and able other than a slash on his head where blood had dribbled into his hair, making it stick together in puffy clumps. Zayn sighed. "Harry, you should find the others or just go. I can't move." He knew he couldn't get out of here. He felt like he was part of this building already--broken. Parts of his body were crushed into the ground. When Harry had lifted the wall, he was sure he saw some of his skin go with it.

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harry turned around to face zayn. "i'm not leaving you!" he demanded and grabbed zayn's hand. he didn't care that he was crying. he was so scared. he didn't want to see his band members or manager or anyone else dead. "please stay with me zayn. i'm not leaving you behind, ever. don't die. we're friends." he wiped his eyes and nose with his other hand. zayn looked so beutiful even when he was like this. harry kissed zayn on the lips.

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments ((what--isn't that a bit fast??))

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(no, why?)

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments ((Unless they were previously gay...?))

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(the harry here likes to be very feely)

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments ((but they KISSED.))

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(i thought this was romance? you don't like m/m?)

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments ((It's not that. It's just that it escalated really quickly and I was surprised.))

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(oh sorry. its your post next)

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments ((I don't think i can do this))

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(what do you mean?

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ichigo_menthol | 94 comments ((it's one direction. them kissing gives me reallyweirdimages. I just can't do fanfiction. i thought I could try it out but I really can't. I'm sorry :(( ))

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