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The Returned/Les Revenants TV series?
Katy Katy Nov 28, 2013 10:48PM
I recently started watching The Returned (Les Revenants) on Sundance. It's a French drama with an essentially identical plot (as far as I can tell, not having read the book). It originally aired in France in late 2012, and was based on a 2004 French film.
So I'm wondering if anyone has both read the book and seen the show and/or film. Because this book seems like a straight up rip-off, and I don't want to purchase it if it is.
I'm also curious about the TV show buzz, because there is also an English (though that might be British English rather than American) adaptation of the show in progress, and if the novel ISN'T original, it seems odd that that would be the medium they would work with.
Overall I'm very confused and it seems like something is a bit screwy here.

Having read the book and seen the show have to say that although the basic premise is the same, loved ones coming back from the dead, they are very different. I also found the show to be much better. It was beautiful and sad and moved me in many ways that the book didn't. My humble ice is to watch the show and forget the book. . . Not often I say that!

I'm totally confused too. I just started reading the book but haven't seen the show. I plan to go online and try and watch the first episode of the show. However, I did read about the show and from what I can gather it is very much the same plot line. The book opens with a couple being confronted with their son coming back from the dead. I read a synopsis of the tv show and it said the first episode of the show deals with a couple being confronted by their daughter coming back from the dead. Could it get anymore similar?

I am watching Ressurection now which was based on the book "The Returned" by Jason Mott. I read the book last month and I am finding the TV series to be a vague likeness of the book. There are several characters in the T V show that don't exist in the book. I enjoyed the storyline of the book but it gave no answers as to where the returned had come from or if they were zombies, aliens or just the dead person alive again. I hope the T V series has more of a theory about where they came from and why they came back..... I have also just finished watching "Les Revenants" in French (with English sub titles) on Studio Channel on Foxtel... I love this show! It is so much better than Ressurection and I can't wait for the second series.....

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Tara Oh I really hope season two starts soon. I cant wait :-)
May 26, 2014 03:54AM

I saw the French TV series, The Returned, which is based on a French movie called They Come Back. I loved the French TV series. I binged watched 7 of the 8 episodes in 1 day and saw the 8th the next day. Fantastic show. I have the movie at the top of my Netflix queue. Can't wait. I understand that there is a 2nd season of the French TV show. Eagerly awaiting to see what they do next.

I enjoyed the American version. Unfortunately, I believe it has been cancelled, just when it was getting interested.

The book - according to the date it was published - came after the French movie and TV series. So it is a rip off. I did not like the book. It was weak. Author just didn't know where to go with the story.

Katy according to my quick google, on May 8th, ABC confirmed that Resurrection was renewed for a second season. (I haven't watched most of it yet, it's sti ...more
May 26, 2014 11:00AM · flag

I just saw the trailer on TV here, the American made version version is starting in March and they've called it "Resurrection" (wonder why they changed the name?) and it seems to be 6 episodes.
It also looks like they have changed the story quite a bit.
Trailer link:

Katy wrote: "I recently started watching The Returned (Les Revenants) on Sundance. It's a French drama with an essentially identical plot (as far as I can tell, not having read the book). It originally aired in..."

Les Revenants tv series and movie compared to this book - book is blatant ripoff of the idea and some parts of the plot. Some characters are new, but basic plot is the same...

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