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Vera stood outside the house staring at it angrily. Her dragon nudged her forward," I don't see why I need to say hi." She said irritably at the dragon.

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Vera crossed her arms," Hello I am Vera." She said she shot a angry look at Fyra her dragon.

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" This jerk of a dragon is Fyra." She said pointing at Fyra. Fyra frowned and blew a small burst of fire at Vera

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" It is fine." Vera said uncrossing her arms slowly.

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Fyra bumped her head into Vera as she started to say no," Fine! I would love to come in."

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" The backyard if we must more escape routes." She said trying to joke. Fyra glared at her.

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" No I am just socially deprived as Fyra would say if she could say anything." Vera said. Fyra looked at her she jumped to were she stood and nipped her gently.

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" Thank you classic gypsy wear." She said pushing her sleeves up. Fyra walked over to the other dragon.

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Vera sighed," Sure lets go." She said and followed the other girl.

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Vera catches up with her." So nice house," Vera said.

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(( yeah how are you?))

Fyra walked up to Vera and lit her skirt on fire." Blast it Fyra! what the heck I was being friendly!" Vera yelled and beat the fire out.

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" Bah I am fine Fyra is just being a pain!" Vera said saying the last point angrily and aimed at Fyra. Fyra gave her a reproachful look and say down.

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(( sure that is fine Fyra is slow to love though))

" Just water please I am not hungry." She said and sat down on a stone bench.

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Fyra watched noticing that Midnight didn't want to eat but needed too. She cocked her head and walked over to midnight nudging him to try and get him to eat.

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Vera looked at them," Thank you yeah Fyra normally doesn't act that way." She said confused.

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" Nah I have my caravan and tent." Vera said," In love? Hmm."

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Vera sighed," I suppose I don't want to get killed in the middle of the night by Fyra I wouldn't be surprised if she did that." Vera said laughing.

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"I have my pad I will just sleep on the floor." Vera said.

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Vera smiled," Okay Fyra you were right this was not as bad as I thought is would be." She said. Fyra snorted bluish smoke curling up through her nostrils.

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"Oh that is cool Fyra is one of a kind her species are almost always green." She said stroking Fyra's head.

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" Cool I got her when I went to this other continent, I am a traveller and I needed a companion she was the best choice." Vera said continued stroking Fyra.

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Vera laughed," I wish I could say the same Fyra is the most stubborn aggressive dragon I know she has light me on fire at least five times." Vera said laughing as Fyra butted Vera's side.

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Fyra sat down on Vera's foot and flicked her tongue out.

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Fyra nuzzled Midnight and sifted off Vera's foot.

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Vera followed Sarah to the spare bedroom.

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" No it is fine." Vera said. Fyra stayed behind with Midnight.

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(( XD I had no control ))

Vera nodded," Thank you." She said,

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Vera nodded and walked back out of the room," So what now?" She asked.

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" Okay." Vera said and began following her.

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Vera nodded taking in all the information.

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" Yeah I am fine." Vera said glancing around nervously,

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" She is fine I don't like to sleep by her anyways she is a big kicker." Vera said.

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Vera shook her head," No it is I just never really sleep indoors, ever." She said shrugging.

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Vera nodded and began setting her tent up.

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