Divergent (Divergent, #1) Divergent question

Zero Zero Nov 28, 2013 09:26PM
ok. im eh with the cast of divergent. what do you guys think?

I like Shailene for Tris,I'm sure she'll do great.
Four is of course perfect <3.

I kinda like everybody...
Except the actors for Caleb and Peter. They just don't seem like them to me but maybe I'm wrong.
Can't wait for the movie.

I thought Four would be hotter?? I mean Theo James is hot but I pictured Four more good-looking. I thought Liam Hemsworth would have made a great Four, but he's doing Hunger Games. :( But I am sure Theo James will do great. The trailer was amazing.

I think theo james is ok.. Though he wasnt anything close to what i imagined.

i'm very happy with the casting of Four but not sure about tris... :(

Shailene Woodley is actually quite tall, but I'm sure she'll do amazing In the movies. Theo James as Four is just perfect, because Theo James is masculine and amazing like Four. Maggie Q is exactly how I imagined Tori to be...I'm kind of upset that Uri, Lynn, and Mar aren't in the movies, though!

I'm sure Shailene will be fine. She has a very young and innocent look about her, which is perfect for Tris. Theo James is going to be a great Four, even though he doesn't look exactly how I pictured Four. He's plenty hot, though.

I love Zoe Kravitz as Christina - even though I pictured Christina as a more dark-skinned woman, I just love Zoe Kravitz, period.

Maggie Q (flawless goddess) is a perfect, perfect Tori, Ashley Judd (bada$$ feminist hero) will be an awesome Natalie, and Tony Goldwyn (hottie) will be an awesome Andrew.

The only one I'm not super-enthused about is Ansel Elgort as Caleb. I like Ansel, but to me, he's much better suited to Augustus Waters than Caleb. Gus is so warm and open-hearted, and Caleb is so cold and mechanical. I'm not saying Ansel is a bad actor who can't play two completely different characters, just that I imagined a different look for Caleb.

I don't know about Shailene as Tris.

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