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message 1: by Alina (new)

Alina (alinapink-rose) | 1958 comments Okay, so I am in the mood for some more art around here. The title basically says the point of this, but I have couple of other requests.

- Has to be surreal based

- Can be surreal anything

- Due by January 1st ( yes a good long while)

- At least 3 surreal objects

And that is more or less the requirements. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

message 2: by Dana (new)

Dana (danachewy) | 345 comments AHH! I feel bad for never seeing this because now I only have like 2 days :((

Can you please extend it? I love surreal art <33 but I don't have time this week :(

Yeah if you can't that's okay too

message 3: by Alina (new)

Alina (alinapink-rose) | 1958 comments No problem! I don't think anyone's notice this one. It will be extended to Jan 15.

message 4: by Alina (new)

Alina (alinapink-rose) | 1958 comments Well, I guess I'll close this down, and think of a different contest.

message 5: by Dana (new)

Dana (danachewy) | 345 comments Oh my gosh, I'm really sorry. You might have noticed that I haven't really been active around here recently, and that's because my grandfather recently passed away.... So I haven't had much time. I'm really sorry I couldn't participate in your contest, especially after I told you I would D:

message 6: by Alina (new)

Alina (alinapink-rose) | 1958 comments That's alright Dana. I am sorry about your grandfather though! :'( I'll create another art contest, not sure when though, hopefully soon.

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