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Cari Quinn (cariquinn) | 2 comments Hi all,

I'm looking for a group of between 2-4 beta readers I can call on every few months over the next year or so to give me feedback on my books in my new erotic NA MMA series. The books are often quite dark (though not all of them will be) with some triggering situations (violence against women, etc.) I'd like the beta reports to be returned if possible within about 2-3 weeks.

As for what I'm looking for, I'd like reader feedback - what worked for you, what didn't, what you wished would have happened, if you liked the hero/heroine and that sort of thing. I'll be hiring an editor for the grammar type stuff, though if you see any plot holes, etc, feel free to mention them.

About me: I'm an erotic romance author of 20+ adult books dipping my toe into NA.

Sound doable? Please email me at cariquinnauthor at gmail. Thanks so much! :)

Cari Quinn

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 B.E.Love (belove) | 4 comments I just sent you an eamil:}

message 3: by Cari (new)

Cari Quinn (cariquinn) | 2 comments Thank you! I have a couple of beta readers now so I'm all set. I'll be contacting those who emailed me soon. I appreciate the responses! :)

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