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Cassie Oh sorry. And romance possibly?

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Cassie Hm.. No I didn't. Did you?

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Cassie Yeah I'll be the girl.

Name: Eleanor Thomas
Age: 15
Personality: Quiet, loyal, romantic, can be annoying if mad.

Could you also possibly use a picture for your person?

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Cassie Yeah that sounds good. Can you start?

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Cassie Okay.

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Cassie Eleanor was at her own locker, grabbing things for her Biology class. "Marissa you need to calm down, I think he was just talking to her as a friend.", Eleanor mumbled, not really into the conversation. Marissa, her best friend, sighed. "Eleanor you don't get it! She touched his arm and he didn't try to push it away!". Eleanor blew the hair out of her eyes, and put on her beanie she always kept in her locker on her head. "Whatever Marissa, I got to get to class, we'll talk about this later.", Eleanor hurriedly shut her locker, and headed in the direction of the class, rushing since she thought she was short on time. If she was late again, she would have detention for two weeks and she didn't need that.

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Cassie Eleanor was in such a hurry that she didn't even realize that she ran into a guy. Things went flying all over the floor, and the bell rang. She sighed in frustration. "My luck.", she muttered, but she smiled faintly at the guy. "It's no problem.", she said. also bending down to pick up their stuff. She was watching the guy out of the corner of her eye, seeing how he was wearing the same face expression. She realized papers were everywhere. She sighed again, she was definitely going to get detention now. She realized then they were also the only two in the hall. "Sorry I made you late.", she said quietly, handing him his stuff.

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Cassie As he saw the hall monitor, so did she. Her eyes grew wide, and she rolled her eyes. "Hey Liam.", she said, she knew the hall monitor pretty well by now. He was also her ex-boyfriend so it made it more embarrassing. He handed one to her first, smirking. "Eleanor.", he replied. Then he looked over at the cute boy standing next to her. He instantly sneered. "Here.", he said handing the boy it and he walked away. Eleanor side glance a look at the boy. "I..uh..Never caught your name?", she asked quietly. She was late for class so no use rushing to it now.

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Cassie "Eleanor.", she said, biting her lip. She wasn't surprised that he didn't know her name, not a lot of people did. She was the quiet girl in the back of class, who really didn't have a social life except for hanging out with her friends. She noticed how the boy had a cute smile, and she decided she would remember his name by with that smile. "Zane..", she said, trying his name out for herself. "I like it.", she said, then blushed at her sudden confidence. They stood there for a few more moments, and she said "I have to get to class..", she said, as she started to walk away.

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Cassie "Thanks.Um.. If you want to.. It doesn't matter to me.", Eleanor said, surprised by him offering. No one really ever talked to her, so it came as a big surprise when he offered. "I'm heading to Biology.", she said quietly, as she started to lead the way, wondering about what she should say, but couldn't think of anything to start a conversation in two minutes. The time till they reached her class. She never really talked to a guy other than Liam so she didn't know what to really say to another guy.

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Cassie "Oh really? I have Honors Lit, U.S. History, Journalism, Cooking, Trig.", she said to just name a few. She knew they had U.S History together, and from him saying that she realized he never paid her any attention. She let out a habitable sigh, and then closed her mouth immediately, and a light blush started to appear on her face. She didn't meet his eye contact, she didn't know if guys liked that or not. As they were climbing the staircase her hand brushed against his, and she blushed even more.

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Cassie "4th. I'm in your class.", she muttered, moving hair out of her face, her face still flushed. As they reached the top she saw her class, and bit her lip, wishing that she didn't had to go just yet. She started to walk a little bit more slower, hoping to just be able to walk with Zane for a bit more time. She looked at him as she reached the door, and gave a small smile at him as she walked in, and saw her teacher give her a look. She sighed again as she shut the door.

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Cassie ((Sure! (: ))

Eleanor walked to detention, feeling a bit giddy for the first time. Zane was going to be there. She ignored Marissa's calls from down the hall.She was on a mission. She turned sharply to the class marked for detention and walked in, noticing she was there first. She took a seat in the back, by the window. She was looking outside at the rain starting to come down as the other students who were there for the same reason as her flooded into the room, none of them talking to her. She didn't mind it though.

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Cassie "Hi.", she said, smiling at him, not meeting his eyes though. She loved watching the rain. She heard the door shut and she turned to look at him, and gave him another smile. "Once again, I'm sorry for having you get a detention.", she said softly, whispering so the teacher who was ahead of the detention didn't hear her. She had felt bad about it all day, but she was also looking forward to seeing him though.

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Cassie Eleanor just smiled, but her face was beat red. He had been staring at her. She smiled shyly again, and she looked down at her desk, bashful. She never had gotten attention like this from someone, not even Liam. She didn't even know why he was into her, and even IF he was. She was just totally guessing, having no clue if she was doing any of this right. She noticed his eyes for the first time, and her jaw slightly dropped. They were... powerful. To put it simply.

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Cassie Eleanor looked over surprisingly at him. "He's still talking to me?", she thought to herself. "Uh..Art.", she said. She knew she sounded lame, but it was the truth. "I like to read.", she said simply. She mentally face palmed herself, for sounding even more lame. She was extremely embarrassed now. She made herself seem like a lame old person. She looked away, not wanting to see his reaction.

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Cassie Eleanor didn't look at him, but just said quietly, "I just sketch and paint portraits of famous people for fun. I also am into abstract.", she said, Eleanor didn't want to see his expression. She instead flipped her head sideways, back towards the rain, her eyes dashing to the droplets sliding down the window. She had a distant look on her face. She knew she was being kind of rude, but really she was just shy. She didn't ever receive this much attention from a guy, even a cute guy! She had no idea what she was doing with him.

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Cassie Eleanor's eyes perked up, turning her head back to him. "You do?", she said, smiling. She didn't think a cute guy such as he would be into that type of thing. He seemed to be athlete, nothing close to a art lover as she. But she licked her lips, and said,"Could I..see?", she asked curiously, scooting over to be closer to him. She glanced up at the teacher in charge of the detention and noticed he was sleeping. She smirked, then looked back to Zane, waiting for his response.

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Cassie "Yes of course!", Eleanor said. She was so curious as to see what he drew and does draw. She reached out her hands to grab it, and she did. She put it under the desk, just so the teacher if he suddenly woke up wouldn't see. She flipped the pages, admiring each and individual page. She took peeks at him every once in a while, and then went back to it. " really good.", she whispered, as she gently shut the book, noticing how it was barely together, and set it in his lap, and smiled at him, shyly. She definitely wasn't as good as him she could just tell from the drawings he had done.

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Cassie "I would love to see your watercolors sometime.", she said, smiling at him. All of a sudden the teacher in charge of detention woke up, and looked around at the teenagers. "You may leave now.", he said, and went back to his computer. Eleanor gathered her stuff and whispered a good-bye to Zane, then headed out the door, quickly going out the double doors. She realized she forgot she didn't have a ride home. She never told her parents about detention. She had forged their signatures so that she wouldn't get in trouble. She was standing in the rain, every ounce of her skin getting soaked. She didn't mind. Not one bit.

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Cassie Eleanor turned around towards him, and nodded quickly, her body was freezing. She took his hand, then ran over to his truck, and once he had unlocked it got in. After she realized that she had grabbed his hand, she felt uber embarrassed. She was blushing like crazy, realizing how stupid she was for doing that. Her eyes scanned around the truck, looking at how old it was. She loved it. She could just sit here for hours, and wouldn't mind it. She loved old things. It was just what she was into. Her hands were gliding across her seat, admiring the leather of the seat. She didn't even realize he was probably watching her.

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Cassie (Yay exactly for visual aids!)

Eleanor nodded, looking at him. "I love it too.", she said, giving him a smirk, which was a first for her. She never really flirted with boys, only with Liam. "I can tell it has some history.", she said. She hoped he would drive slow, it would give her a chance to spend more time with him, and to possibly have him make a move on her. Which she was actually sort of hoping for. She slowly scooched over, so that their shoulders were touching. She was blushing, she was being such a flirt. Her hair was starting to dry as soon as she had gotten into the car, and was starting to curl, elegantly.

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Cassie (( It's okay!))

Eleanor smiled."Your dad has good taste then.", she also said quietly, feeling as if something will happen soon, like she just had this deep gut feeling. She bit her lip, knowing she might be pushing her limits a little bit, but she rested her head on his shoulder, her hands twindling together in her lap, nervously. She usually never made a first move like this, but something was telling her to. She wasn't about to meet his eye contact though. Zane was driving, and the deep red set in on her face was embarrassing for her. Her eyes instead were shifted at the windshield, looking out.

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Cassie "The apartments by the river.", she said quietly, as she felt like he wasn't interested. She lifted her head, and instead faced it toward the windows, feeling stupid. She felt like a little girl, and it made her feel really dumb. She bit her lip, and scooted away, and leaned her head against the window, watching everything fly by. It was relaxing, and it soothed her. She knew she shouldn't have done the first move, because it made her look like a fool. A ridiculous fool. She shut her eyes lightly.

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Cassie Eleanor opened her eyes, and looked over at him, her skin tingling from where he had put his hand on her shoulder. She nodded, "Sure.", she said, shocked. Maybe he did like her. She smiled, as she noticed he was driving slowly, and she smiled softly, proud. She bit her lip shyly, a smile on her face, but she didn't move back over to him. She had a feeling he was taking things slow and she was respecting him for that. It actually made him more likable to her. A guy that respects that is a very attractive quality to her, but her hand moved over on the seat, and rested there.

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Cassie Eleanor blushed, feeling shy. She tried not to laugh at his over excitement as she bit her lip. When his hand went into hers, she felt tingles and happiness. But as soon as he let go, all of those feelings disappeared. She tried not to show that she was sad about it, so she gave him a small smile. "Yes, that sounds great.", she said, noticing his attempt at trying to act normal once again. She smiled, as she noticed her apartment building was coming up. As he parked, she sat there for a few moments, and noticed he had a hair in his face. She slid over to him again, and gently pulled it away from his face, her eyes trying not to meet his, but they did and she melted when she saw his eyes. She stood there, frozen, her hand still in his hair.

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Cassie As she looked at him, Eleanor felt his own hand taking hers out of his hair. She felt for a moment like she did something wrong, that she had made a wrong move. She stared at him, wondering if he would kiss her. Her eyes slowly and gracefully blinked, as she licked her lips. When she saw him leaning in, she quivered. She didn't know what he was going to do. But she felt the light trace of his lips on her cheek, and just as quickly as it was there it was gone. Eleanor let out a shaky breath, nervous. As she noticed he was opening his door, she did as well. "Uhm..Uh..", she had lost her wording, and her cheeks blushed bright red. She didn't want to let go of his hand though, so as he scooted out of his seat, she scooted out of his door instead, slipping her backpack on her other shoulder, and shutting the door. Once, she was out, she shut his door, her hand still in his, and started to walk. She was still at a lost for words, as she opened the front door into the lobby, and looked at him. "Did you..uhm..want to go?", she asked quietly.

Her apartment building:

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Cassie Eleanor dropped her school bag and ran to him as he was getting to his truck. She grabbed his arm, and breathlessly stood there for a second, getting her breath. "I...Didn'", she said, as she looked at him, her arms gripping his shirt sleeve. "I..meant..if you wanted to leave you could. I wasn't forcing you.", she said quietly, as she looked away from him now, embarrassed. She felt like she was being a bit clingy, but she didn't want him to leave. She was alone every day, her parents only coming home on Saturdays and spending a weekend with her. They liked to travel, and they liked to pretend like they didn't have a teenage child at him, signifying their old age. "I'm uh, home alone till tomorrow at 8 in the night.. we'll be gone by then on our date and everything.. But did you want to spend the night in the spare room?", she asked quietly, as she looked over the water, knowing he would probably decline the offer.

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Cassie "I mean, I think so. The doorman watches out for me. Along with the staff. It's just.. Lonely.", she said, realizing she had done the wrong thing telling him, as she let go of his shirt sleeve. "I'm sorry.. I'll see you tomarrow though okay?", she said, trying her hardest to smile and make everything seem like it was okay, as she made her way back in the lobby, tears springing by her eyes, she had made a total fool of herself. She opened the elevator door, and hopped in. As soon as the doors shut, she turned around, and started to cry silently. She had felt like such a dork, such a loser asking him to stay. She had made herself seem clingy, desperate. Eleanor closed her eyes tightly, her hand grasping the rail.

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Cassie Eleanor made it to the apartment, and fell on the couch, and grabbed a blanket, and turned on the automatic fire place that her parents had installed. She had fell asleep eventually, and woke to a knock on the door. "Eleanor?", she heard a voice say. She got up and opened the door a crack. "Yes Jason?", she asked, looking at him. She didn't even care if she was a wreck, she just felt so alone. Jason was close to her in age, broad shoulders, dark wavy hair. He was in college locally. He handed her the piece of paper, and she shut the door, and looked at it. There was nothing written on it, just a number. Jason didn't say who it was from. She decided to call it, just curious. She grabbed her cell phone and dialed it, hearing it ring.

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Cassie Eleanor instantly recognized Zane's voice and said quietly, "Zane?", she squeaked out, her voice had cracked. She blushed ferociously mentally facepalming herself for sounding like an idiot. "It's Eleanor..I just wanted to let you know I'm okay.", she said quietly, as she watched the electric flames of the fire, the blanket wrapped around herself. She bit her lip, "I didn't mean to wake you up, or anything, at least, I hoped I didn't..", she rambled on, her face getting redder and redder, and it wasn't because of the fake heat radiating from the fireplace, oh not that.

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Cassie Eleanor took a moment to reply, thinking. "It's just lonely. I get spooked most of the time, being alone here.", she muttered, playing with them hem of her blanket, her eyes slowly blinking. She knew that she most likely had disturbed him, and she felt guilty. She noticed it still was raining, and let out a soft sigh, and then realized Zane was still on the line. "I wasn't sighing at you, I was just...sighing in general.", she said quickly, hoping she wasn't seeming like such a loner to him.

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Cassie Eleanor paused, trying to think of how to say it. "I'm alone..because my to travel a lot.", she said, biting her lip, as she walked over to the large window and looked out, seeing everyone pass by on the streets, and how the sky had already turned dark, and it was only 8:30. "Anyways, did you just want to uhm..come over and hang out?", she asked, trying to not sound so desperate, even though she really wanted him to come, she just felt like a more different person when she is around him, and it felt good to her.

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Cassie "We can keep talking if you want.", she said, smiling. She played with a strand of her hair nervously, wondering about what she should say next. "I'm uh...excited about tomorrow.", she said quietly, knowing she was sounding lame, and hated herself for sounding so ridiculously lame. She honestly didn't know what to say, but was hoping he could fill in the gaps for her. She never really liked talking on the phone, or even the idea of talking on a phone. She was much rather a person to person type thing. She only had the phone because her parents bought it for her to keep in check with her when they were gone. Eleanor walked back from the window, and once again sat on the couch, pursing her lips.

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Cassie Eleanor held in a giggle, she couldn't believe how undeniably cute he was being. "I don't actually. It's been about 4 months since my last relationship.", she said, wondering why he wanted to know. She didn't ask him though, she just assumed he was curious. She heard a knock on her door, and hurriedly said, "I uhm, have to go Zane but I will see you tomorrow.", she smiled. She hung up the phone and opened the door to Jason, and they sat down and started to watch a movie, their usual fun.

((Skip to date?))

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Cassie Eleanor walked out, in a black dress, simple yet elegant. She hoped she wasn't too overdressed, she wanted to make a good impression on Zane. She made it to his car, and opened the door and got in, really nervous. She was biting her lip, as she shut the door, and buckled in. "Hi.", she said quietly, smiling at him shyly. "Geeze, lame.", she thought, as she blushed a light shade and looked down at her feet, slightly embarrassed of herself.

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Cassie "I'm good.", she said, giggling. "And yourself?". She had noticed his eyes had grown wide and she felt suddenly self-conscious smoothing down her skirt. She bit her lip, as she clasped her hands together. As they started to drive toward the direction of town, she suddenly had butterflies in her stomach, which came as a surprise to her, since she never usually got this nervous. Eleanor stared out the window, trying not to think of how many possible ways she could probably mess up their date tonight.

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Cassie "I'm ready for it.", she said, laughing. But in reality, she was uber nervous. She was hoping to impress his friends, and hoping she could find a way for them to like her. Did she have to be quiet? Or did she have to be like one of the guys? She didn't exactly know. Eleanor finally decided on winging it. If they didn't like her.. it would be unfortunate, but if Zane liked her at the end of the night that was all that mattered to her personally. As they parked, she hopped out and walked to the sidewalk, and waited for him patiently, shifting her feet.

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Cassie Eleanor hesitated for a moment, but then slipped her hand into his, their hands intertwining. She was hoping she wasn't blushing. But with her luck she probably was, but she went along with it as she instantly squeezed his hand, she hadn't even realized she did it, but she looked at him and smiled, as they walked over to where his friends were, and she smiled at all of them, hoping she didn't look ridiculous as she ran a hand through her hair, and then looked up at Zane, letting him take the lead.

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Cassie Eleanor smiled, and nodded at all of them in return. "Hey.", she simply replied, blushing like mad. She smiled at Zane, then shyly looked down. She suddenly looked up when she felt a foot kick her, and she noticed Joey, eyeing her. She crinkled her eyebrows curiously, but just looked away, noticing that Rett hasn't said anything along with his date. Eleanor tried to not let it bother her, she wasn't going to take it personally. He and his date, a pretty girl who went to their school seemed to have eyes only for each other, and she understood. She looked down at her hands again, nervous about what she should say.

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Cassie Eleanor softly smiled, and whispered in his ear, "Well, I'm only here for you.", she said winking at him as if to lighten the mood. As Zane was talking to Logan again, Joey kicked her again. Eleanor ignored it, just thinking it was on accident, or was hoping it was at least. "It's perfect.", she replied quietly, her hand touching his arm, then blushing, she put it back in her lap. She really wasn't one for making the move in public, it just embarrassed her. She was having a bad case of being shy right now and she badly didn't want to seem like a shy person, but she had the feeling that that was the case right about now.

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Cassie Eleanor had butterflies fly in her stomach when she felt his thumb rub against her hand. She smiled softly, and looked right back at him, nodding. "Okay.", she said, as she heard the boys joking. She smiled again, as she played with a strand of her hair, listening to the conversation rather than adding to it, it was just what she does. People always told her she was a good listener, and it was a quality about her she liked the most, that she can listen to peoples' problems and help them with her. She was always thinking of going into the therapist field all the time for her professional profession when she grew up.

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Cassie Eleanor let out a laugh. "I see Logan doesn't mind getting a little personal.", she said, index finger and thumb a little bit apart. She knew why they were seeing that particular movie, and she honestly didn't mind. It was the perfect opportunity for her to get closer to Zane in the dark. And just like that all their food came and Eleanor digged into her burger, "Mhmmm" ing at how good it was. And it WAS. She smiled at Zane, as she noticed a little bit of ketchup at the corner of his mouth and took her finger and gently rubbed it off, her cheeks turning a light shade of pink as she turned away again. She noticed Joey kept staring at her, and she had began to slowly become uncomfortable.

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Cassie When Zane had raised his voice, Eleanor looked at him in shock, then set down her burger, her appetite gone. "I'm..uh..done.", she said quietly to Zane, as she wiped her hands off on her napkin and sat back. She's never seen Zane like that, and to be quite honest, it sort of scared her. She got out of the booth, and looked over and said, "I'm going to the bathroom.", she said, as she quickly hurried off, her hands starting to shake. But instead of going to the bathroom, she headed out of the restaurant, and into Zane's car. Luckily he had it unlocked, and she got in, and sat in there. She might have been over-reacting, but it hit a little too personal at home for her, the raising of voices. She put her head in her hands, trying to calm down.

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Cassie "It wasn't you.", she replied, barely audible. She picked her head up, and looked at him. "I..just..don't like it when people raise their voices." Eleanor didn't want to get into why, she didn't want to fully share her personal life with him just yet. "Could..we..just go on a drive instead of the movie?", she said. She didn't really feel like going in back there and having to face all of his friends again and having to explain what happened. She honestly just wanted to be with him, and only him. She also really just felt like leaving the place also.

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Cassie "That's fine.", she said, as she sat up then and leaned her head against the window. She wrapped her hands around herself, and looked out. She felt horrible. She must seem like such a centered person, who only thought of themself. She felt like she had let Zane down, and she didn't want to do that but she had no choice. She couldn't take that guy staring at her for one more moment, and his friends completely ignoring her didn't really bother her. She just wanted it to be the two of them. She didn't really feel like herself around other people, but with him, she felt like she could fully be herself and it felt good. Free, even.

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Cassie "There's this, uh, hill place we could park?", she offered. It was actually a make out place, but she knew that they would actually talk and then make out, or maybe they wouldn't do anything. And that slightly disappointed her, but she knew she didn't of course want to rush anything. But she wanted him to kiss her. She just had this feeling that she wanted him to. But she wouldn't pressure him, she wasn't about doing that. She smiled at him innocently. "I think it's called Lovers Peak?", she said, trying not to laugh at that name. But it was hard not to, it was so corny.

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Cassie Eleanor bit her lip, blushing embarrassingly as she shook her head no. Liam had requested on numerous times for them to go up there, but she never let him take her up there. She had known it was for sex, and making out. She wasn't completely ready for that. But something had felt different with Zane. Everything did. She herself felt like she was ready for it. She had this hope inside her that it was going to go well, and that it was going to be a memorable experience. She played with her hair, as she turned to look out the mirror, watching as they started to drive up to it, her heart racing.

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Cassie When the engine had gone off, she bit her lip, suddenly nerves getting the best of her. Eleanor smiled at Zane, also knowing what was coming. She didn't exactly know if she should move over, or how he wanted to do it. But she confidently scooted over a little bit, but leaving enough space between them that he could take the lead. She didn't exactly want to pressure him, and so she thought by taking this tiny step, it could give him the space to come up with what he wanted to do. She had her hands clasped in her lap, as a light shade of pink started to show on her cheeks. She had been looking down in her lap shyly, but then she looked up at him, her eyes hopefully speaking volumes to him that her words couldn't.

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Cassie Eleanor nodded. "It's a really great view.", she replied. She took a deep breath, as she felt his arm behind her. She smiled, her shoulders untensing, as she moved a strand of her hair away from her face. She looked up at him, finally realizing for the first time how blue his eyes really were when you had gotten this close to him. Her breath hitched in her throat as she couldn't move her gaze from his beautiful- wait did she really just think that? "Y-You have such blue eyes.", she said quietly, then also herself mentally face-palmed herself. She definitely just had said the most dumbest thing you could possibly say, but it was what came first to her mind in the moment.

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