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I didn't forget about you I promise. Are you up for AngelXDemon?

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments I didn't forget about you either. Sure:)

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Do you play doubles?

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Yes I do

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:) Yay do you have a plot idea?

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments I don't have any but I can think of one?

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Maybe we can just do a angels and Demons war and our characters are like sworn enemies but the angels end up being caught by the demons so they have to escape before they loose their family and the war?

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Sure sorry if it takes me a while I go in the order I get the reply.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments It's all good, I might disappear cause it's late.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Forgot to ask for characters how detailed and should we do one girl angel and one boy demon or switch? For doubles?

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Oh I think for this that the guy should be angel and the girl a demon. :) That would make things interestin in my oppinion.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Sure we can do that.... Like one of us has a demon girl and angel guy and the other has a demon boy and angel girl?

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I guess so

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Okay so do you want to be the demon girl and angel boy?

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Yep :)

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Cool:)

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:) Okay you want to make your characters.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Okay

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{Name} Nathan Lee
{Species} Angel

{Name}Marissa Jones

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments I'm almost done with mine

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Name: Lovelle Thomas

Age: 22

Gender: Female


Personality: she's a kind, gentle, calm angle that won't let anyone she loves get hurt. But she's also kick ass, and fierce.

History: Lovelle lost her brother tommy when he died in a fire when she was just a kid, she blames herself for it and hasn't ever let her guard down. She helps with the warm and doesn't like any demons.

Job: Protector, Angel, fighter

Skills: Lovelle has been good with weaponry, fighting, swords, bows, and pretty much strategy.

Relationship Status: Open


Name: Kragen Anderson

Age: 24

Gender: Male


Personality:he's cruel and pretty my as evil as everyone else.

History: Kragen has been a hard core fighter for years and hasn't ever lost a fight. His dad was general for the demons his mom was a fallen angel. He hates them and everyone else he sees. He only gets along with demons and hates angels.

Job: Guard, leader, being a demon

Skills: Sword fight, torture, running, fighting, climbing, Weaponry, leading, and attacking anyone.

Relationship Status: Open


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You want to start please?

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Sure

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Thank you very much

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Lovelle glanced around the forest where she was asked to watch place unless any demons came. She took a sip of her water first before getting up slipping her bag on spreading her wings ready to fly the border. No demons would get passed her. She goes over to Nathan.

Kragen watched for any angels ready for a good fight that's what he's been waiting for. He hasn't had a good fight yet. He looked over at Marissa.

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((the romances are AngelXangel and DemonXdemon then))

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments ((Okay))

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((No I was asking. LOL sorry forgot the question mark))

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments ((It's fine I understand yes we can do that for romance))

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Nathan was having a very pleasant day taking patrol of the border between heaven and hell. For the first time he came across one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen before in his whole life. "Hello there." He said looking at her with his gentle dark eyes. He was an archangel and this wasn't very hard to realize because of his beautiful grey wings.
Marissa was a beautiful young demon that honestly could careless about the very horrible war that was going on until she accidentally bumped right into Kragen.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Lovelle looked up at Nathan shyly. "Hello," she said so politely to him. His wings were beautiful she never thought that she'd meet an archangel before. Her white wings showing as they were glowing lightly. She noticed he was so handsome she never expected to see any as beautiful as him before.


Kragen turned to Marissa when she bumped into him accidentally. He was amazed by her beauty. She was so elegant like for a demon it mesmerized him. She was amazing. "I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention." He said to her.

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Nathan looked at her seeing how her wings lit up lightly behind her. This made him smile because it made her look so darn beautiful. "My name is Nathan." He introduced himself.
"It's all good." she said looking up at him.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Lovelle looked up at him he was handsome really handsome that caught her a bit off guard. "My name is Lovelle." She said to him politely and softly thinking of how bad it is to get distracted but it seemed to be a good distraction.


Kragen nodded looking at her. She was so beautiful. "I'm Kragen..." He was so shocked he forgot if he knew her or not. He just knows she's a demon that's all he can tell.

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oh my god I remember this one we just didn't figure out a plot for it.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Yeah it was hard to do

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yeah I realized that it gets hard when we don't have a plotline

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments So true

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JanelleJasmine | 7 comments Hey this is my second account just in case something happens to my first one.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4927 comments Yeah can I join the other group just in case.

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What might happen?

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