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What if?

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This is a gam where everyone asks a question, and then the next person answers it and leaves their "WHAT IF?" You can look at other What if games if you don't understand

What if Mina wasn't a Grimm?

Juniper okay i'll bite. if Mina wasn't a Grimm the book would be absolutely pointless. lol.
What if Nan was fae?

 Bella Marie who's Nan??I cant rembember.....

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Really? Depending on if Nan wanted to help Mina with her quest, she would probably guide Mina to the Fae plane and help her defeat as many tales as she can... But if she DOESNT want to help Mina, she would probably kidnap her and take her to the Queen and Teague.

What if the Story didn't protect Mina's loved ones?

P.S.- IK the book would be pointless... It was the first question tat popped into my head.

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Bella wrote: "who's Nan??I cant rebember....."

Nan is Mina's BFF, Charlie's Honorary Sister, Brody and Valdemar's Ex, and Daughter of Dr. Martin and Veronica Taylor. Do I need to Continue?

Juniper huh. If The Story didn't protect Mina's loved one the series would be far more tragic. Mina would be a gloomy person.
What if...Peter's kiss had awaken Nan?

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Mina would not NEARLY be a sheet broken about "breaking up" with Brody. She wouldn't have to be with him nearly as much.

What if Mina didn't find the grimoire?

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BTW-thanks Alicia for helping me out with the What if game

Juniper You are welcome
And if Mina had not found the grimoire we would never have met Jared. Then there would be no point to life.
What if...Charlie really had died?

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I WOULD DIE!!! But Mina might not have had the will to go on and finish the tales....

What if the story erased Mina's memory instead of her loved ones

Juniper Then she would have to learn about being a Grimm, that was stressful enough the first time around. She wouldn't be such a sob about Brody. She wouldn't remember Jared. It would just be pretty darn odd.
What if...she had never met Nix?

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Good point... If she didn't meet nix, she probably would have died. Literally. No story. No Jared and Mina. No Sara and Charlie. No man or Brody or ever or ANYONE! Mina would have drowned and goodbye story.

What if Jared and Teague didn't Seperate

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Juniper that's what i was thinking, but i thought i would ask anyway. Teague would have started some kind of war, being the evil mastermind he is. Maybe bring more fae to the human plane. Since he knew Jared would fall in love with Mina, He obviously loves her. So my guess is he would try to claim her as his queen, she'd say no (cause he's evil), he'd get mad, then torture her family 'til she agrees to marriage. This has so may possibilities SORRY! I HAVE AN OVERACTIVE IMAGINATION!!!

What if...Ever was in love with Jared?

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....No comment:)

I'm just kidding. I have to agree there are WAY to many possibilities. Oh well but if ever was in love with Jared, the whole plot would have to be redone. I think she was in love with him in a way because she constantly wanted to be with him and go on dates and get a restraining order for Mina, but she may have been more in love with the idea of him, rather than actually him, JARED! Also, I noticed she didn't really fight him over the seam ripper... RANDOM ONSERVATION!

What if Nan could tap Dance?

Kidding, again!

But really, what if Charlie wasn't effected by the curse, and he had to complete the tales?

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Also, your profile pic is exactly how I looked at the end of fable!

Juniper dude. i so want you to be my best friend!
Well Teagues whole plan was conjured just for Mina. But if Charlie had to complete tales I think he'd be good at it.

What if...Sara did not know anything about her husband ancestors?

Sidebar: Did you hear about the fractured fairy tales deal going on tomorrow?

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If Sarah didn't know anything about her husbands ancestry, Mina would probably be walking around in the dark, wondering why in the name of god donkeys, dogs, chickens, cats, and other animals were following her around. Also, Mina probably would have started to deny the facts and the story would probably kill her.

What if fable was the end if the series?

Juniper Oh em gee. Don't even talk like that. If Fable was the end of the series I would die. It can't just end there. that would be awful.

What if...Mina kills Teague/Jared? What if Chanda really does it, has her kill him?

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I don't think Mina really is/will kill Tared (That's what im calling him from now on, its getting annoying to keep saying Jared and Teague), she doesn't have the heart. Im sure Chanda will find a way to keep mina from killing her possible boyfriend lol.

What if Savannah went into a coma instead of Nan?

Juniper hmm. If Savannah was the one to end up in a coma, Mina would help, but she would be annoyed by it.

What if...Beauty and the beast had been one one Mina's quests?

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Brody would probably be the Beast in a way... Probably be really mean and isolated to everyone, but not turn into an actual cat/bear/lion/I have no idea. I think he would probably be the beast, since hes in the story a lot.

What if the Juniper Tree story was in the Book?

P.S. You may want to look it up b4 you answer. lol

Juniper haha. I just read it. Sometimes I forget how morbid Grimm Fairy tales are. Honestly, I have no idea how that would work into the story...

What if...there was another Grimm.

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Alicia wrote: "haha. I just read it. Sometimes I forget how morbid Grimm Fairy tales are. Honestly, I have no idea how that would work into the story...

What if...there was another Grimm."

What do ya mean? Like Mina had a cousin or a sister or something helping her with the tales

Juniper Yeah, along the lines of that.

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Oh. Well Jared probably wouldn't have been so involved because he revealed the "human part" (I forgot how they phrased it) to Mina and not her dad or uncle. She and him wouldn't fall in love and then we wouldn't want to read #4... The story probably wouldn't have been as good because it would focus on 2 characters instead of 1

What if Charlie had a Fae twin?

I honestly couldn't think of any other questions :)

Juniper it think he phrased it as his 'true form'.
Haha. Fae twin? I'm running out of what if's too. If Charlie had a fae twin #1 that would not make any sense. #2 I think he would be a bad influence of Charlie.

What if...Nan knew about Jared and Mina'd feelings for each other? Wouldn't that be interesting?

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It would! I feel like Nan would find a way to set them up or move from the lunch table w/ brody. But Ever wouldn't budge and it would be awkward for Nan and Brody. Alone. At a lunch table. AWKWARD. not. idk, Nan would try to "help" one way or another.

What if.. uhhh... *scratches invisible stubble*... *cough*... uhh... If ... I DONT KNOW OK? How bout "what if Mina could sense the Fae around/ could remove Fae glamour?"

Lily Then she would be hated in the fae world.

"What if Jared ended up dating Ever?"

(the answer is i would kill ever.)

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M I don't think that would happen but then he wouldn't be so focused on protecting Mina and she would die.

What if the story didn't erase the memories of Brody, Man, etc.

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Kat The the book would be quite dreadfully akward! (and Mina and others would be hurt and torn to peices by the pain of losing loved ones aka Brody- the jerk)

What if Charlie talked the whole time?

Juniper Then life would be so much less complicated right now. They would have been able to capture Teague, save Charlie, and Mina and Jared would live happily ever after.

What if...Brody was actually fae?

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