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message 1: by Mark (new) - added it

Mark Brady | 6 comments Hi all,

Can you please add the following covers:

- Links to original cover graphic on publisher site supplied for each below.
- Once there, click on "Front Cover" hyper-text link to the left of each page listed (under the small cover graphic). Then save as.

* * *

Given the Choice by Susan Sellers.
(ISBN13: 9780957315563)
Given the Choice
Link to Book Info and Graphic - Publisher Site - GTC

Wingspan by Jeremy Hughes.
(ISBN13: 9780957315587)

Link to Book Info and Graphic - Publisher Site - WINGSPAN

Word on the Street by Romy Wood.
ISBN13: (9780957315525)
Word on the Street
Link to Book Info and Graphic - Publisher Site - WOTS

Tregarthur's Promise by Alex Mellanby.
(ISBN13: 9780957315549)
Tregarthur's Promise
Link to Book Info and Graphic - Publisher Site - TP

Looks like there are two duplicated entries for Tregarthur's Promise listed on Goodreads (one with cover and one without). I see that it's the publication date that might have caused it. To confirm - the official publication date was October 1st 2013. Cover link above if you need it. These entries can be merged.

No idea why some of our title graphics came through and others didn't! All coming through the same Ingram/Neilsen meta-data channels.

Many thanks for your assistance. Keep up the great work!

Best wishes,

Cillian Press - Publisher for all books listed above.

message 2: by Feliks (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) 'hyper-text'?

message 3: by Renee (new)

Renee do you want to include all the editions?

message 4: by Mark (new) - added it

Mark Brady | 6 comments Re: 'hyper-text'?: - By clicking the links above it brings you to each book page at the publisher website. Clicking on the 'Front Cover' link brings up the Full resolution graphic (JPG) file.

Although, this might be easier - these link directly to each cover images:

Cover for Given the Choice

Cover for Wingspan

Cover for Word on the Street

Cover for Tregarthur's Promise

Re: do you want to include all the editions?
editions/additions? These are all first editions and recently published. Covers image just need to be added to the first three. The last one - Tregarthur's Promise has a duplicate entry and need to be merged. I have included the link to its cover image as the correct entry with a publication date of Oct 2013 does not currently have an image. So you may or may not need this.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes, Mark

message 5: by Renee (new)

Renee Yep, all of the above should be done. There seems to be an error either with the goodreads system at the moment or with the e-book ASINs because they wouldn't allow me to add the editions of those books with their ASINs.

I have added the covers and the editions of the books.
On goodreads we use the term 'editions' for different formats of the book. e.g. ebook, paperback. etc.

Let me know if anything needs adding/changing/fixing.

Thanks :)

message 6: by Mark (new) - added it

Mark Brady | 6 comments Renée - You're a star! Thanks for being super efficient! I see now what you mean regarding editions. All looking perfect now.

Many thanks again, Mark

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