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Matheus Melo | 4 comments um this book has been stuck in my head foerver its about a boy and a girl that dies in a car crash and they are stuck in limbo they wake up i think 3 years after there deaths but they dont know there dead until they met this girl that lives in the trees they take a journey to new york but they cant touch anything that has life per say they cant touch the road and they start sinking if they do they make it to new york and they see that the twin towers are there and they met up with the leader and that all i remember please help

message 3: by Matheus (new)

Matheus Melo | 4 comments oh yes thats the one thanks a ton

Kagama-the Literaturevixen | 602 comments Matheus wrote: "oh yes thats the one thanks a ton"

Youre welcome :)

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