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ally p's final book review

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Ally | 5 comments Mister Death's Blue-Eyed Girls
In this book, a 1955 suburban murder is told mostly from the point of the view of a friend of the two victims and the suspects. It deals with a real murder experienced by the author, Mary Downing Hahn, as she was coming of age in a similar time and location.
The main character, Nora, whose point of view is most often used, is based upon Hahn herself, as she reveals in the afterword. She is best friends with Ellie, the friend and neighbor of the two victims, Cheryl and Bobbi Jo.
I loved this book. Hahn's writing style, as always, is impeccable. By referencing other literary works for the title (it comes from an e e cummings poem) and using multiple points of view (therefore providing different opinions on the events), she created a colorful work that is readable for anyone high school or above. Compared to MDH's other work, I liked it, a lot more. I read a few of her middle-grade novels in fifth and sixth grade, but her trademark interwoven plots were a bit above my level then. However, in this book, it was perfect. To have the coming-of-age of Nora layered with the investigation and murder made a great balance.
My absolute favorite part was the e e cummings poem that served as a symbol and a title. (view spoiler)
Overall, this was an amazing book. I'd recommend it to anyone, even those who aren't into true crime or realistic fiction.

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Bridgette Gallagher | 27 comments Mod
This sounds so good!

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Ally | 5 comments Bridgette wrote: "This sounds so good!"

IT WAS!Highly recommended

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