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message 1: by Justin (last edited Nov 28, 2013 04:39PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
This is next month's tie breaker winner, until it starts feel free to discuss the author, cover, expectations of this book, etc........

message 2: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments I'm excited about this one! I love the cover. Definitely grabs your attention and very gruesome.

Andy (manicsloth) | 787 comments Reminds me of Leatherface... I hope there will be banjos and moonshine.

Robert Krone | 157 comments I am excited to read this one, have had it high on my TBR since getting a copy of the Black Voltage edition published by Thunderstorm Books off of eBay for a great price!

I have never read anything from William Ollie before, but I have a good feeling about this one and am assuming very good things since the reviews of the book I have read compare it something from Laymon, whose work I have loved so far.

Absolutely love the cover and agree that it grabs the attention and makes it seem like it will be a vicious and gruesome read.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
I have heard over and over that it is reminiscent of laymon and my favorite laymon books are his camping novels. I haven't even read the description but I think it is about a camping trip in the mountains right? I also love the cover.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
25% spoilers from here.

message 7: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments I'm not sure. I think there is a group of people heading into the mountains to look for someone but I could be wrong.

Andy (manicsloth) | 787 comments Yeah! Its been awhile since I've been in on a BR (Buddy Read)!

Andy (manicsloth) | 787 comments 25% by the end of the week?

message 10: by Justin (last edited Dec 02, 2013 09:32AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
You can discuss up to 25% all week while the thread title says 25%. on Sunday I will change the title to 50% and we will discuss the first 50% all next week the following week will be 75% And then 100% and the week after that when the following months group read starts I will move the thread to the archived group reads folder so it can be discussed with full spoilers at any time in the future.

message 11: by Justin (last edited Dec 02, 2013 09:44AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
I will start it tonight and probably be ready to discuss the first quarter tomorrow. You can start discussing it whenever you get there though. Usually the conversation is mostly dead by Thursday or Friday so I will start reading again at that time and be ready to discuss the next section as soon as it changes. The only rule is not to discuss further than the title says unless of course you haven't read that far and are just predicting what you think it's going to happen.

message 12: by Robert Krone (new) - added it

Robert Krone | 157 comments I was going to start reading this last night but have been sick so there was no way I could concentrate on reading anything. Hopefully I will be able to start tonight. I'll be reading the Thunderstorm Black Voltage edition, which has added short stories and such, so will probably have to guess on the % read, but that's ok

message 13: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments Hope you're feeling better Robert. I will probably start tonight as well, after Hostages. You're edition sounds neat:) Is it paperback?

message 14: by Justin (last edited Dec 02, 2013 01:49PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
when I hit 25% I will try to remember to throw a chapter Mark out there for you. I just started it now but so far so good.

message 15: by Andy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Andy (manicsloth) | 787 comments Cool, I'll try to start tonight as well.

message 16: by Robert Krone (new) - added it

Robert Krone | 157 comments I am definitely feeling better than last night Addy, thanks. Should hopefully be able to concentrate enough to read this. If I had to be worried about getting grossed out by things I may wait since I am definitely not at 100%, but that isn't something I need to worry about.

The edition I have is a very nice looking and well produced hardcover limited edition, my favorite kind of book to read. I think the original price was $75, with only 60 numbered copies of that edition. Pretty sure that edition was sold out before being announced even. Luckily I found it much cheaper on eBay earlier this year I think, thanks to some Christmas money that I got last year.

Thanks Justin, that should be helpful.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
25% is chapter 11. So far it is not what I expected but I am enjoying it, there are a lot of characters and we are still just getting to know them all without much else going on but it is good nonetheless. I don't see any resemblance to a laymon novel yet either.

message 18: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments Ah limited editions. I have yet to own one. Aren't they pricey?

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
Unless you get them on eBay.

message 20: by Robert Krone (new) - added it

Robert Krone | 157 comments Addy wrote: "Ah limited editions. I have yet to own one. Aren't they pricey?"

Yes, they definitely can be pretty pricey, sometimes pricier on eBay than direct from the publishers depending on the books. For example, the signed limited edition of the 25th Anniversary of Stephen King's It that was published by Cemetery Dance cost me $475, but if I had chosen to sell it shortly after getting it I could done so for close to or over $1,000. I was a little tempted to do that, but thankfully I didn't need the money bad enough to do that. Will most likely never be able to afford to drop that much money on a book again though. Most limited editions can be gotten for under the cover price though on eBay. I have a pretty good amount of limiteds now and was definitely able to grow it as quickly as I did because of eBay and the bad economy. Most limited books don't cost nearly that much though, that is for sure. Most from Cemetery Dance cost $40-50 with some cheaper and some more expensive, which obviously cheap, but I'd rather pay that than $20-something or more for a trade hardcover from one the mass marketers, or paying $10 or more for a digital book that I can't actually hold. I also tend to be old-fashioned and prefer my music on a CD instead of downloaded, so that might also play a role in my preferences. Unfortunately I can't really afford these limited editions like I used to, at least not right now.

Was able to get a start on The Mountain tonight. Just the first chapter so far, but I definitely enjoyed it and look forward to reading more later today

message 21: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments Thanks for letting me know. Don't think I'd be able to afford such an investment. It's pretty cool to have, I imagine. To have something worth that much. If I could collect anything, it would be books. So do u even read editions like that?

message 22: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments Sorry for going off topic. I didn't even know about special edition hard covers til recently when I was shopping at the cemetery dance website. Okay, back to the book!

message 23: by Robert Krone (new) - added it

Robert Krone | 157 comments Depends on the person really when it comes to reading them. I will read or at least intend to read a majority of my limited editions, though I will never read the one I have that is signed by Stephen King. Basically if there is a chance it will be worth a lot more than what it costs then I won't read it. The production values of most small press book is much better than the books you can typically find at Barnes and Noble, but they definitely cost more for the most part. I didn't know about the special edition edition hardcovers until maybe 4 years ago. Wish I had known of them earlier as I definitely missed out on some books I'd love to have now that cost a lot more than what they originally cost when they came out.

message 24: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments Cool. Thanks for the info Robert. Its interesting. You definitely have a special book there, and Stephen King too!

I started The Mountain last night and for me, I felt a little tribute to laymon in the beginning with the mountain man shooting arrows and killing the woman. I couldn't believe the guy was cashing in in an insurance policy. That's something laymon might write...we'll see. I'm liking it so far.

message 25: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments Ok. Made it a little past 25% because I couldn't help myself. Its getting pretty good. This little mountain town has alot of secrets and Traber is such a doofus. Can't stand him.

message 26: by Robert Krone (new) - added it

Robert Krone | 157 comments Almost at 25%, stopped at chapter 10 since it is longer than then previous ones and I won't be able to concentrate on it with the pain meds I am about to take, lol.

Definitely liking the story so far. Chapter 1 definitely reminded me of something like Laymon. Liking getting to know the players in the story and wondering what is coming up. I can definitely see this turning into something Laymon would have written one Mark and Eddie get to the mountain.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
Other than myself, Andrew, Robert, and addy, is anyone else reading this? That is kind of a crapy turn out considering it got 10 votes.

message 28: by Matt (new)

Matt (nemesis0) | 404 comments I was going to participate, but i decided against it because i wanted to work on getting my to read list down some. If i get this new job soon i won't have as much reading time as i do now.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
What kind of job are you going for?

message 30: by Matt (new)

Matt (nemesis0) | 404 comments repairing electronics and i'll still be taking a couple classes in school.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
Well good luck, hopefully the pay difference is worth the loss of reading time. I think you have told me before but what are you going to school for?

message 32: by Matt (new)

Matt (nemesis0) | 404 comments Electronic engineering.

Also i think we hijacked the monthly read thread.

Sorry everyone else.

message 33: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments That's ok matt. I hijacked it

message 34: by Kate (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kate | 1106 comments Mod
Good luck with the job, Matt!

I've just started this, great starting chapter. Glad Harold got his come uppance.

Scott (ttownscott) Just starting this evening. Looking forward to catching up

message 36: by Robert Krone (new) - added it

Robert Krone | 157 comments Made it up to chapter 11, which is 27% in the Thunderstorm Books edition I am reading. Definitely enjoying the book, and while it doesn't remind me much of Laymon yet (Other than the first chapter), I can see it going in that direction, including potentially involving Mark and Eddie bringing a couple women with them into the Mountain, possibly in search of the missing woman. I'm also guessing we will discover the fate of this missing woman.

Now to decide whether to read further tonight like I am tempted, or continue where I left off on And the Mountains Echoed before NaNoWriMo. Most likely I will go with the latter idea.

message 37: by Andy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Andy (manicsloth) | 787 comments I'm here. My divorced parents each remarried within 7 days of one another, WTF! One last Saturday and one this Saturday, both out of state. Needless to say, I've been busy.

I read the first chapter and am intrigued. I just finished a very tame Laymon book by Laymon standards, so I appreciated the up front brutality.

Off to bed for a few more chapters before sleep.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
50% spoilers from here out.

message 39: by Robert Krone (new) - added it

Robert Krone | 157 comments A couple chapters into the next 25% and definitely see more of Laymon in this, and looks like I was right about the girls coming with them, though not in the way I mentioned. I do hope the missing girl comes into play at some point though.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
I liked this section, there was a lot more action in it but it still isn't what I was expecting. I can see some similarities to laymon but I don't think I would compare them on my own. Now that the mountain men have come into play I think the next section will be even better than this one.

message 41: by Andy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Andy (manicsloth) | 787 comments I've just reached 25%. Enjoying the characters so far. There are quite a few for such a short time, but they are distinct enough to follow. I liked the bar scene where he was jamming with the band. Seems like the author knows about cars, guitars and other cool $h!t.

Scott (ttownscott) I hit 50% tonight. I like as Andrew said that there are so many characters. But it's looking like a lot of them are "Red Shirts".
This book is reminding me of The Summer I Died

message 43: by Andy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Andy (manicsloth) | 787 comments 52%. Lots more action towards the end of this one. The brutal stuff is well written, but hasn't had the same visceral effect on me as others like Off Season, The Girl Next Door, The Summer I Died, and even certain Laymon books. Its either because I'm not relating to the characters as much or because I'm just desensitized.

I wish that the mountain clan freaks had been introduced more clearly. Besides the giant, they are all blending together for me.

Scott (ttownscott) Yeah, the mountain clan guys blended together to me as well.

I'm curious to see what happens when the search party starts traipsing through the woods looking for the lost girl.

message 45: by Andy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Andy (manicsloth) | 787 comments I'm not sure if Mr. Sheriff is going to get around to organizing a search party. The only people he talked to were the drug dealers and they're all dead. He's also got his own predicament to deal with.

Maybe the mother will take matters into her own hands. She mentioned being afraid that the (forgot name) family from the mountain got her and that's kind of what happened.

message 46: by Justin (last edited Dec 11, 2013 04:53PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
Yea I was thinking maybe it would be the entire town wondering the mountains getting picked off one by one but that don't look like the case.

message 47: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments Hey Andrew, sorry to hear about your rents. That is kinda awkward

I'm about 40%. I'm enjoying as well. I agree with everyone about the mountain men. I was having a hard timing figuring out who was who. I'm dying to know why Cindy is involved in all of this.

message 48: by Robert Krone (new) - added it

Robert Krone | 157 comments I went a little over 50% of the story since I forgot for a little bit that that there are bonus short stories at the end of my edition of the book, lol.

I agree that it is difficult to differentiate between some of the mountain men, but that doesn't really bother me.

I haven't read anything involving something from similar from Laymon, but I also have haven't read a lot of his work either. The violence does remind me of his work though, possibly because I haven't read much like it in a while.

I am curious as how many of these characters will survive! Also wondering about Cindy and how she got involved with them in the first place, and what role she will play in the future.

message 49: by Kate (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kate | 1106 comments Mod
I'm lagging behind a little bit with this but should manage to catch up by the weekend. I see my family in Scotland for the first time in just over 2 1/2 years in about a week and a half, my concentration is not what it should be at the moment.

I think it's a little like Laymon, some good characters so far. That sheriff is cold, killing his mistress just to cover up his shooting of her husband. What a douche.

message 50: by Andy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Andy (manicsloth) | 787 comments That is really cool, Kate. Hope you guys have a great time!

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