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message 1: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Wheater (SharonWheater) | 15 comments I hope i have put this in the right place!

As I said, so you publish a book, now comes the hard bit, the Marketing migraine.
I have my book published with KDP, Amazon and Lulu, social networking is a wonderful marketing tool but we really need to get the book out there. How have you guys managed to market your books?
I have done several things, social networking, spoken to a local charity shop who is prepared to put a stand in there because i offered a euro donation for every book sold, local paper and radio. I have also submitted for reviews.
This is all well and good but how do we really get it out there without costing a fortune.
I have self published as I want to control everything about my book, I wrote it and dont want it changed in any way. I am aware not everyone likes people who self publish, but it is a good way to learn the business, it can also bite you in the bum which i am fully aware of.
Does anyone have any advice on marketing and where to go with it?
I will appreciate any input, as we all know its a dog eat dog world out there but it is nice to help others. Is it worth paying out for a marketing package?
Hopefully this thread will be also helpful to others.

Kindest regards and many thanks.

message 2: by Arabella (new)

Arabella Thorne (arabella_thornejunocom) | 354 comments Authors resource Round Table > what May or May not Work is the thread you want to check out discussing this very topic!

message 3: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Wheater (SharonWheater) | 15 comments thank you :)

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