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Sandra Hoover (sandrahoover) | 10200 comments Mod
This is a Buddy Read for Midnight In Death. Many of us have decided to take a slow stroll back through the series. We all have other books to read, so no hurry. Please join us if you want to do a reread, are new to the series, or just want to jump in our discussions.

Please note: Spoiler Alert...we will be openly discussing this book.

message 2: by Stephanie (last edited Dec 01, 2013 05:18PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Stephanie (quiltsrme) | 63 comments FYI - This book is available in ebook form for free from both Amazon ans B&N.

edited to add: Kobo has it free as well.

Sandra Hoover (sandrahoover) | 10200 comments Mod
Thanks for the tip, Stephanie. We're reading this one back-to-back with Holiday.

Sandra Hoover (sandrahoover) | 10200 comments Mod
I really enjoyed this one but I think it wraps up a little too neatly and quickly. As methodical as this guy is and yet he goes down a few minutes after Eve enters the basement. As well as he "knew" Eve, I felt like he would have known she was carrying the ankle gun too. I know it's a novella but it was pretty detailed until this point and then I just felt like this last scene got cut too short. Just my feeling...

Elizabeth (elizabeth1023) Sandra - that's a good way to put it. I know it's a novella, but the ending did seem too neat.

My fave part of this one is Mira getting to see how much she means to Eve.

Teri Woolley Do the events in this book take place after Holiday in Death in the series?

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12959 comments Mod
Directly after. In fact, it starts up almost the next day after Holiday ends.

Sandra Hoover (sandrahoover) | 10200 comments Mod
Exactly 6 hours later, I believe. That's why we're reading them back to back. And it's a novella.

Teri Woolley Soooo I finished this novella. I'm reading these books too fast. I really liked this story. At the end of Holiday in Death I was disappointed that I didn't get to find out what Roarke got Dallas for Christmas. But in Midnight in Death that question was answered. YAY!

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12959 comments Mod
That's one of the reasons I always recommend to those reading the series to immediately start this one after Holiday in Death.

Sandra Hoover (sandrahoover) | 10200 comments Mod
It tags on the end of Holiday perfectly...in fact, it's really an extension of it. Just a different killer! I loved Midnight even though I felt it wrapped up a bit too quick and too easily. I just felt like this killer was too smart to have gone down that easily.

message 12: by Teri (new) - rated it 5 stars

Teri Woolley I agreed Sandra. I was expecting more once David & Eve came face to face. It was just too easy. I also thought putting Mira in danger would be more intense for her. Since this was my first Novella I was probably expecting something more like the books. I liked the story I was just expecting more.

Sandra Hoover (sandrahoover) | 10200 comments Mod
The story was involved and David is such a detailed villain and he studies every last little detail of everything. He hated Eve and "knew" her very well. I, too, felt like that once they came face to face in the showdown, he would have been harder to take down...he would have been a more worthy opponent...it was just too abrupt an ending - too easily wrapped up, IMO.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Ladies, I have missed you all! Things got crazy around here after the school year started and I'm WAY behind (I haven't logged into Goodreads since the end of October!) I have the books I've missed reading with you downloaded to listen to, so I can catch up quickly, and might "skip headed" to this one so I can join in the discussion depending on how quickly I listen to the 3 I have missed.

Maggie | 1449 comments I agree Sandra, it did wrap up to quickly. That's why I'm not a big fan of novellas ( in this any series) or short stories. I always end of feeling like there could have more. Guess I'm just a novel kinda girl.

Stephanie (quiltsrme) | 63 comments Just starting this. The freebies are apparently over, but I picked up the audiobook which is on sale at Audible for $2.99. I prefer to listen over reading anyway.

Sandra Hoover (sandrahoover) | 10200 comments Mod
Maggie wrote: "I agree Sandra, it did wrap up to quickly. That's why I'm not a big fan of novellas ( in this any series) or short stories. I always end of feeling like there could have more. Guess I'm just a nove..."

I agree about novellas. But this one was detailed and meticulous until the end scene in the basement. It was like suddenly he was stupid and careless.

Stephanie (quiltsrme) | 63 comments Done already. Funny, you gals have exactly the same issue with short stories that my sister does. I got her sucked into scifi anthologies this year BECAUSE she didn't have time for full length novels in the summer. Stretching a novel over a couple of months doesn't work for most of us.

I loved this story. Very detailed, good story. The ending wasn't a big drag out. I can appreciate that.

Sandra Hoover (sandrahoover) | 10200 comments Mod
I actually agree too, Stephanie. I don't like long dragged out endings normally and it was an extremely detailed novella. I just didn't quite buy David suddenly losing his smarts like that. He was such a manipulative, meticulous killer. That's why it bothered me that he assumes Eve is unarmed completely when he forces her to put down her gun. He's smarter than that and knows Eve better than that...or that's my feelings. He was almost always a "step ahead" of police. I just thought he would have been more of a challenge for Eve in the end.

message 20: by Dawn (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dawn | 3237 comments This is by far my favorite novella of this series. I am not usually a fan of any novella, because, by it's very nature, the story must develop and conclude too fast. I have read this one and listened to it, and think the end sounds much better when I hear it. I have no idea why. But David Palmer is one of my favorite killers of the series...

Sandra Hoover (sandrahoover) | 10200 comments Mod
Mine too...David is methodical..a very scary, sadistic killer!

Sandra Hoover (sandrahoover) | 10200 comments Mod
Who is still reading this one or Holiday? Just trying to get a sense of when everyone will be ready to move on to Conspiracy.

Maggie | 1449 comments I'm done with both.

Elizabeth (elizabeth1023) I'm finished with both. Ready to move on. :)

message 25: by Teri (new) - rated it 5 stars

Teri Woolley I'm done with both.

Lynne Davis | 428 comments Will finish by end of day today

Sandra Hoover (sandrahoover) | 10200 comments Mod
Thanks, Lynne. No rush. Chime in when you're ready.

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