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message 1: by Megan, ~I ❤ MANGA~ (new)

Megan | 621 comments Mod

Thalia, The Daughter Of Zeus | 24 comments Fav character is L and N

message 3: by Nyie (new)

Nyie Rombeng | 6 comments L,of course!

message 4: by Raven (new)

Raven (howlisawesome) | 19 comments Near and Mello! I also love Ryuk

message 5: by Maggie (new)

Maggie L and Near!

I also like Matt and Mello!

message 6: by Ash (new)

Ash | 271 comments L, without a doubt. I also liked Near but not as much as L

message 7: by Taleisha (new)

Taleisha | 153 comments Ray Penber. He was cool and i wish he was in it for a little bit longer but silly Light had to kill him off!!! :(

message 8: by Lára (new)

Lára  | 184 comments I pondered a lot about this. When I watched the Death Note for the 1st time, I liked Light and Ryuk. However, after I re/watched the anime, I felt some kindness for L but more for Near. So... I guess Near is my favourite, for now. I don´t really plan to re/watch the anime again, but still, I think I finally have my favourite character :)

message 9: by Lady (new)

Lady Light | 13 comments Light without a doubt in my heart.

message 10: by Nightshade6 (new)

Nightshade6 | 34 comments Light yagami!!!!

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Can't choose *-*

message 13: by Lára (last edited Apr 20, 2015 03:34AM) (new)

Lára  | 184 comments I´ve re/watched the anime and am now reading/collecting the manga, and L is my all time favourite. Near is 2nd.

I like Reito/Light and I think Ryuk is cute (as far as a death god can be, and would like him as a pet), and I also like(d) Namikawa Reiji.

message 14: by Zala (new)

Zala I'd have to say Ryuk... He's the only one of my favourites who doesn't die. :/

message 15: by Caroline (new)

Caroline  (A Reader From Venus) | 21 comments L was a favorite of mine, then Mello.

message 16: by Mike (new)

Mike | 1 comments L was my favourite character just and well developed that was presented to us perfectly.

message 17: by Ryuk (new)

Ryuk Weaver | 1 comments i love ryuk and want him to watch me sleep

message 18: by hal (new)

hal That's a tough question...but I guess I'd have to say L. I didn't dislike any of the characters in Death Note, but I absolutely loved L. So yeah, L is my favorite.

message 19: by Scout (new)

Scout Steinmiller (scoutbailey) | 9 comments I like light and misa

message 20: by Yazarah (new)

Yazarah | 39 comments I loved L! He was my favourite.

Ryuk is hilarious with his apples so I can't help but like him... but from a distance, I wouldn't want him hanging around.

Light, I have mixed feelings about.... I started off really liking him and his personality and this obsession him and L have with each other. But after L it all went downhill from there..... In my opinion!

message 21: by Juuso (new)

Juuso | 46 comments Unpopular opinion (i quess atleast), but i love Misa Amane!

message 22: by Pauline (new)

Pauline Lang | 2 comments L was my favorite, but I also like Ryuk.

message 23: by Yazarah (new)

Yazarah | 39 comments Juuso wrote: "Unpopular opinion (i quess atleast), but i love Misa Amane!"

I kind of liked her too!

message 24: by Juuso (new)

Juuso | 46 comments She gave me good vibes. Also her style is gorgeus!

message 25: by Amelie (new)

Amelie My favourite characters are L, Near, Matsuda and Naomi!

message 26: by Juuso (new)

Juuso | 46 comments I love L too!

message 27: by Kemora (new)

Kemora (kimmylongtime27) | 2 comments Light 😍

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