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message 1: by Megan, ~I ❤ MANGA~ (new)

Megan | 621 comments Mod

message 2: by Yata (new)

Yata  Misaki (grayfullbuster) | 32 comments Is this a good series? I've heard it's good, but I'm thinking about reading it soon.

message 3: by Megan, ~I ❤ MANGA~ (new)

Megan | 621 comments Mod
I read this last month, and it is actually pretty good. I had heard about it in the past and never got a chance to read it.

aDystoPianClassic (souveekpal) Yes Death Note is definitely a series to go for if you are into psychological suspense thrillers.

I can honestly say that the plot of Death Note is amazing and makes you sit on the edge for the entire time trying to figure out what's gonna happen next.

The story revolves around Light Yagami, a high school student who stumbles upon a Death Note (the diary of a death god). There are some vivid rules about how the death note should be used. Light, with his strong sense of justice, plans to remove injustice from the world, by using the Death Note. He is helped Misa Amane, a rising teen model, who is infatuated ( and later in love) with Light.

Another teen detective, L, comes into the scene as huge number of people in jails begin to die, apparently due to heart attack. After that it becomes a game between Light and L to prove their supremacy over each other.

The plot reflects the corrupting effect that power can have over the best of humans.

message 5: by Noctowl (new)

Noctowl | 34 comments I think that the book corrupted him. Light once said that only strong people could handle the power. He wasn't as strong as he thought. Light grew concieted , and lost true sight of his goals. I think that's why he got caught. I was actually hoping that Light would never get caught. There are too many happy endings in books

aDystoPianClassic (souveekpal) I agree with you Noctowl.

The behavior of Light when he possessed the Death Note is very different from Light who has no memory of the Death Note.

For example, When Light lost the memory of Death Note, he refused to use Misa Amane as a bait to find the new Kira. He felt that it was wrong. However when he had the Death Note, he was shrewd like a fox and was always ready to manipulate others for his own gain.

Yes, Light got caught at the end, and it breaks my heart to see him lose. It pained me as much as when L died. Somehow I wanted Light and L, both to win. :p

message 7: by Ash (new)

Ash | 271 comments I agree, the book definitely changed Light. At first I think he had the right idea by using the book as a vigilante & kill the most horrible of criminals. However Light began to see himself as a God, & that's when his whole demeanor changed. He became so arrogant & cocky I began to loathe his chatacter. L., on the other hand is the character I wish did not have to die. I must admit when I first saw the ending (oops sorry if this is a spoiler) I was glad about Lights ultimate fate. That is why, as one of my all time favorites, Fullmetal Alchemist points out, humans should not tread on God's domain. Death is without a doubt one of the best anime/mangas out there, & is on its way to becoming a classic.

aDystoPianClassic (souveekpal) i agree with you Ash. Fullmetal Alchemist is one of my favourites as well. And definitely Death Note is on it's way to be regarded as a classic. If not a classic, it will definitely have a cult status.

message 9: by Lára (last edited Apr 20, 2015 04:18AM) (new)

Lára  | 184 comments I´ve seen the anime two times and am now buying/collecting/reading manga.

While anime was satisfying, almost excellent, manga is more. I have read/collected 6/12 volumes so far and according to the anime, it´s almost time (view spoiler), I´m looking forward to meeting the manga´s Near, my 2nd favourite character.

I am aware there´s black edition to the series, so after I collect "regular" manga, I´ll collect this edition. It´s the book I love, and I always get more than one edition of the books I love

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