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message 1: by Megan, ~I ❤ MANGA~ (new)

Megan | 621 comments Mod

message 2: by Kei (new)

Kei Walker | 21 comments i like it.

message 3: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea (crystal_dark) | 270 comments I think it is a really interesting manga with some great characters.

message 4: by Karolina (new)

Karolina | 172 comments Mod
Hm, the manga was okay. I always like stories, which have twins in them- especially when they are so different from each other. And overall twins are great plot twist, though usually the plot twist of twins swapping places is quite predictable. However, even though I've read it in few days, I never really enjoyed the story itself and even characters- there were something lacking.

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