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Seth's series! It's christmas for all those who are on Team Seth!!

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Cecily So get this I was scrolling trough my mails and accidentally clicked on one and OMG this totally made my day:

This is what JLA has written:

Now onto the news that was announced at the signing.

Meep! You guys have no idea how hard it was to keep this quiet with everyone asking about Seth and if he’ll have his own book or novella or bonus scene. Seth won’t have a novella or a bonus scene.

He’ll have his own series.

Here are the details that I can share with you now. Let’s LEARN about it. Giggle. Get it? Look at the picture.

Seth’s book, called THE RETURN is a TITAN NOVEL. It is NOT a part of the Covenant series, meaning this series can actually standalone from the previous books.

Quick facts:

1. The Return will be in dual POV (Seth and our main protagonist)

2. You have NOT met the female lead yet.

3. The female lead has absolutely no knowledge of gods and any of that

4. Since it’s a Titan novel, you can expect… the Titans.

5. Apollo will be all up in the book, because well, it’s Apollo and I sort of like him.

6. Deacon and Luke will make appearances, but other main characters will not be featured in this series. (Not giving details to avoid as much spoilers as possible)

7. The biggest difference is that the Titan series will be New Adult paranormal. And here’s the reason why. I never gave Seth’s birthday, but he’s always been well over the age of 18 years old, and I really have no real reason bringing him into a high school environment without making him look like a creeper. And he already has enough creeper tendencies as is, so he really is too old for YA. Does that mean the book will be inappropriate for younger readers? Absolutely not. Will it have more adult content? Probably. I mean, Seth was always borderline inappropriate, but my YA books have that, so….

8. And it will be releasing in early 2015, tentatively February 2015 in both print and digital.

That’s all I can share right now, but I’m super excited about this and I hope you guys are too!

Here is the actual picture, all pretty and what not. A big thank you to Okay Creations for knocking this cover placement art out of the ballpark.

He soooooo looks like Seth to me.

Keep in mind, this is not the final cover. It may be tweaked a little. It may be completely redone. But I like it nonetheless. I also like the ‘single, perfect tear’ thing Seth’s got going on.

I'm DYING right now and I want 2015 to come here as soon as possible!

To see the cover picture and the original post please visit:


Veronica oh feels like Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1) by Richelle Mead and Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1) by Richelle Mead again another similarity.
still i will read this


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Nix Hamilton I am so team Seth and am ridiculously excited to read this. (Anyone else totally devo when Alex chose Aiden? Yeah. Totally with you.)

Magdalena so happy but it's a shame we wouldn't see more charatcers from Covenant series

Ellie this made my day. i miss Seth and all the other characters but I'll take what I can get

Amber I loved Seth as well but his own series, it's hard to let go of the idea of him with Alex, they always had that bond, And I read Adrian and Sydney's story and it's tough to let go of Adrian and rose still...

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