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Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 4553 comments This chat is specifically to talk about the victors of completed arenas. I know multiple times there have been people spamming in the victors topic, so this is your place to chat instead.
Also, if an arena ends, I would appreciate a comment here informing me so I can add it to the victor page.

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Chelsea Oneal | 1 comments How does this work I'm new can u help

message 3: by Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten (last edited Dec 04, 2013 02:58PM) (new)

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 4553 comments Of course. This topic specifically or the group?

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Alexandrite Riegert is the winner of the 41 arena.

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) | 2 comments Absolutely loved Daniel's arena and win, I miss everyone who was included in that arena, where has everyone gone?

♥Emi Love♥ Come Along, Pond | 1060 comments Angel! We miss you too! Come back!

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) | 2 comments ♥Emi Love♥ Come Along, Pond wrote: "Angel! We miss you too! Come back!"

I think about this roleplay a lot :) I still love u all

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 4553 comments Same <3 we had some awesome adventures

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) | 2 comments Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten wrote: "Same <3 we had some awesome adventures"

I'll never forget :)

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