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Europe > How Poland Became Europe's Most Dynamic Economy

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Alicja (darkwingduckie7) | 228 comments I think the article paints a better picture than it actually is. Yes, things are better and the economy is doing better but compared to Western Europe, it still has a lot of catching up. There is still a 10% unemployment rate and many people make just enough money to live. The younger generations have just began to emigrate to other parts of Europe at a slower rate than they did five years ago. And the social policies and equal rights protections still have far to go. It is a hopeful picture but it seems to more reflect the reality of businessmen rather than the typical resident. Plus, Poland does get a lot of international tourists who also bring money with them (and the costs are lower so visiting Poland is more affordable than say, England or Germany) so that seems like another boost to the economy that doesn't come from the inside. However, I will attest that the public transportation is Gdansk and Warszawa has gotten much better, they repainted/remodeled many of the buses, trams, and trains. And Sopot after dark reminded me of South Beach with its modern clubs, music, and skimpily dressed club goes.

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